Washburn Institute of Technology | Fall 2017 Commencement

>>On behalf of the Washburn
board of regents and Washburn faculty, administration and
staff, I welcome you to this commencement for the Washburn
University Institute of Technology. Please stand and
join me in welcoming Charles Scozzare who will sing the
National Anthem. ♫ o, say can you see by the
dawn’s early light ♫ ♫ what so proudly we hailed at
the twilight’s last gleaming ♫ ♫ whose broad stripes and
bright stars through the perilous fight ♫ ♫ o’er the ramparts we watched
were so gallantly streaming ♫ ♫ and the rockets’ red glare,
the bombs bursting in air ♫ ♫ gave proof through the night
that our flag was still there ♫ ♫ O, say does that
star-spangled banner yet wave ♫ ♫ o’er the land of the free and
the home of the brave ♫♫ (Cheers and Applause).>>JULIANN MAZACHEK: You may
be seated. Thank you, Charles. Also, please join me
in expressing thanks to Mrs. Norma Pettyjohn, organist,
for providing our music tonight. (Applause). To the graduates,
congratulations! To the friends and family, thank you for your
enduring support. And to the faculty, thank you
for the time and effort you constantly give to create an
exceptional educational experience at Washburn. I would like to introduce
the platform party. Please stand as I call your name and
remain standing until all are introduced. Mr. John Lemon, Technical Instructor, Cabinet/Millwork
Program and Grand Marshal. Dr. Eric Grospitch, Vice
President for Student Life. Mr. Richard Liedtke, Executive
Director, Enrollment Management. Ms. Cynthia Holthouse. Dr. Mark Wilson, Associate Dean
of Student Services, Washburn University Institute of
Technology. Dr. Laura Stephenson, Dean,
College of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Pam Foster, Equal
Opportunity Director. Mr. Mark Freed university counsel, Mr.
Michael Mustain, President, Washburn University Alumni Association Board of Directors. Mr. William Sneed, Board of
Regents. Mr. Clark Coco, Dean, Washburn University, Institute
of Technology. Mrs. Blanche Parks, Board of
Regents. Mr. John McGivern, Chair, Board
of Regents. Dr. Jerry Farley, Washburn University President. Please welcome these with
applause. (Applause). At this time, it gives me great
pleasure to introduce the Dean of Washburn Tech, Clark Coco. Welcome. Thank you for joining
us. Students, family, friends, what a great evening to
celebrate this opportunity. I have the privilege of
serving as the Dean of Washburn institute of technology and on
behalf of the board of trustees, the Washburn Tech faculty and
staff, and administration, I too would like to welcome all
graduates, families, friends, to this very special event. As we begin these activities
this evening, I would like to recognize some groups of folks. The moment when the student
thinks about coming to Washburn Tech, to the time of financial
aid to the time of enrollment in classes and entering into those
classes and placement of those students in the classes all the
way through the program and the graduation, there are a group of
people that are extremely, extremely important in these
students’ lives. Washington state leads the state of Kansas
in graduation and placement rate. That only happens because
of our faculty and staff. At this moment, I would like to ask
if you are part of the faculty and the staff of Washburn Tech,
would you please rise. Thank you. (Applause). Thank you. Outstanding job. As students enter our campus, you come to the north end of
our conference center, there are three words on one of our tag
lines and those words are imagine, inspire and transform. Simply stated, those are our students. Our students imagine
what it might be like to be in one of our programs, and as they
enter into that program, they become inspired. And as they
enter through that program, they will go on and be transformed
as you will see tonight. Imagine, inspire, transform. Those are our students. Some other groups I would like
to mention tonight and honor, if you are a member of one of
these organizations, would you please stand after I announce
the organization. At this time, it gives me
great pleasure to ask the students who are members of the
national technical honor society to please stand. National technical honor society. (Cheers and Applause). Stay standing. Recently we inducted 1100 people into the organization,
since joining this organization in 1990, Washburn Tech has now
inducted over 807 members into the charter membership of
Washburn Tech’s national technical honors society. These
students have shown exemplary leadership inside and outside
the classroom. Excellence attendance to their programs. Cumulative grade point average of 3.0 and have been suggested
and nominated by their faculty and staff as good citizens. Students, thank you very much. You may be seated. (Applause). Each year in the fall we begin a
process of involving students in an organization called Skills
USA. Skills U.S.A., we work throughout the year with our
students on leadership and the skills of many industry
standards, certificates and testing that takes place with
our students. Each year we work through the fall in preparation
for the spring and as we approach into the spring, we
approach what we consider our state tournaments and our Super
Bowl at then. Year and our national competitions. Students
participating in Skills USA, some students here tonight, some
students from last year’s program, last year’s students we
went to Hutchison in April. Students from Washburn Tech
brought home 89 state medals! No other institution in the
state, any two-year college in the state
of Kansas can match that number. 89 state medals. Of those 89
state medals 49 went on to Kentucky, freedom hall, 18,000
people, students from all across the United States and a few
international countries. 40 students went and competed
against the best. Of those 40 students, 29 of those students
finished top ten in the nation, nine of those 29 finished in the
top four in the nation. One set of students — one student
finished second in the nation and three students ended up being
national champions. If you are a member of Skills USA or
participated in Skills USA, would you please stand. (Applause). Thank you. Thank you very
much. Another activity on our
campus is the student activity board. Student activities board
is a group of students that get to go and
think about how to make our campus flourish. Students have
done an exceptional job so far this year and will continue to
do this all the way into the spring. So far, on our campus,
in the fall semester, we Held Veterans Day ceremony to
recognize all Washburn Tech veterans and families. We organized our Super Bowl of flag football, the turkey
bowl and had a tournament and chili tookoff. Sponsored Toys for TotsThis is
important, in cooperation with the US Marine Corps. Students
sitting here today and members from this community, a we can
argue put together 1251 toys given to children who would not
maybe have a toy available to them at Christmastime. (Applause). Student activities board was
also involved in the winter wonderland which is ape
fund-raising a fund-raising activity for the
city of Topeka. It’s clothing or gas cards, we want our
students to know that we are this for them and there are
resources there for them when they are needed. Our students
participate in silent auctions and all kinds of activities with
our car show and care for or students and community. We also have a safety committee. We want to be the
safest campus in the United States and we worked very hard. This organization is also very involved in helping us make
plans to keep our campus safe. Campus-wide open house. In
the fall we had over 800 students come visit our campus
in one day. These students serve as the ambassador to our
campus. And also the Constitution. We value this
country. We value how this country was founded. Constitution day at our campus. If you are a participant in
the student activities board, would you please rise. Thank you very much. (Applause). last group that I will mention
is very dear to my heart. My son is a soldier. We honor our
soldiers and we respect what they have done. They have
honored and defended our country. If you are a veteran
of the armed services, would you please stand. (Applause). Thank you for your service. Thank you for all you do.>>JULIANN MAZACHEK: Thank
you, Clark, and congratulations to our students on their many
accomplishments in 2017. At this time, I have the
pleasure of introducing our President, Dr. Jerry Farley. (Applause).>>JERRY FARLEY: Hello,
everyone. Welcome. Welcome to all of you who come help us
celebrate the achievements of these students. A university is
a very unique organization, a unique place. It’s a place where students come, to
learn, to learn a skill, to learn how to think, to learn how
to communicate, to learn how to be a part of a broader
community around us, and you, our students, have done a
phenomenal job at succeeding with all of those goals. You are really quite unique. If you just think for a moment
and you look around and know a little bit about what you see on
television and what’s happening in other countries, you know
that there are not many countries where a person would
have the opportunity to participate in education the way
you have. You realize, just because of your presence here
tonight, you realize that education is going to be the key
to your success. In my opinion, education is the reason that we have the
country we have today. It’s the reason that we have the great
middle class that we have today. We want you to be proud of
your education. We also want you to recognize that this is just an
intermediate stop along your way to continuing to become an
educated person. An educated person. I wonder what that
means. I’m not sure that I can define what it is, but there are
a few characteristics that I think we would all recognize. First of all, educated persons think. They think! They look at what the situation is around them, and I hope that
educated person will listen to what is being said, learn from
that, not being told how to think, but arrive at the
conclusion yourself. What is it that I have just
heard that will help me — help me grow? Think. It’s an
important part. It’s what an employer will look for. Will
you be able to think? The second mark of an
educated person is that you solve problems. You are good at
problem solving. You look at what the situation is. You
assess it. You analyze it. You consider the options that are
available to you. And then you map out a pathway to succeed. Thinking and problem solving are some of the most important
things that we can do, but they only are as good as your ability
to communicate. Can you tell others what you believe? Can
you tell others what you are doing? Can you help others
become better at what they are doing? You will all become
leaders if you are not so already. All you will become
trainers helping other people to learn. And from that — from
tonight forward, this is not the end of your education. You
will learn something every single day. You will have to
commit yourself to a lifetime of learning to really succeed. And we hope we have given you some of the skills. We hope we
have imparted to you some of the inspiration that Dean Coco
and the faculty and the staff create in an environment for you
at the Tech campus. We want you to be so successful. We
want you to be so proud of what you learned at Washburn
institute of technology, that you will tell everyone you see,
that that’s what have you done, that you have graduated from
Washburn. And family members, thank you
for helping these students through their career here at
Washburn. They couldn’t have done it without you, family,
friends, fellow peers, students, it’s a great event that all
have to participate in to have a true success. And tonight, we
are celebrating those successes. We are celebrating this
congratulatory commencement. We are proud of you. We hope that
you do well and we are delighted that you came to
Washburn Institute of Technology for
your education. Thank you for being here
tonight. (Applause) .
>>JULIANN MAZACHEK: Thank you, Dr. Farley. We shall now proceed to the
conferring of certificates. We ask that parents, relatives and
friends use one of the areas in front, to the right or left of
the stage, designated for taking Photographs, so as not to
obstruct the graduates or the professional photographers. Certificate candidates will be
presented by Dean Coco. Will all candidates for a
technicalCertificate please Stan. Please stand, students. That’s you guys. All right. That’s what we are here for
tonight. President Farley, those before
you and in absentia are candidates for the technical
certificate. I am pleased to present to you now for the
conferring of their certificates, those who have
completed the requirements and have been recommended by the
faculty.>>JERRY FARLEY: Thank you,
Dean coco. By virtue of the authority vested in me by the
Board of Regents of Washburn University, I hereby confer upon
those who have completed the requirements for the appropriate
certificate, with all the honors, rights,
privileges and responsibilities pertaining thereto. Students, please remain
standing until directed by the marshals to come forward — I’m
sorry, remancipated. Sift down. — remain seated. Sit down.>>JULIANN MAZACHEK: These
two students have completed industry recognized in building
automation systems. David Savard. Blake Younger. Hari Health care pathway, .
Abigail Johnson Funk. Sheila Louise Lomodu. Christopher Cadu. Harina Shovarina. Angeliquea Hanson. Rachel Jones. Rob IP Unger. Advanced systems
technology, instructor Chazz haven, David Perraulta. Jacob L. Box
Andre Lamont Foster Eric C. Miller Jonathan F Williams. Haydn William Wright . Automotive service technology,
instructors emiliano Ezate, Robert Oswald
and Darren Dillingham. . .
Wesley Edward Howell. AST student certified, Lopar
cap level one. Mario Marcus Munoz AST student certified. Bryan Lane Nelson , AST student certified. Erik Sanchez , Mopar cap level one. Cole S. Potts, AST student
certified, Mopar cap level one. Cabinet and mill work, instructor John Lemon. Anthony Joel Gifford. Elizabeth Marie Kampfer. Dustin Edward Legler , perfect attendance. Brandon Miller. Cosmetology, instructors
Teresa Huttenmyer and Michelle Legg. Emily Breann Cairo. Mica Carrizo. Ashlie Mishelle Cortes. Odalis DeLaCruz. Sara J. Dean. Hollie Amber Linck. Payton D’Ann Lowrey. Alexandrea Patterson. Megan Elizabeth Peet. Kendall Elizabeth Prather. Alyssa Nicole Ramirez. Jaci Melissa Swart. Emergency communications
instructor Dawn Fry. Julie R. Morris. Emergency medical technology,
instructor Wayne Hollis. Rogelio Alegria. Christina Appleford. David Arnold. Natalie Barrett. Thomas Bryan. Zachary Burris. Cameron Cruse Cole Deghand. Vincent Dick. Victoria Marie Douglas. Estefana Garcia. Kalyn Charlene Hopkins. Timothy Isermann. Dustin Lane Masters-Ralston. Tiara Rochon Parker. Felicity Price Graphics technology, instructor,
Pam Manning. West Everts. Darian Michael Nimz. Laiken Podrebarac .
National technical honors society. Matthew Ryan Staufenberg Rieb . Sarah Walter .
National technical honors society, Skills bronze medalist. Healthcare technology, Joanne
walker, and Rhonda Havercamp. Izabell Hinkel .
Asia Padilla. Erica jade King. Elizabeth Arteaga. Izabell Lee Bayless. Noah Keith Nelson Bayless. Makayla Nicole Bingham. Hannah Leah Blick. Cierra Noraye Bowie. Jacob William Busey. Cody Carter. Hannah Cobler. Kevin Davidson. Karley J. Diehl. Kirsten M. Dorn. Megan Riley East. Lauren Anne Ellis. Ayanna Precious Etchison. Yarely Fernandez-Rivera. Alexandria M. Frakes. Hailey Nicole Friend-Gottschalk
. Norma I. Galvan. Geraldine Garcia . Miranda D. Graf Haley M. Grissett. Haylie Elisabeth Gwaltney. Jensen Nicole Hahn Alyssa Nicole Henry. Yoselin Hernandez. Laura J. Imes. Kyleah Lynn Immenschuh. Ashton J.M. Jaap. Precious L. Jackson. Jasmin Juarez Solis. Kimberly Kae Kalka. MaKayla Nickole Lane. Katelynn Renee Malik. Tayla R. Manuel. Verly Martinez-Meraz. Mackenzie Kay McGuire. Teresa Meraz. Courtney Lynne Miller. Jamiko M. Mitchell. Shalom Nahomi Nava-Gutierrez. Tiffany Rose O’Keefe. Hannah Ortiz. Ty Jackson Packard. Aaron Dale Perry. Jaime Simone Vasquez. Jonathan Lee Rakestraw. Clair Sales .
Angelika Marie Scharp. Hailey Lynn Schwanz. Jacob Michael Simmons. Ivy M. Simpson Michelle Danielle Singer. Thena Charlyse Spalding . Cheyanna Rayne Simpson. Vanessa Alexendria Smith. Dulce M. Soto. Ciara La’Shae Stallons. Sierra L. Stanley . Skye Stanley. Mary Gabrielle Stillion. Anna Elizabeth Stockman. Payton Ann Strohm. Darcey J. Summerville. Mark Willis Taylor. Rebecca Lynn Thompson. Dylan J. Tidwell. DeNesha Monae Timley. Hailey Paige Trego. Marissa June Twombly. Julia Ann Webb. Megan R. White. Hailey Lynn Williams. Next up is locomotive diesel
technician instructor Jay Toby. Jeremy T. Holm Next program, fast track
machine tool, Richard Anderson instructor. Carrie Ann Friess , NAM certified GED. Bart on Hoehmann. NAM certification. Next program, machine tool technology, instructor, Dale
Schaffer. Eric Rios Martinez Office technology, and
business bookkeeping. Instructor Russell Henshaw. Jennifer Colon. Sarai Reyes. Next, legal office
professional, instructor, Lynn Dawson. Amie E Hendrix, member of the
student advisory board. Irene Chountelle Hysten .
National technical honor society. Member the student
advisory board. Jessica L. Rose. Adrian Valencia , National Technical Honors
Society. medical office specialist,
instructor, Diane Stump. Chelsea Diana Elkins. Shannon Marie Kelly. Next program, phlebotomy. Instructor, Kimberly Young. Shelie Ariana Cortes. Jessica Nicole Cowan . Victoria Marie Farison. Janelle Hamilton. Jacqueline Hernandez. Justina Danae Johnson. Emily D. Kennedy. Brittany Elaine Lacey. Perfect attendance. Jabril N. LewisEL. Christian Dawn Metzger. Bailey Tate, Robertson. Jennifer Jean Stowers Samantha Leann Taylor Meghan
Renee Vernon . Angel D Warford. Practical nursing program, instructors Nicole Wade, Kathy Hullman and Melinda Eckert. Are Johnette M. Alston . Jessica Lee Barth , National Technical Honors
Society. Kristal Ann Bartholomew . Andrea Mae Brandt, national
technical honor society. Rebecca T. Church. Patricia Ann Clements. Mary Elizabeth Crabtree. Skills U.S.A. and National Technical Honors Society. Crystal Olivia Dolejsi , National Technical Honors
Society. Are. Alexis Kaye McKenzie Fritz , National Technical Honors
Society. Brianna Lynn Haid. Renee Sue Hajney. Daniel W. Hiles-Jones , National Technical Honors
Society. Masereh Jallow. Courtney Suzanne Jones . Maeve Catherine Martin . Gema Paola Munguia , National Technical Honors
Society. Amanda Marie Neil. Book Elaine Rowley. Next up is fast track
welding, instructor Lester Green and Jordan Rostovich. Cesar F. Barron, American
welding society and received his GED. Nicholas Martin Bernal,
American welding society. Jacob H. Brooks, American
welding society. Waheed Burnside, American
welding society and received a GED. Julieanne Dean Corbett. Jacob Diaz, American welding society. Jason E. Eraas, American
welding society and received his GED. Leo Flores-Olivas. American welding society. Ray David Fuentes, American
welding society and he received his GED! Mark Andrew Garlic, welding 3D and received
his GED. Danielle Jackson. Carissa Jackson, GED and
welding. Sheila D. Kjellberg, American
welding society. John D. Logan, American welding
society. Christopher Andrew McMahon,
American welding society. Daryl F. Mellard, American
welding society. Justin Owens, American
welding society. Blake Pearson, American welding
society and he received his GED. Dominique Sotani. Received his
GED as well. Frank Lee Suggs, American
welding society. Christian Arianna Thurman,
American welding society and received his G. ED. Kimberly A. White, American
welding society and received her GED.>>CLARK COCO: Today you have
been part of a graduation exercise from 19 of Washburn
Tech’s programs. We are proud to welcome 300 technical certificate graduates as new
alumni to Washburn institute of technology. Please join me in
recognizing these impressive individuals for their
accomplishments by offering them a round of
applause. Thank you! (Cheers and Applause).>>JULIANN MAZACHEK: Before
concluding the ceremony, graduates, I would like to
underscore that this is a moment of transition. You
entered Lee Arena as the final step in completing your time as
a Washburn Tech student, and as you leave today, you begin your
exciting future by joining thousands of proud Washburn
University alumni. In that regard, it is now my pleasure to
introduce Mike Mustain, President of the
Washburn University alumni Association Board of Directors.>>MIKE MUSTAIN: Thank you,
Dr. Mazachek, President Farley. On behalf of more than 44,000
living Washburn alumni, I congratulate you on your
graduation from Washburn institute of technology. You are joining the ranks of
alumni from across the Nation who all have the same
thing in common, we are all Ichabods. Like them, you have
developed a permanent and lasting relationship with
Washburn. As such, your continued involvement will help shape
Washburn for the generations of Ichabods who will follow in your
footsteps. Throughout the rest of your
life, the alumni association will keep you connected to Washburn Tech and your
classmates. Today, our graduation gift to you is a
complimentary one-year membership in the alumni
association. Simply claim it, and it’s
yours. Membership information is outlined in the postcard on your chair. Don’t be afraid to
get involved and be a part of the fun. Your fellow Ichabod alumni will welcome you with open arms. Keep in mind, Washburn Tech’s reputation is built on
the success of its graduates. We all know you will go on to do great things, whether it be
starting a new career or continuing your education. On
this day of graduation, we wish you happiness, good health, and prosperity. Congratulations! (Cheers and Applause). Are.>>JULIANN MAZACHEK: Before concluding the ceremony, will
all graduates please rise and remain standing. Graduates, this is an important
part of the ceremony. Please be sure your tassel is on the
right side of your cap. Congratulations, graduates! As a symbol of your great achievement, please move your
tassel from the right to the left side of your cap! (Cheers and Applause). Ladies and gentlemen, it is
with great pleasure that I present to you the fall 2017
graduating class of Washburn University Institute of
Technology! (Cheers and Applause).

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