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I’m looking for enthusiastic
problem solvers. You need to understand
your client’s business because you can
talk tax legislation until the cows come
home, but actually, what you need to
do is understand what are the drivers in
your client’s business and what are they
trying to achieve? And tax might not always be the biggest factor
in that decision. So, what we here at
MHA Henderson Loggie
are trying to do is develop good, well-rounded
business advisers that specialise in tax. So I started my CA
training contract in the audit &
accounts department. And during that time, I
did a secondment to tax. And after I completed
my CA training contract, I was offered a role in tax and the chance to complete the chartered tax
advisor qualification, which I’ve just
recently completed. It was really good. You get a lot of support,
working through the exams and things like
time off to study and then the work that you do ties into that as well, so it’s really helpful. MHA Henderson Loggie are good because they cover
all your ATT costs, so your books and your courses
and stuff are all covered. And in my first year, I got given an ATT
qualified mentor, who just talked me through all the on-the-job
training kind of things, like, the systems they use and how to prepare tax returns and that sort of thing. I really enjoy working in tax, just because each day is
really, really different and you’re constantly
learning new things. And I love that you get
challenged every day. Tax is something
that’s constantly
changing and evolving, so I think it’s important to always want to keep
developing and learning throughout your journey, because if everyone comes
at it at different angles, then you can come up
with multiple solutions for the same problem. In the tax team, we’ve
got quite a few trainees, so a lot of people are
studying towards exams. So it’s good to be able
to help them with that and if there’s any interesting pieces
of work that come up, that tie into their studies, it’s good to go
through that with them. We’ve just rolled out the Agile Working initiative and also the dress down policy, which I think is really great and I think that,
sort of, demonstrates that the firm is committed to making a great place to work. I quite like that
it’s very open-plan. You could be sitting
next to someone as junior as me and
then you could also be sitting next to a partner. I quite like that
everybody is just, on the same level,
in a sort of way. So, it’s quite nice. My favorite part is the kitchen, because they’ve got the
ping-pong table there and they’ve also
got the tuck shop, which I raid regularly. My vision for the tax team is to be the number one
tax team in Scotland. I think we are
quite a small team, when you think about it in the big scale of things. But, I think that enables
us to be really agile and that means we can
work with the team and develop and deliver
what the team need.

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