University of Leicester’s youngest ever graduate

For the degree of Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Yasha Asley. I wasn’t too emotional when I finished my exams or when I got my results but Graduation was very different because it wasn’t something I’ve done before. So at first I was a bit of everything, bit nervous, bit scared, bit excited, bit happy and I got a good reaction to so that helped. My lecturers we’re all fantastic, I really liked them all and they’ve all been very friendly and helpful. It’s been overall a very positive experience and I know that when I started my degree everyone was interested and curious, ‘who is this?’, but afterwards it was all settled and I was just another student, which I appreciated and liked. I’ve been very lucky to have the support from my Dad that I have and that’s been a very important factor. Also it’s important to be determined and to do exactly what you like doing, but for anyone who’s very young you just have to find something you’re interested in and wouldn’t mind doing for the rest of your life.

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