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There are those whose lives largely mirror those who have come before them. They thrive in an environment steeped in tradition they have great respect for those who have succeeded using time-tested, handed-down, old-fashioned recipes for getting ahead in school, business, relationships, and life. And they plod forward, without deviating from that well-trod path… There are others who have a different idea about how to live their lives. Not different for the sake of being different… but rather, different in order to stake out a new path that reflects an evolving global society and a new world. One that is liberated, authentic and empowered. With a genuine passion for new ideas and new ideals. That’s us. And we start at the University of Houston. We are the new world. With new experiences, new realities and new ideas about what we expect from a college education. At the University of Houston, it’s not the university that’s different. It’s the students, the faculty, and our city. We’re hard at work today in a diverse range of academic fields from health, to law, to business, to energy, and the fine arts. And we’re what’s next for Texas. We are recognized for how we value our education. Providing a strong foundation in academics and research is paramount. So, too, is how we go about it. We’re accessible, not exclusionary. We’re breaking old molds; and creating vibrant new ones. We’re preparing for the global marketplace; not just preparing to graduate. We measure ourselves by our standards of excellence; not by national averages. Quite simply, we are a new tier of university. We embrace a unique entrepreneurial work ethic. We make sacrifices to get the very best education. We know that being involved on campus is an important part of keeping a connection here. We don’t just go to class and go home. We prepare for life while we’re here. so we’re ready for it when we graduate. Our campus life is a social and cultural brain trust from every country in the world. Our diversity is authentic. It shapes the personality of our campus. And gives a global edge to our students There is no role-playing or stereotypes at the University of Houston. We’ve amassed a diversity that many others can only aspire to and it is this diversity that enriches our lives and our experiences here. We take pride in it. It unifies us, just as it does our city, Houston. At other Texas universities, students get their identity from the university. But here, the university get its identity from you. The students, the alumni, the faculty and the Houston community. At the University of Houston – you are our university You are Houston. You are the pride.

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  1. The education at UH is… a bit lacking on some aspects. There seems to be more "bad" teachers than "good" ones for starters.

  2. @bladerglass936
    Tier 1? Maybe for research. UofH does not compare to UT and Texas A&M. It is and will be for a long time to come a regional school. I will admit though, the Bauer and Hilton Colleges are great, and I considered attending them before going to Texas A&M.

  3. @bladerglass936
    Yeah you're right. I shouldn't be taking shots at UH. I will say though, UH>>>>>>>>>>UTSA.
    UH is like what UTSA should be.

  4. The Entrepreneurship program isn't too hard, most people don't have the confidence to even apply, which is a loser attitude. I did it. Just be tenacious and confident. They like big ideas. Also, look at the Sales Program.

    It is very easy to meet people, just join student organizations that you may find interesting. I came in from Missouri and loved it; met many people. Also, live on campus if you have the $, well worth it… fun times!

  5. @MrPopey92000 yeah i thought houston was boring until i started to explore it and found pockets of it that I enjoyed…it's a huge city, you gotta find your niche yourself..

  6. I went to UT for my undergrad but I'm proud that UH is moving on up…I remember when I graduated from high school almost noone cared about the school but it seems things have changed 🙂

  7. Coming from the northeast, Univ of Houston is known as a Petroleum engineering school, a type of specialty place for the energy sector. On the flip side, if this is the primary sector of hiring and jobs growth, esp for the Oil Patch, then is it a bad thing?

  8. Alright, going to A&M is a dream of mine. However, they've already said 'no' to me and UofH has already admitted me. So I wonder if going here first and then trying to transfer, considering my grades are great, to A&M would be a good idea. How do my chances look?

  9. It depends on your gpa and your major..but A&M requires at least a 2.5 to get in some programs, but you should aim for a 2.7 or better because of competition. Have you considered raising your gpa at a junior college? it would be cheaper, and then you could transfer. Whatever you choose to do, I say go for your dream.

  10. well in order to attend the school of business at A&M you need a 3.0 gpa. so yes it changes things because your grades have to be higher.

  11. Hey, so I just got accepted to this school. I'm from out of state, (California). If you don't mind, what are some cool things to do in/about Houston and what are some opportunities at the school that you recommend I take advantage of.

  12. Hey guys, does anyone know how to get into UH's hip-hop crew? I truly want to audition and be a part of the crew so bad >_< like is it an actual modern class dance or is it an after school organization?

  13. @newsinfoas depends on how hard you work. UH is raising their standards for admission this upcoming year so just work hard and you'll be fine! UH really is the growing gem of Texas! They'll be just as great as UT in the next few years!

  14. UH is really working hard to raise his status.. Nice university.. In few years it may one of good universities not only in Texas but also in USA

  15. Beautiful University. I hear that it sits in a rough part of town though is that true? And is the campus in walking distance to downtown?

  16. I graduated from the business college and now I have a great future ahead of me! This is the best University for business in all of Texas! .

  17. Cool video! Where are the music students? Music school contributes a LOT to UH's prestige. Go coogs! Go Moores! (OMG! This should be the MSM slogan)

  18. @SuperstarLB24 U of H does sit in a bad part of town, but the campus itself is safe during the day and generally pretty safe after dark as long as you follow general safety procedures just like you would in any large city, like don't walk alone in secluded areas alone after dark, avoid suspicious persons, make sure key access doors like dorm halls lock behind you, etc. And in Houston, nothing is within walking distance of anything really. It's the essence of urban sprawl. But the light rail running from the University to Downtown and Midtown is supposed to be completed this year and the University runs a free shuttle to the bus station.

  19. Going to the University of Houston is the best decision I've ever made. There's so much opportunity since it's in the US' 4th largest city. So close to downtown, midtown, medical center, theater district whatever you may need.
    I love UH.

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