Welcome to Utah State University

{music} {music} {music} {music} {music} I came to Utah State, the biggest reason I stepped foot on campus and I kind of walked around, met some people, some of the faculty, some of the students, and honestly they biggest thing for me was everyone was so friendly, such a welcoming place. I think over time it’s been one of the best decisions of my life. There are so many reasons why I chose to come to Utah State. I love Logan, I love all the professors, I love my major, I’ve had nothing but great experiences, and all the people I’ve met here have been awesome. I got involved in research when I was here as an undergrad, and as a senior in high school that was really important to me to get involved with my education, not just go to class, but to actually do something with my education. And so Utah State offered me a lot of opportunities for undergraduate research. The best part of school is getting up here, onto campus, and experiencing that unreal feeling of being with a bunch of Aggies, all wanting to be here, and have a good time, and make those memories you’ll never forget. There’s no place in the world that has more adventure potential packed into one spot. Everybody here was just so excited to be an Aggie, and I love that feeling. Coming to USU is by far the best choice I’ve made in my college life. {music}

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