University of Florida brain-drone race

3,2,1, Go! We’re launching the world’s
first brain drone race. What you do is you put on this device it’s called a BCI, or
Brain Computer Interface, and we have a computer program that you look at and we tell you think
forward, think of pushing a chair forward. So we learn to navigate the drone based on
your brain patterns for specific things you’re thinking about. I have actually been looking forward to something
like this. Um, I know there’s other BCI technology like this out there, and I was
so excited just to see, I just saw this on Facebook and I was like, I need to participate,
this is like something I’m really interested in. The first real race, I was just like,
I was very excited, so I was just trying to focus as much as I could. You start thinking and you start hearing that
motor pick up and you know, it kind of like kicks you into like, you know, a different
mental state, you know, and you got to focus on you know, just the cube.
Once they perfect it and once after they have a lot of development done it could be used
in every part of our lives. We’re starting a new trend in society. There
will be future brain drone competition. We’re starting out with a simple little race right
now. Who knows where this will go. It’s exciting.

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