Why study in Hungary? – Interviews with international students

Brazil Kyrgyzstan Tunisia Palestine Pakistan Vietnam Ecuador India India Pakistan In education, the multicultural
point of view is very important and the technological
means are very enriching. The student life is
very socially active. Study in Hungary taught me how to
change your life with your studies. This time has been full of
new experiences, challenges that have made me grow
academically and as a person. Every day is amazing,
I see everything new over here, like new opportunities, something
new to learn, a lot of new people. In Hungary I’ve never felt homesick because
people treated me like I was at home, speaking with me as if I’m Hungarian. You can easily go out
there, meet new people, have some nice talk and
boom, you have new friends. Safety is very
important in Hungary because you can go anywhere at all
times and you’ll surely be safe. I like the beauty of nature, from Lillafüred in the East
to Lake Balaton is the West. My favourite thing in Hungary
is the atmosphere on the campus, and that I get to know
different people, friends, professors, teachers,
and especially, Hungarian food. I feel that I can reach everything here. Definitely people,
because of the sheer exuberance that they exhibit every now and then. I believe it’s location and
utter uniqueness in the region, making it easier to be mobile and travel.

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