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  1. Hi really like your vlogs, I didnt notice a kettle in your room for hot drinks? do you cook your own food or is it in the price of the room and you go to the uni canteen? thanks 🙂

  2. Hey I'm applying for accommodation for Bath on the 9th! Do they allow candles in rooms and coffee makers or are there restrictions on what we can have? x

  3. I know you mentioned it in the beginning but which accommodation option did you choose? Do you eat in the canteen everyday? x thanks for the helpful video!!

  4. I’ll be going to the University of Worcester to study paramedic science, this video was a big help though!

  5. Omg if you wanna see a small bathroom, check out the aston uni accommodation you can’t move in there without knocking something over

  6. Hey! I’m hopefully going to bath next year and I have to do my accommodations choices, is the quads worth it? I mean I have the feeling the rooms are too little… and is it noisy? And finally, what other accommodations do you recommend ? Thanks a lot!!

  7. Are you taking the 25pp for eat and drink credit? Due think it's sufficient for a week? How do you compare it to Polden Court?

  8. Hello 🙂 I will stay 3 months in this summer.I look for clear and cheap accommodation.What is your advice?

  9. I love your videos! I've firmed Bath for next year and currently trying to decide on accommodation so this was very helpful! x

  10. Ahh this was so, so helpful! I've applied to bath this year and I'm really considering this accommodation choice. If you could make another video going into detail about your experience with the Quads i would genuinely be so grateful! Thanks for the video!! xx

  11. I was going to ask if you could have overnight guest's but after looking at the size of your room I wouldn't think that was possible anyway.

  12. what is the social life like between different halls and do you have to be in your own one at a certain time?

  13. 1- good luck for Exams. 2- do you know how high you were from the grade boundaries for chem and bio a level? like which one was the hardest/ were u closest to a B for? just wondering which one is harder/ more risky/ higher grade boundaries… thanks xxx

  14. Hiii! I’m not usually one to watch YouTube (or comment at all!) but your videos have been super helpful as I am off to Bath to do Architecture this September after my Gap Year. I was wondering if you knew any architects and what their workload was like?
    Also (sorry if this is too nosy!) but I was wondering if you and your boyfriend decided to go to the same uni together? My boyfriend of 3 years will be going to Bristol when I start at Bath and I was wondering if it was any harder to make friends being in a relationship? Thanks so much

  15. The state of this room is by far the most realistic one I have seen, and I've seen a lot of these kinds of videos! Love it! Thanks! Could you please tell us how much did you have to pay/pay monthly, for this room?

  16. i am planning to go to bath for my pg as an international student…..can u tell me the pricing of these kind of accomodations

  17. How likely are you to get your first choice accommodation? I applied for woodland house but the en suite ones are really oversubscribed I think

  18. I went to the bath open day today and visited quads xx I saw your video on one of the TVs in one of the rooms 🙌🏾

  19. Hello, thanks for the great video! I'll be joining the university of bath this october and I will be residing in The Quads as well! One question; is the bed comfortable or would you recommend getting a mattress topper?

  20. this was legit the best room tour I've seen so far (and I've watched A LOT) I love your personality and the realism and the popcorn themes running throughout haha

  21. Thanks for the room tour. Things have changed a lot in dorm rooms since I went to Bath Uni 30 years ago. Back then there was no wifi and the computers were located in the computer labs. I lived in Eastwood back then! Read for a Post Grad Degree.

  22. Wow this is amazing, I am also studying in uni bath now however never got the chance to have a look in the student accommodation. Your room looks lovely!

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  24. Other universities students always say each accommodation area has their own personalities like some are where the more party enthusiasts go and others relaxing or more snobbish accommodations, can you make a video about these or reply to this message about these as i don't want to go to one that is completely different compared to me.

  25. IF YOU LIKED THIS VIDEO PLEASE GO AND CHECK OUT MY UNIVERSITY ROOM TOUR TOO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2I3BIQNx68&t=339s

  26. Actually obsessed with your videos!! For your tv I would fully recommend a google chrome cast. It allows you to cast things such as YouTube, Netflix etc from your phone. They are so useful and not expensive at all x

  27. Did your room already have bins in there or did you have to get them yourself? Also is there any space under the bed for storage boxes xx

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