Welcome to Aggieland | Texas A&M University 2009 Commercial

There is a place, where tradition is a way
of life, character is stitched into the local fabric,
and leaders are a natural resource. It’s a place where the future is knocking
at the door. But the past always has a seat at the table.
Here, everyone’s glass is half-full, and cynicism is at a permanent leave of absence.
It’s where fish learn to swim, elephants never forget,
and a horse can carry someone all the way to a Nobel prize.
Every men or women can make a difference here, especially the 12th one,
and you’re as likely to get a statue for a selfless act as you are
for a heroic one. The Greater Good is a required course,
and a helping hand is a required gesture, this is Aggieland, where optimism is an alternative
energy source, and acts of integrity are on everyone’s to-do
list. History is made everyday and remembered every
year, and adversity isn’t just a fashionable term,
it’s a common threat, it’s a place where pushing ideas forward,
doesn’t mean pushing ideas aside. Welcome to Aggieland.
Enjoy your stay.

19 Replies to “Welcome to Aggieland | Texas A&M University 2009 Commercial”

  1. Cool video, i liked seeing Reville at 1:53-1:56. She is a very cool Dog! 🙂 Which one is she, like what number does it say on her.?? 🙂 GIG 'EM AGGIES!!!

  2. ah the Republican heavan, where tradition and cowboy lifestyle and elephant play co-exist haha. yeah especially the elephant, that gives it away, sorta.

  3. the original voice was so much better than this, i give the new man credit for trying, but the man who did the first voice over was immensely better. this one just seems to be reading the lines off paper whereas the original sounded like he was speaking his own words. i guess the new man's crisp voice is too monotone and not as done to earth, but i'm guessing there's a valid reason they aren't using the original (legal problems?), but at least this man tried

  4. My school in Naperville IL (Naperville north high school) has a picture in the cafeteria that says the 12th man on it

  5. Love this school. I saw it for the first time when I went to visit my stepbrother. Once I saw it, I never considered any other university for my first 4 years.

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