Why a PhD from Wayne State University’s College of Nursing

I’m April Hazard Vallerand. I’m a
professor and director of the PhD program here at Wayne State University
College of Nursing. Hi I’m Dr. Jada Reeves and I am a new PhD graduate here at Wayne State University. And when I decided to go back for my PhD I really
wanted to be in a community where there was an urban environment and very
culturally rich. And I knew that Detroit is the place to go. And I looked into
Wayne State and the College of Nursing, their goals and their missions. It lined
up with my beliefs. And I really wanted to come here. So I’m thankful that they
allowed me to be here as a student. Our program is designed to train our
scholars to work in an urban environment. We have both a BSN to PhD and a MSN to
PhD program. Most of our students go into academia. Most of them add a research
intensive university because they want to move forward in their research area. I
tell my students I have never felt so alive and stimulated and excited as when
I did my PhD. And I feel the same with every new research project. And working
through it you begin to realize that you’re not just applying concept you
learn into an area but you’re truly identifying what we don’t know and
filling that gap with new knowledge. And it’s making a difference for our
patients, our communities and the whole environment. And that that’s an awesome
feeling. I decided to come back to school to pursue my PhD in nursing
because I’ve worked as a family nurse practitioner in adolescent
school-based health. And I worked with many teenagers and I found myself
treating a lot of young girls and young men for sexually transmitted
infections. So I wanted to understand the factors that are impacting them, that
causes them to go back and make the same mistakes over and over. And I know one
way to find some answers to that question is to do it through
research. And that’s what made me come back to school to pursue my PhD, so that
I can learn more about this population and how I can better help them. I truly
think what’s unique about Wayne State is our urban mission. We are out in the
community, we’re working with patients in an urban environment, we know what’s
going on. We’re aware of the issues and we do our best to try to meet them while
we’re here. Another positive aspect about the School of Nursing is the diversity
among the staff, faculty and the student body. And also, just being in Midtown
Detroit. This area is thriving and rich in cultural diversity. And you couldn’t be in
a better place where you feel safe, where you feel welcome and you feel like you
can succeed.

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