West Chester University – A Year in Search

Momentum. When such an object has built up a great deal of momentum it’s pretty hard to stop its forward progress Just named one of the best College values by Money Magazine, West Chester University is getting ready to welcome the class of
2023 Dear Olivia, I am pleased to offer you admission to West Chester University class of 2023 Hi, I’m Tiana, I’m a first-generation
college student These are my two roomies You can do it. Yay Erin! ♪ singing ♪ National Champions the West Chester Rams 176,000 square foot Sciences and
Engineering Center and the Commons Who’s Up? Rams up! Who’s up? Rams up! 100 full scholarships This is awesome. This is Sudler Trophy. West Chester! They’re using their capstone project to
benefit Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia oh my god I love you As long as we move forward with great
momentum it will be very difficult for anything to impede our progress and
together we will continue to make our students more successful.

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