University of Michigan Medical School Residency Prep Courses

(soft music) – Toward the end of medical school, it’s a little bit of a transition where it goes from the
foundational knowledge that you learn in the classroom and you’re just on the
verge of starting your job, starting your residency. – The Michigan philosophy is that every Michigan medical
student is gonna graduate as a leader and one of
the best in the country. One of the ways that they do that is by really throwing our medical students into the clinical realm and really getting their hands dirty with clinical medicine, and learning about the art of medicine they’re actually practicing. – From day one, it’s about how to make you a skilled, practical physician, and it all kind of leads up to these residency prep courses. (soft music) – [Female Voice Over]
So residency prep course is this intensive course which is intended to kind
of give you the skills and building blocks to
become a very efficient and hard-working resident. – I love these residency prep courses because the students are so engaged, and they want this. – One of the biggest transitions was going from med student to resident. Not only is there a big jump
in terms of responsibilities and what you’re expected to
know and to be able to do, but there’s also big lapse in time. – I haven’t been in the
OR for quite some time, so it’s great to be able to go
back, practice those skills, and make sure that I’m fresh
and ready for residency. – The residency prep course really helps you brush off the cobwebs from that knowledge that you once knew, and then also learn
how to put it into use. – Yay! Yeah, worked. I intubated him successfully. So I’ve done it my M1 year, but this is the first time since then. – The residency prep courses
that we offer at Michigan will vary between four to eight weeks, depending on which
specialty you’re ultimately going to go into, whether that’s OB/GYN or general surgery, emergency medicine, internal
medicine, et cetera. – So this entire floor is
actually full of patient rooms where you have full-body mannequins, so you can practice delivering babies, you can practice a code, which is when you have
to do things like CPR and give medications to
resuscitate a patient. I think this is super useful,
as a future anesthesiologist, to do this ahead of time on mannequins. – The instructor can throw
whatever scenario they want at you, and it might be that their heart goes into an abnormal beat or that they can’t breathe. It might be one of those situations where you have to act quickly, and it’s nice to know that the first time you have to lead a team as a resident for an emergency situation it isn’t the first time
you’ve ever done it. – Some of us haven’t done
clinical rotations for a while, and we’re a bit nervous
about starting residency as new interns, and so
getting more practice with sort of a more
practical, high-yield skills was really very, very helpful. – I know on my first day of residency, I’ll still be nervous. I’ll certainly still make mistakes, and I’ll have a lot to learn, but this is just gonna
smoothen that transition a little bit more for my benefit, for the benefit of my future patients, and so I’m really excited
to have this opportunity. (soft music)

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