University of Maryland Students Connect4Climate

(BACKGROUND MUSIC: Piano playing) MALE NARRATOR (off camera): As a child I was taught that to protect this world it would be a group effort and the job doesn’t belong to just one generation. Taking a class on contemporary social problems has showed me that there are still many issues in today’s world, climate change being one of them. We can’t wait until it’s too late. Let’s act right here, right now, together. (BACKGROUND MUSIC) DR. LESZEK SIBILSKI, PROFESSOR, CONTEMPORARY SOCIAL PROBLEMS CLASS: Climate change is your problem, more than anything else. This is about your survival, this is about your children, this is about your grandchildren. COURTNEY LIEBERMAN: Climate change is a social problem we created and it is our responsibility to fix it. JONATHAN JOHNSON: It took humanity to ruin the earth and it takes humanity to fix it. IAN MORITZ: Climate change is a problem because it affects over 7 billion people. JAVIER SCOTT: Let’s fix it. MICHAEL KINNEY: Let’s do it. NADIA IQBAL: Do it together. KELCEY RAYMOND & ALEX STOLLER: We can do it together. HENRY ERTL: If not us, who will? STEPHANIE COELLO: Go green. JUSTIN ANDERSON: Go Terps. Clean the earth. GROUP: Right here, right now, together. ANDERSON: Hi, I’m Justin Anderson, representing the University of Maryland, and we’re here at the World Bank to connect with climate right here, right now. I’m excited and let’s explore. YAQI LIU: This is Yaqi Liu from the University of Maryland. Today we are attending this great event at the World Bank about climate change. KINNEY: Our social problems class has brought us here to the World Bank. As you can see, the whole world is behind us. Thank you, Dr. Sibilski. JIM YONG KIM, PRESIDENT, THE WORLD BANK: (off-screen): We’ve said all of the numbers again, and again, and again. (on-screen): But what we yet have failed to do is actually connect. (CHEERS & APPLAUSE) (ROCK MUSIC) FEMALE NARRATOR (off-screen): After the event, I was still wondering the way to make the world better. But now, I think in a different way. Every big change starts with a small step, and here at the World Bank I have already seen so many young people all around the world to start fighting the climate change. They are my inspiration to change the world right here and right now. What are yours? UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We are here because we want to make a change in the world. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Less motorcycles or green cars, maybe solar-powered vehicles. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It would make a difference. GROUP: We can do it together. MAGGIE JAMES: There are over 26,000 students at the University of Maryland. Fifty of us are starting to change the world. Will you help us finish? DARBY WHITEHAIR: There are over 7 billion people in 196 countries. This means there are 7 billion sets of hands that can help fight climate change. LIEBERMAN: The polar bears and many other creatures are frequently losing their homes. We must work together to fix this. BENJAMIN CUTLER: It falls upon this generation to step up and fight climate change. EMILY PLATTE: Cool people, like all of us, can help prevent a warm planet. JOANNA HORN: Your vision, our future. KINNEY: Are you ready? Because I am. GROUP: Go Terps! MARGARET MAGNAYE: Here’s a message and a bottle from the Terps to you: recycle. (PHONE RINGING) JOSEPH DIZON: Hello? Mother Nature is calling. Are you going to answer it? SCOTT: We’ve seen the past. So let’s act in the present so we can save the future. (WINK & CLICKING SOUND) GROUP: Let’s connect! MORITZ: Connect this video with your family and friends. Click the “Share” button below. (CREDITS ROLLING)
(BACKGROUND MUSIC) GROUP: Stay in touch. NARRATOR: Don’t be the last one to join us.

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  1. 15 days till Earth Day everyone! We shouldn't wait until that day, we should be working and changin things on earth right now… LIKE RIGHT NOW.

  2. We are the generation that will make a difference for the future generations to come. Si queremos, podemos.

  3. Hope is here. These student are showing us that we can do something to help our planet. Lets not wait to do something. We should act now! 

  4. I literally feel like no one is sharing this video but me. Not only do I not want a final exam, but I actually wanna enforce the meaning of earth day. I never knew when Earth day was until it was addressed in this class. When I actually took the time to learn about Earth day, it felt like I should have spread the word. I mean, didn't this past dragged out polarized winter say something to you? Im sure you don't want another dragged out winter like this again. So SHARE THIS VIDEO. I DONT CARE IF YOU'RE HARASSING YOUR SOCIAL NETWORKING FRIENDS. DO IT. 

  5. #earthday   #earthday2014   #earthhour   #worldbank   #connect4climate   #universityofmaryland  

  6. The day we can make a change could be TODAY do something share this video so more people know about it and we can make a change

  7. We are all capable of starting off small. All it takes is one action turning into a bigger action. I wish that everyone would see the significance in this  movement and realize that we are ALL affected by climate change and that our future depends on the actions that we take NOW. #Connect4Climate #EarthDay #EarthDay2014 #MakeAChange

  8. climate change is a significant social problem and will greatly affect future generations and we are in a constant quest for new inspiration and passion about what should be done to save Mother Earth.

  9. I don't know about you guys, but I'm seriously learning a lot from my Sociology class. It's giving me an awareness about the society. I'm so glad how my professor is making everyone involved get connected through social media! Thanks Prof. Sibilski 🙂

  10. 8 more days till Earthday!🌎 Lets make a difference, lets make it count, lets spread the word! This is our one and only Earth. We should help preserve our Earth for many more years to come. #connect4climate 🌾🌻🌸💐🌷🌲🌴🌳🍃🌱

  11. Is it so hard to make a change? I'm pretty sure it's not so lets go and stop this madness and save our planet!

  12. Earth day is coming up and our work isn't done. We have to keep pushing to get were we want to be, nothing in life is easy.

  13. Our world needs us to start making changes if we want to keep living in pleas answer Mothers nature call and start making a change!

  14. We need everyone to connect with each other to spread the word of connecting for climate. Share, like, comment and subscribe everyone!

  15. We all need to focus on how we fight for our cause. Togetherness is the key to our success. When we connect with others we begin to share our goals. With our passion we can accomplish anything. We will protect and clean our earth. Togetherness is the key everyone!

  16. Earth day is soon making its approach! Keep in mind to set at least one goal that's environment friendly and then stick to it! My goals are to unplug everything (like I've been doing) and to recycle everything that I possibly can. #connect4climate #earthday #worldbank #climatechange

  17. “We are the ones that we have been waiting for…"
    -President Obama
    Happy Monday everyone, and we are one day closer to earth day. So let's get up and ready to do something, we can't afford to wait for someone to our job. The politicians have other priorities, and by the time the next generation comes around well be neck deep, so let's make the first move.

  18. I think it's really important what Mr. Kim said "what we have failed to do is actually connect." It's great that people arw doing their part to protect the planet but by connect and coming together we have the chance to make a bigger change and maybe a bit faster. Let's work together to save what we call home. Let's work together to make a change. Let's Connect4Climate!!

  19. Always think about the power of connection and unity in our community to make a change. Do it for ourselves, our planet, our society. We cannot survive if we do not help each other..

  20. One day we are are all going to look back in our lives and think "what did I do to make this world a better place?" This right here can be that one thing. You are not being asked to give money or asked to donate something, you are being asked to use a very powerful weapon, your voice! People think that money and power can get peoples attention. Yes that is true to a extent, but with a voice you are able to inspire, connect, and engage with people in special way. Lets all take action against climate change. Lets inspire with people to fight for a cause. Lets connect with people all around the world  to make a difference on the Earth we live on today. And lets engage with one another to work on success. #connect4climate   #Earthday2014     

  21. Por que quedarnos con las manos crusadas mirando como nuestro Hogar que es la Tierra se deteriora cada ves mas. Por que no decir nada, por que no hacer nada por que no cambiar esto por el bien de nosotros y de nuestros decendientes, familiares y amigos. Por el bien de todos hagos algo, se que una sola persona no puede hacerlo todo pero si puede hacer algo asi que a moverse y a comensar a ver un cambio para bien.

  22. Todays weather is a big example of how climate change is affecting our planet. Come on everyone! Get it together and continue spreading the word to connect for climate!

  23. Earth day is in 2 days!!! YES!! Hope everyone has thought or is thinking to do something environment friendly from now on. The depletion of this earth has to stop, so sharing is caring and we all need to pass the message on! #connect4climate  

  24. Thanks to Daniel Mekerdijian, i have now took on the responsibility to recycle my bottle waters. Let's make a change to make the earth greener!!

  25. Share this video with all your friends make sure everyone you know has a chance to watch it, we need the help our our community, you will play a big role in this movement, just share with friends and family, lets start making the change happen!!!

  26. Who's excited for the Earth Day party tomorrow? Let's show our enthusiasm to save our planet TOGETHER! 

  27. Congratulations to University of Maryland Sociology Students, Yaqi Liu and Ma Ying, for winning the Second Prize for Overall Presentation in the 18th International Ecological Television Festival "To Serve & Preserve" in Khanty Mansiysk, Siberia,Russia!

  28. It's very important to spread this message of climate change. I think this video was great because it showed interacting emotions, statistical facts, and just a wonderful message toward getting our issues together….making a change. 

  29. We humans are responsible for the climate change. We must share this video with our friends and families. It is important that  we work together to solve this problem. I blame Barack Obama for the climate change.  We need real leaders not people who just talk and do not take action.  

  30.  If we were taught values on keeping our society clean….we could bring back the value, and we can make this a wonderful new place.

  31. what a great video! we really have to act A.S.AP on Climate change. Let's save the world.My motto as if today is to "GO GREEN" .what about yours?

  32. It's so great to see people get together with a passion for a common purpose. We all live on the same planet, and need to take a page from this group of change makers to all get motivated on keeping our planet healthy!

  33. In the recent years we did feel changes in our climate word wide, I hope with awareness and action, we would not be responsible to explain our lack of action to our children.

  34. Climate change is a very crucial aspect to humans. Not only does it affect our lives but also the lives of our future generations. We should all stand up and work this issue of climate change.

  35. This video truly motivates to take action. I really like that youths are taking the lead on resolving global issues, and even if it isn't easy we have to do our best! #connect4climate

  36. I totally agree with this Great initiative! I believe in climate change because our environment has dramatically changed like never before. This is a very serious social issue for all of us!

  37. It is truly amazing to see how much people care about our environment and who are all willing to take that step to make a change. I really liked how they made the connection that mother nature is calling, something that is very true with the warm weather lasting longer and longer it is mother natures way of telling us she is being damaged. With something as small as a little video created for a class project making it all the way to the World Bank that is just a prime example of what even a small step can do and the changes it can make.

  38. Amazing video! its a great way to bring everyone together and at the same time save our world for our future generation!

  39. I agree, we all must do our part to do what we can for our planet. If we do not take care of it, who will? We can not afford to wait around for someone else to fix the problems we created. We are constantly taking so many nonrenewable resources out of the planet, failing to remember that our nonrenewable resources supply is soon enough going to reach a shortage. Finding new energy and power sources  that will produce little to no toxins that can harm our planet are essential, without it there will be dire consequences.

  40. What an Amazing video! I'm truly amazed on how many people care about the enviroment and as us humans can do to make it a better place.

  41. this is a nice video. Climate change concerns each and everyone of us. we must all try to contribute in one way or the other. Big changs start by the little ones so each participation matters and counts.

  42. A truly inspiring video!!! Everybody should be aware of the climate change and its consequences!!! Let's do it together.!!!

  43. I can't really describe or stress the importance of how imperative it is in terms of advocating for our world. We need to make sure the message of this video ignites a flame inside everyone to make a difference.

  44. I never realized how much people cared about the world and its environment. I think this video is very inspiring. It makes me happy to see people come together to make a change. Thank you for posting this video!

  45. This video is extremely right on establishing who caused the problems and who must fix it. Even if we believe that only one person can't change the world , being the change you want to see is a big step. If each of us make a change towards bettering how we treat the environment it will definitely add up. Starting a campaign like this can lead to an actual impact if we do "connect" and change for the climate!

  46. Amazing video. Climate change is a very important concern that needs to be addressed. If we simply walk the few blocks instead of driving it, then we are making a difference.

  47. Wow! This video is such a motivation, we should all stand by each other and make a change in the world we share and live in, TOGETHER!

  48. this moving video motivates me to help bring about change in my life so that i can ultimately make choices that will help create a better future.

  49. I believe that as a generation we have the ability and the resources to do something for the greater good of our environment. The problem with my generation in particular is the lack of motivation and knowledge towards environmental issues. if just half of us did something everyday we would be able to fight climate change.

  50. It is really amazing that a lot of people are taking care of our environment and try to protect it. It really moves my heart and make me think to have more interest in environment!!

  51. What an amazing project! I agree "It took humanity to ruin the earth and it takes humanity to fix it". It is only up to us to make a change!

  52. Climate change is the most crucial problem facing humanity in the long run. For the sake plant and animal life, generations must combat thus man-made issue

  53. Many people know the issue of climate changes and how it would impact our lives and the next generations "your kids, grandchildrens, etc." But even if "we" know the issue here, there is still not enough people who are acting out to protect our "homes." I was once told that humans are built to engage in the issue when the issue has finally blew up in our face, but would it be too late to revive our home after what we have done to it? What I want is to motivate people to act out, so what if you tell us about what we are doing to our "home," some of us care but that some is not enough to be able to help recover what our past and present generation has created! There are too many people who knows the issue but don't react towards it… Motivating others is how we connect and restore our past to become our new future!

  54. Its amazing to see so many students and other citizens of this world come together to fight climate change. We created this problem of global warming but using our knowlegde and techology we can fix it. Lets make the earth a better place.

  55. I went back to China in 2014 for vacation, once the plane get into china territory, through the window, I could barely see anything. Foggy and polluted air made me sick for the first two weeks while I was there. People and government need to act right now in order to save our country and our planet.

  56. This is an amazing project and video. It's great to see students working diligently to make the world a better place. And their motivation is incredible. Everyone should be aware of climate change because it will affect the future generations. And this video inspires me to make better choices that will help the environment.

  57. Climate change is a major problem in our country and we need to work together to make this environment better for us and for others. This video is amazing and and everything they are saying is true even if we want to believe it or not.

  58. I'm happy to see that people are caring more about global warming. I had always believed this has been an issue which is why I choose to recycle everyday.

  59. Love this video. i would recommend people to watch a documentary called "Under the Dome" to truly understand how Climate Change truly effects our world.

  60. This video is very inspiring to get up and do the right thing in life. Makes you think twice before you do something with yourself.

  61. This video is great because it allows us to see that young people can make a great team to try and get all of us to work for a safer and cleaner environment for the future.

  62. i am not 100 percent sure that i agree with the theory of climate change. i need to look at the reasearch on both sides of the argument first before i can make a deision one way or another.

  63. From one place to another, one person to another, the movement for climate change will spread. That's what I believe.

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