University of Michigan Medical School White Coat Ceremony 2015

– [Dr. Woolliscroft] You are
no longer just a student. You are assuming the responsibility to prepare yourself to care for your future patients who will entrust themselves to you. We, the faculty, realize
this is a long process. But today, you take that first step. (inspirational music) – This is the first thing
that you think about when you even think you might
want to go to medical school, is the white coat. So, all your idols and the
people you look up to have one, so when you get your white coat, you feel a little different. – It’s the moment where you
really start to think about, I’m on the road to be a doctor. And it’s that time, it’s that place. – When I got my short, white coat, it was a crowning moment for me for all the achievements I had made to this point to get into medical school, it was no easy task. – So it’s my first opportunity
to interact with my class as a medical student. It was a great welcome from the University of Michigan community, and it was wonderful to see how many people are supporting us as we start off on this journey together. – [Dr. Woolliscroft] The
ceremony alone, signifies, that from the very beginning, your career in medicine will not be an individual endeavor. – The coat has the name of an alum, who specifically donated my coat to me. So that’s already one connection I have with the Michigan family. – The medical education is not
something you do on your own. There’s a community that’s
made up of your classmates, your faculty, your family, friends, of course your patients. And coming together today, I think it was very important that we all shared that together. – [Seth] You’re surrounded
by your classmates, which I think is important. Because they’re trying
to really emphasize, and it’s important to realize, that you’re doing this together. – I think it’s a huge privilege to be inducted into this family. – I guess I’ve never had an opportunity to be in a group with so
many like-minded people and I’m really excited to learn from them and grow with them. And I think it will be
a wonderful opportunity for all of us together. – It’s a smart group and I’m excited to start this journey with them. I’m excited for the first moment I walk into a patient’s room. And at that moment, I think
it’s gonna become real. At that moment it’s really gonna hit me that this is a profession I
am honored to be a part of and this is a profession
I’m excited to join. Like they said inside there, this is not just a job or a career, this is truly a calling. And that moment you step
into the patient’s room, I think that’s the first time I’m hopefully gonna really
feel that sensation. – Saying that the work has been worth it is an understatement. The work to get here is nothing compared to what
it feels like to be here now. I’m happy to be part of the
Michigan family, go blue. – I’m excited for, just being able to really do what I’ve always wanted to do. I know it’s gonna be a lot of hard work but it’s all going towards something that I’m really excited about. – [Dr. Gay] And it is true that there is something in common among them. Not simply the stated desire
to become a physician, but the hope and belief that you will become the
best physician in the world.

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