University Park Campus tour | University of Nottingham

[Sounds of nature and music starts] (Student 1) When I walk around
campus I feel eternally grateful that I have
the opportunity to study at such a high-calibre
University. (Student 2) I really liked how open the space was compared to London. (Student 3) The feeling of being in that history
and that culture was very warm and inviting. I felt home straight away. (Student 1) That clock tower was absolutely stunning the first time I laid eyes on it because
it’s so different from how
you see it in photographs. (Student 4) There’s walking paths
everywhere. (Student 2) You notice how friendly people are,
even if they don’t know you they say
‘Oh hello good morning’. And you get used to like adopting that
subculture as well. (Student 5) Millennium Gardens
is a beautiful place and you can just hear like rabbits
and wildlife in the background and people
are walking across. (Student 6) You’re surrounded by
people but you feel like you’re in your own space
at the same time and you just feel at peace. (Student 2) When I think of
the concept of a good time I
think about Mooch. It has the capacity
to bring you closer to your friends
and give you memories that you don’t forget. (Student 5) When I came to an open day I realised that these
were my people. These were
the people I want to be around. They were academic but
they were sporty. They were bubbly
and they were having fun. Yet at the same time they were
focused on their academics. And that’s what I felt at the
University of Nottingham. I felt at home. (Student 4) It’s got everything that I could
have possibly needed. And it’s given me some of the
best memories that I will cherish for
the rest of my life. [Sounds of nature and the music fades]

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