University of Aberdeen – MSc Renewable Energy Engineering

Our MSC in Renewable Energy Engineering is aiming at the providing the student with all the skills for a successful
career in any area of renewable energy. Energy means electricity, means heat,
means transportation fuels. The aim is that the student will learn about the
various technologies and then they will choose their own directions depending on
their own preferences. Our programme has seen a big increase in numbers in recent years and we expect this to grow even further because of the increased
relevance of renewable energy in the world energy market. The programme is suitable for graduates in any areas of engineering but also is aimed at graduates in physical sciences especially in which of course having
an interest in renewable energy end in engineering. I did physics here at Aberdeen as well. I worked in the oil industry for three years after finishing my degree and I figured renewable energy is something to get
into for the future. I decided to study renewable energy engineering program at the University of Aberdeen because the university has a fantastic international
reputation regarding is oil and gas and energy related programs and secondly
Scotland has world leading renewable sources like wind energy tidal energy
and wave energy our courses are mainly taught by academics in the first
semester we have one course which is dedicated to solar and geothermal energy
we have another course which is about renewable energy from biomass the second
semester we will have other courses on wind marine and hydroelectric energy as
well as legislation and economics which is mainly taught by staff in the School
of Law we have also an important contribution from industry typically in
terms of guest lectures let’s put the masters through likes what
I did a few weeks ago when I gave a lecture to the students on our own
context for the new poetry and where we see the priorities are and there’s some
of our experience in developing wind and solar technologies and there are many
challenges still to be overcome which will need bright young engineers to
comment to the sake though we’ve been on a couple of field trips which I never
had an undergrad the first one was out the terrace where there was an anaerobic
digestion plant the second one was like two Mackey’s farm near in veloute so
they’ve got my wind turbines and big so more firemen they were actually really
good see things in the real world rather than just on a screen and a classroom
there is a wide range of careers available to our graduates typically
they can go in the renewable energy industry but otherwise they can also
work in consultancy companies England governmental bodies which are related to
renewable energy or if they want they can work on a research a population I
would love to be involved in renewable energy development in my country
Indonesia I hope I could participate in global climate rotation by implementing
my renewable energy engineering skills and renewable energy project management
skills for long term career prospects undoubtedly renewables as a very bright
prospect for young people to be moving into the moment

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  2. I m currently studying in renewable energy technology and management at Raipur, I'm interested in in renewable resources,what should do for admission

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