UF Law Graduate Tax Program: Advance Your Career

(inspirational music) [CHARLENE LUKE] At the University of Florida we offer an LL.M. in Taxation we also have an LL.M. in International Taxation and finally we have an S.J.D. program in Taxation. [CAMILA COSTA] I knew that they would prepare me for a good job either in a “Big Four” or in a law firm I got an interview in New York and I went there and thank God I got the job so after the program I’m going to New York to work there. [GORDON STREISAND] Well I chose to come here for my LL.M. because it just opens so many doors that most other programs can’t. [DEAN LAURA A. ROSENBURY] Our students are going to D.C., New York, Chicago, Boston, L.A., Houston, Dallas as well as every major market in Florida. We have placed students in private practice but also in tax court clerkship positions and at the IRS and Treasury Department. I feel like the networking here is unrivaled. [REBEKAH RAMOCAN ] We’ve all met with campus recruiters and have gone over our resume there’s so many opportunities there was a “Big Four” event and a lot of us have already you know received interviews or have been keeping in contact with some of the people we’ve met. [EMILY SNIDER] A lot of the alums from the program go on to take jobs at huge accounting firms in big cities like New York, D.C. one of my best friends is in L.A. [DENNIS CALFEE] I think the thing that sets our program apart is that we’re a full-time program, a daytime program students have an opportunity to learn from probably 13 or 14 people every year whose specialty is taxation. [SILVIA PERDOCHOVA] The personal contact with the professors is something that I didn’t have back home it’s really something that I really appreciate. The program is designed to teach students to be ready to engage in the practice of law in tax, as I call it “road-ready” [HABEN ABRAHA] The class sizes are very reasonable the professors are extremely accessible. [HANS TANZLER IV] In my office and I know offices of my colleagues we see the old tax law textbooks and it’s all UF professors names on there it’s the textbooks that everybody’s using so if you want to learn from those people and those professors this is a school to attend. The University of Florida Graduate Tax program has been ranked one of the top programs in the country throughout its entire existence. The tax programs at the University of Florida are among the most affordable in the country we have scholarships that are offered as a percentage of tuition, we also have research assistant positions for students interested in academic work we also offer tax review positions for students, we have a limited number of these but they are full-ride scholarships. I did receive a scholarship and that was a huge factor in why I decided to come here. The community in the LL.M. program is very family-oriented. There are people from Chile, from Peru, from Brazil, Costa Rica – me, from Europe. so it’s kind of a cultural mix. [ERIC MONTEIRO DE MEDEIROS] We do tailgate together we do happy hour together almost every Thursday night. To live here in Gainesville for me, kind of feels really peaceful because I’m from a big city in Brazil, so I love to ride my bike. If you’re looking for tax there’s not much other option to go this is the best you can get. A degree here would open up doors all over the country and all over the globe. (inspirational music)

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