Washburn Institute of Technology | Fall 2019 Commencement

On behalf of the Washburn University board of
regents and Washburn and Washburn Tech faculty administration and staff, I welcome you to this commencement for the
Washburn University Institute of technology. Please stand and join me in
welcoming Charles who will sing the national anthem. (sings) oh say can you see, by
the dawn’s early light # What so proudly we hail ed, at the
twilight’s last gleam ing; whose broad stripes and broad stars,
through the perilous fight, O ‘er the ramparts rewatched # Were so
gallantly stream ing and the rockets’ red glare president bombs
bursting in air, gave proof you night, that our flag was still in #
O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave/O ‘er the land of
the free # And the home of the brave? # (choiring and applause)
>>You may be seated. Thank you, Charles. Please join me in expressing
thanks to Mrs Norma Pettijohn, organist, for providing our music
tonight. To the graduates, congratulations. To the friends and families, thank
you for your enduring support, and to the faculty, thank you for the
time and effort you constantly give to create an exceptional experience
at Washburn. I would like to true the platform
party. Please stand as I call your name
and remain standing until all are proud. Ms Pamela Manning, graphics design
instructor and Grand Marshal; Dr Dr Richar Liedtke, Executive
Director, enrolment management; Eric Grospitch, Vice-President for
student life; Ms Mandi Walter, President, Washburn University
Alumni Association board of directors; Morgan Eggert, adviser;
Ms Savannah Bechard, adviser, Mr Chris Kuwitzky, Vice-President for
administration and Treasurer; Dr Laura Stephenson, Dean college of
starts and sciences; Dr Jane Carpenter, interim dean, school of
nursing; Dr Davis Sollars, Dean, School of Business; Dr Gary Bayens,
Dean, Washburn University Institute of Technology; Dr Zach
Frank, associate dean, school of applied studies, Mr John McGivern,
board of Regents Park, and Dr Jerry Farley, Washburn University
President. (APPLAUSE)>>Hello everyone.>>Hi!>>Hello everyone! Hey, fantastic! What a great evening we have
before us. What fun it is and how much we
admire these potential graduates. They have undertaken something
that few people in the world ever have the opportunity to do. They have pursued their education. Everyone here tonight is so proud
of each one of you. Family, friends, faculty, fellow
students, you have had a great opportunity and you have had
support from all those people. You have pursued your education. You have made a substantial
investment of money and time in your education. But so has society. Much of the cost of your education
was paid by our fellow citizens. Your education is something, now,
that no-one can ever take from you. I’m not a learning specialist, but
I am told, as you learn, your brain forever expands the nueral
synaptic network. If essence, your brain grows as
you learn. This is not reversible. It continues. You can continue to expand your
brain function by continuing your education. Indeed, I hope you realise you
must never stop learning. You now have skills, some of them
new skills, some of them improved skills. You’re at the top of your field. But unless you continue to learn,
these skills will become dated, and you will fall behind others who
have continued to learn. Our society, our country, needs
you. You have been given a gift, the
gift of education. You now have an obligation to give
back to your fellow citizens by working hard, by improving your
communities, and by setting a positive example for everyone. Especially your family and your
friends and those here tonight celebrating with you. Congratulations. We wish you the very best. Thank you. (APPLAUSE)>>We shall now breed to
the conferring of certificates. We ask that parents, relatives and
friends use one of the areas in front to the right or left of the
stage, designated for taking photographs, so as not to obstruct
the graduates or the professional photographers. Inter-Kate candidates will be
presented by Dean Bayens. – certificate candidates will
be presented by Dean Bayens.>>Will all candidates for the
technical certificate please rise.>>That would be everybody in
blue. (LAUGHTER)>>Thank you.>>President, Farley those before
you and in absentia are the candidates for the technical
certificate. I I am pleased to present to you
those who have repeated their requirements and are recommended by
the faculty.>>Thank you, Dean. By virtue of the authority vested
in me by the Board of Regents Park of Washburn University, I hereby
confer upon those who have completed the requirements of the
appropriate certificate with all of the honours, rights, privileges and
responsibilities pertaining thereto. Students, please remain standing –
please remain seated until the director and the marshal come
forward to bring you forward to the stage.>>We will begin with the
graduates of the advanced systems technology program. Hayden C. DeLorge. (APPLAUSE) Noah John McAlister. Eric Munoz-Villalobos. Kaden M. Zubler. graduates of the automotive
service technician program. Shamar Tyree Alexander-Franklin. Nathan T. Ast. Derek Lee Mosher. Cesar Panuco. Desi J. Wagner.>>Gradz waits of the cab net
and millwork program. Nathan Phillip Vaughn.>>Graduates of the carpentry
program. Skyler L. Blevins. Jorge A. Gutierrez, also GED completer. (APPLAUSE) Mardell L. Trotter.>>Cosmetology graduates. Anika R. Beauchamp, national technical
honour society. (APPLAUSE) Blake Riley Johnson,
national technical honour society. Itzelt Margarita Loya-Mendez,
national technical honour society. (APPLAUSE) Ashlie Richelle
McLaughlin. Kaela BrieAnne Roberts. graduates of the diesel
technology program. Alexander Gabriel Davis. Gregorio A. Edwards. Graduates of the locomotive diesel
technology program. Isaac J.T. Conner. Matthew Jay Down. Dalton P. Flanery. Jacob Anderson Keates. Ethan S. Kortan. Aaron Hunter Schnurr. Kalvin D. Taylor.>>Graduates of emergency
communications. Kristina Dawn Ellis.>>Graduates of emergency
medical technician. Amanda Joy Anderson. Gage Kristofer Appenfeller. Madison L. Busby. Logan Dillon Cox. BreAnna Alicia Droge. Freemann G. Greene. Deven R. George. Kole T. Henley. Samuel G. Hobson. Maggie Lynn Middleton. Caleb Alexander Nelsen. Christopher Warren Porter. Daniel Martel Rewerts. Saige Bristol Steele. Saylor B. Steele. Truman Glen Tobler. Cody Bryce Welch. Oscar Zapata-Reyes. Skyler J. Zirkle.>>Graduates of the graphics
technology program. Abram M. Munoz, national technical honour
society. (APPLAUSE) Eli Smith, national
technical honour society. (APPLAUSE) Joshua Johnathan
Standish, national technical honour society. Brianna Lizbeth Caldino. Jenna A. Deters.>>Riley J. George. George Edward Kluczykowski. Bailey J. McCollum. Ruth Pershall. Kayla Alane Schutter.>>Graduates of the healthcare
technology program. Morgan Marie Bailey. Marsha Ann Becerra. Brinley Lucille James Bocquin. Rayvyn Z.L. Bradley. Jade Lynn Burkett. Luz E. Castro Martinez. Amaja Clark. Allison Paige Cervantez. Jordyn MaKenna Cottrell. Sophia Ramone
Cunningham-Henry. Jennifer Itzel Diaz-Reyes. Neveah Mone Dice. Libert James Ditzler. Kylie Marie Eldridge. Brooke Ann Frisby. Anastacia M. Frye. Destiny Marielena Gallegos. Carsyn Gwen George. Madison Elizabeth Gritz. Lavinia YasMarie Andrea
Guadalupe. Alexis Michelle Hager. Macie R. Hall. Madison Jade Hasty. Kelsey L. Herman. Loretta Hermes. Allison Elizabeth Holland. Dajiah C. Howell. Lori Renee LaFountain. Alexi L. Llamas. Celena P. Manis. Shamea La’Donna McIntyre. Adrianna Kay Mena. Becca F. Mitchell. Jerricka N. Moore. Grace Elannah Mundy. Johntay’a L. Neal. Kenzie Inez Nellis. Maya Lee Ogden. Ernie Panuco. Heather G. Quinones. Savannah Louise Redmon. Taegan M. Remp. Samantha Leigh Roberts. Brynn Dena’l Rogers. Mckenna Paisley Rohrer. Johanna Guadalupe
Santiago-Garcia. Amira Syeda Shah. Samantha Jean Sender. Linda Ann Sowers. Emily N. Shupe. Ellie Renne Sims. Sophia A. Soto. Maggie L. Stimpfle. Zoe Madeline Stone. Jordan Alan Thacher. Isiah Thompson. Breanna Renee Toledo. Lily D. Twombly. Itzayanna Vasquez. Alexandria Raye Walshire. Mark Webber. Destiny Star Wilbur.>>Graduates for the fast-track
machine tool program. Arshad Jarraue Hasan. GED completer. Xavier R. Hudgins. Sean Jacob Lardner. Nathan Lyall Martin. Joseph G. McCarthy.>>Graduates for the business,
book keeping and accounting program. Leona Caskey. Joan Juarez. submit submit submit. – submit submit submit. Graduates for the legal office
professional program. Ana P. Marin-Ramirez. graduates for the office
careers technology program. Michael Joe Gueary. Keisha Lynn Overturf. graduates for the phlebotomy
program. Kendyl Rebecca Burks. Dalton W. Davis. Morgan Leann DeNoon. Tamara Drinkard. Lizbeth Gonzalez. Lauren Ashley Gray. Makenzie Paige Howey. Madison Kristine Huffman. Kyleah L. Immenschuh. Hannah Lynn Lonnen. MacKensie Blake Lundgren. Ana Karen Martinez Gonzalez. Daniel James Nease. Tori Leigh Rickerson. Brayden Riley Smelser. Nevaeh Electra Tilton. Mynesheye Kinikia Kishaey
Turner. Nuvia Giselle Valadez Castro. Michelle L. Petri. Dianne Zelaya Arreola.>>Graduates for technical
drafting. Kaid Allen. Riley Ann Arnold. Riley James Kenton. Cooper Allen Repp.>>Graduates for the practical
nursing program. Monique Renee Allen, national
technical honour society. Samantha L. Beauchamp. Jane Frances Marie Brown. Ashleigh Dawn Domsch. Morgan Elizabeth Dyck,
national technical honour society. Tiffany Fleming. Sara M. Freisberg, national technical
honour society. Haley Morgan Gatewood. Bridget Hiltgen, national
technical honour society. Eunice A. Jones. Dors G. Mlay. Stephanie Elizabeth Nelson. Briana Michelle Nocktonick. Danielle Marie Sender,
national technical honour society. Mara Jaye Smart, national
technical honour society. Amy Wolfley.>>Candidates for the
fast-track welding program. Cody William Bayless. Blasise Edward Cabler, GED
completer. (APPLAUSE) Tyler Clark. Angel Del Real. Joseph M. Ferron. Rylen James Garrett. Frank Gilbert. Jordan D. Hernandez. Sglak ree A Knudsen. Dumyat OD Mitchell. Andrea Michelle Neary. Donovan J Ortega. Joshua L Stone. Bradley William Reichart. Steven Lee Saunders. Jonathan Lucas Shaffer. Garrett Levi Sullivan. David Tyler Webb. graduates for the welding
fabrication program. Katelyn Marie Best. William Matthew Flatt. Ashley Tabon.>>Graduates for the GED program. Brandon Anderson. Gregory Bland Jr. Jessica Castle. Christopher Guyegos. Lasinia Gusman. Destiny Herrick. Brandon Holly.. Michelle Cahill. Kristin Mayne. Jeremy Somers. Genevieve Basser. Cheyenn Wood.>>Today, you have been part of
graduation exercises. For more than Washburn Tech’s
programs. We are proud to welcome 300
technical certificate graduates as new alumni to Washburn Institute of
Technology. (APPLAUSE)>>Before con before
concluding the ceremony, I would like to underscore that this is
just a moment in your journey of education. You entered Lee Arena as a step in
completing your time as a Washburn Tech student, as you leave today
you begin your exciting future by joining thousands of proud Washburn
University alumni. In that regard, it is now my
pleasure to introduce Mandi Walter, President of the Washburn
University Alumni Association Board of Directors. (APPLAUSE)>>On behalf of the
Washburn alumni, I congratulate you on your graduation from Washburn
University Institute of Technology. You are joining the ranks of
alumni from across the nation and around the world who all have the
same thing in common. We are all Ichabods. Like them, you have coach ed a
permanent and lasting relationship with Washburn. As such, your continued
involvement will help shape this university for generations of
Ichabods who will follow in your foot stems. Throughout the rest of your life,
the Alumni Association will help keep you connected to Washburn Tech
and your classmates. Today our graduation gift to each
of you a is complimentary one-year alumni membership. Membership information is outlined
on the postcard on your chair. Don’t don’t be afraid to get
involved and be a part of the fun. Your fellow Ichabod alumni will
welcome but open arms. Keep in mind, Washburn Tech ‘s
reputation is built on the successes of its graduates. We all know you will go on to do
great things, whether it be starting a new career or continuing
your education. On this day, I wish each of you
happiness, good health and prosperity. Congratulations. (APPLAUSE)>>Before concluding
the ceremony, will all the graduates please rise and remain
standing. OK. Graduates, please be sure that
your tassel is on the right side of your cap, on the right side. Congratulations, graduates. As a symbol of your great
achievement, please move your tassel from the right to the left
side of your cap. (APPLAUSE)>>Ladies and
gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I present to you the
Fall 2019 graduating class of Washburn University Institute of
(organist plays)

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