Two Graduations and a Retirement

– (Josecarlos) Yes, we are.
I’m calling to let you know that we’ll be heading over
in about 20 minutes. Oh, okay.
That was Norman. – (Micah) Norman?
– Do you know who Norman is? – (Micah) Of course I know
who Norman is. – Okay. Well, for those
who don’t know, Norman is our oldest elder. I think he’s 97.
I’m gonna double check. – (Micah) That’s what I heard.
But I did hear that from you, so… – Yeah, yeah.
I keep saying 97 and I really– I just saw it a few days ago.
Let me check. Let me check. We’re taking this with us.
We’re gonna go see Norman. He’s 97 years old,
so he is done. So, we’re gonna film
a special little goodbye, interview him a little bit.
And I thought it’d be fun to take the plant
and put it in the background. You know, this plant…
If you’re a fan, you know this plant. It’s the Elders plant.
To be honest, though, I hate this plant so much. It’s gross.
Look, it’s broken and fake. We got him some gifts,
a little bear, like “We love you, Norman.”
Benny and Rafi signed it. I signed it.
Everyone signed it, everyone who’s worked with him.
A shirt and then a few other things, like some pins.
I don’t know if he’s a pin collector. Maybe.
– (Micah) I bet he is. – But look. Look at the–
he’ll recognize this old TV set. We’re taking the fern.
We’re going. We’re leaving. Exciting. Out of the office.
Will we come back? Will we get lost?
Will we just live with Norman? – (Benny) Emma. Emma! – (Emma cries)
– Aww, Emma! – Benny!
– Yeah. – I’m growing up!
– I know, Emma! I know. You were the youngest,
and you were the oldest. And now you’re on Teens React
and you’re the youngest again. – Oh my god!
That’s not even funny! – You did it. Your last time
on this set. How does that feel? Is that weird?
You were on the pink wall way back when.
– I was on the pink wall. – Yeah. You go way back.
– (laughs) – This is from one
of the old React parties. That was the thing.
When you were little, always, I always needed
to carry you everywhere. – Well, yeah. I’m a kid.
What do you– – I know. I–
– Wanna carry me now?! (laughs) – Why?
– You’re not gonna be able to. – You’re getting up
to almost my height. That’s what’s so weird.
You were like barely on the stool.
– Just like… I think I was…
– Tiny. Your hand used to always be up. I…
– (both) I don’t know about that. – (both laugh)
– I don’t know about that. ♪ (tranquil music) ♪ – We’re on our way to Norman’s.
It’s raining. It’s cold. I can’t see my mirror.
I’ve been there a few times. I think, Micah,
you have as well, right? – (Micah) I dropped him off once
and picked him up. – Yeah. Before, we used to
pick up Norman and bring him to the show
if you guys didn’t know that. And so, we would chitchat
on our rides here. To be honest, I would always
get a little bit nervous, because he is a little bit older.
I’m like, I have his life in my hands when I’m driving
just like I have your hands. We’ve arrived.
(chuckles) This pl– We’re here. We’ve arrived.
We’re gonna go meet Norman. – (Norman) If you guys turn left,
it’s the second door to your right– left.
– (Josecarlos) Okay. – (Norman) Everything’s
left, left, left. No, that’s a right.
– That’s a right. Yeah. – (Norman) Don’t know my left
and my right anymore. That’s it right here.
– (Josecarlos) Perfect. – (Micah) Now it’s a left.
– (Norman) Oh, it’s dark too. Well, whatever you want.
Do we have lights? – (Micah) Lights.
– (Norman) There we go. All right.
– (Micah) Is this someone’s room? – I think someone
might be in here, Norman. – (Norman) Huh?
– (Josecarlos) I think someone might be in here.
– Is somebody sleeping in here? – Let me make sure I get this.
I can just go? – (Lauren) Whenever you’re ready.
But remember to hit the high, the last Teens React, thank-yous,
and then make sure to catch me on College Kids React.
– All right. – How’s it going, guys?
My name is Noah. I’ve been on Teens React
for a few years now, and this is actually
my last episode of Teens React today. But don’t worry.
I will be back on College Kids React. It has been a lot of fun.
I look forward to all the crazy stuff they’re gonna make me do.
– We have something for you. – Look at you. That is–
thank you so much. – (Lauren) Of course.
And to make it official-official, we’re gonna have to take
some photos of you with the cap. – Should I put it on
or should I just hold it? – (Lauren) We can do both.
Awesome. – (Micah) We just recently
had Emma R. graduate to Teens React. What advice would you give her
for someone coming into Teens React? – Teens React. Okay.
– (Micah) Yeah. – It might be
a little bit more adult. It might be getting
a little bit more mature. But Teens React is amazing.
It’s incredible. The people are incredible.
And you still get to work with all the same,
amazing people. So, that is my message to you.
And you’re gonna have a great time.
I already know it. ♪ (tranquil music) ♪ – Doesn’t this look
like our Elders set? – (Micah chuckles)
– I hate this wallpaper. Not this wallpaper,
but the wallpaper we use for our shoots. But I guess it’s–
– (Micah) We have vertical kind of brown stripes.
– And with little flowery things. – (dog barking)
– Okay. Shush. – (Josecarlos) We can pet her?
– Huh? – (Josecarlos) Do you want us
to pet her? – No, just let him
give you a– I can’t find my leash.
– (Josecarlos) Do you take him around and walk him around?
– I walk outside with him without my scooter.
I use this. But it’s harder for me to walk…
– (Josecarlos) Yeah. – …when it’s out raining.
Now, I don’t know what you got,
but you’re doing this thing. Okay. Let’s get the towel away.
We don’t need that. So, the biography goes this way.
I am 97 years old this month. So, there goes your
Seniors React. I’m not sure I’m the oldest one
in the group or the group of people, but there I am.
I’ve got two grandsons. I’ve got two sons, married.
I’ve done a lot of things in my life. I’ve been a pilot.
Retired. Not the airlines. Just private. I’ve had a big Harley
that I rode for years. My dog’s name is Harley. (chuckles)
Okay. And I’ve owned a boat. And I’ve done all the great things
a guy probably would wanna do. I’ve had a happy life.
Pretty comfortable. And that’s that part
of my biography. – (Celeste) Awesome.
– Can I steal one just me and Emma? – (Celeste) Yes. Of course.
– I don’t think we have a just you and me picture, actually.
– (man) I don’t think you guys do. – Yeah. So, this is a good one.
This is the first time. It only took nine years.
– (laughs) – (man) Even at her bat mitzvah,
we have just you and Rafi. – Yeah. I know. Good. Good.
– And you guys just– – Good. No Rafi.
I get you all to myself. – Oh my god! Rafi!
I know you’re seeing this. Why are you not keeping him
under control? – No one can keep me under control!
– (giggles) – (Josecarlos) Benny wanted me
to tell you that he’s super grateful. He’s not able to come,
but he was super grateful that, you know, you shared
your experience on the show. You’ve had a viewpoint
unlike anyone else. You are one of
our oldest elders, I think. – I did know I was one–
– (Josecarlos) I think you are. And so, it’s been such
a pleasure for me as well, interviewing you and being
in the room and you know, I used to
pick you up from here and drive you.
– I remember. I remember. – And I remember our conversations
we would have, and I truly appreciate, you know, you taking the time
and really giving your viewpoint to us.
– Well, I enjoyed it. I’ve just– you know,
when you get my age, you kind of settle in.
And you’re at a point now where you’re either gonna die
or enjoy life. You gotta enjoy it
till the end, really. One, two, three, take.
All right. I am Norman. I’ve been
with the show for a good many years, one of the earlier gentleman.
I am 97 as I had mentioned earlier, and I’ve had a nice romp
over the five-year, six-year period I’ve been with the show.
The crew, the experiences I’ve had are wonderful. And I’m here
to just say that it’s been a pleasure working with everybody
and being on camera. And the dog is helping the same thing.
I’m gonna miss it, but it’s been a lot of fun,
and I know the audience has liked it as well.
I’m sure there’s been just a lot of wonderful experiences
that they’ve also had. So, gentlemen, thank you so much.
And ladies and gentlemen out there, thank you. It’s been my pleasure. – (Josecarlos) Before we leave,
we have a present for you. – (Norman) Oh, thank you!
– I almost forgot. We have a nice
little bag here with FBE. – Oh, good.
– (Josecarlos) I don’t know if you know,
we have a new logo now. – You’re not gonna chew this up.
This is mine.

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  2. Does anybody remember Lia, Athena, and William from the og Kids React? They were my favorite reactors and I was so sad when they left.

  3. Norman was a anazing elderly man,he will be rememmberd by millions of people, one of them is me.I will miss him so much and to Noah and Emma im really happy,they got so old and now im feeling old ;-;

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