Veterans in Higher Education Summit | University of Denver (2017)

– So what’s happening here today is we’re
having the 2017 Colorado Advisory Council on Military Education fall summit. – Higher education world is where so many
of our veterans are reintegrating into their communities. – Really to find the support, because coming
into college, you don’t really know where that is, and just in a lot of the programs,
because there’s so many benefits out there. And then if you’re not proactive, you don’t
know what they are, you kind of miss out on that. – Veterans have served our country very well,
and we’ve been at war the longest period of our history. So we have the veterans that come back into
society after fighting wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, around the world, and what we need
to do now is get them into education, and get them learning and developing their skillsets
in order to become really 21st century civilians. – It’s an important conversation because veterans
often don’t know how to seek for jobs, and so what we’re trying to do is we’re trying
to build that into their repertoire of skills. – In the military world, you’re used to a
hierarchy, vertical relationships; I report to this, they report to me, and it’s a very
structured world. You get into the college world, you get into
a higher ed world, you get into civilian world, it’s a much more horizontal set of relationships. There’s not a clear vertical hierarchy, and
that becomes a challenge. – There was definitely a challenge. I would say trying to figure out where I was
gonna go. Trying to figure out what I was gonna study. Kind of really trying to find my purpose again. – Everyone knows a veteran because of the
wars that we’ve been fighting and mobilizing the National Guard and Reserve, so you probably
know a veteran, but you don’t really know their story and the qualifications that they
have. – I know DU is highly committed to working
with veterans. I’ve talked to many folks, and this is where
they come back and they’re looking forward to. DU provides, I think, a much more customized
experience for a lot of our veterans, maybe not quite as big a bureaucracy as we see in
some of the other systems. So just excited that you guys are hosting
it here and the opportunity to say loud and clear, “Our veterans are important, and we
have as much to learn “from our veterans as our veterans have to learn from DU.” – They’re gonna go back there and figure out
how we can actually translate those experiences and those things to make it better life for
veterans. – To watch that growth and to see the community
come together, education and veterans, it’s a pretty powerful experience, and we hope
we’re doing great things for the community. We hope we’re having a great impact on our
community as well.

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