Turning Point to Higher Education

my little brother is 11 years my junior,
and he just walked across the stage with the master’s degree and he called me up
and he chuckled at me and says hey where you at with yours? And man was that a
motivational factor right there and that is the turning point that brought me
into Herzing University’s door. When you say, I go to Herzing, people know it’s a solid campus, it’s a great reputation and it is a bit of confidence knowing that
you’re going to a school that is supported by the community and that
people are aware of who we are and respect us. Well, if somebody is really
wanting to go back and finish their education and that is truly in their
heart, don’t be scared just come talk come find out if there’s a way that we
can get this into your life because you can. It is never too late to get your
education done no matter how old you are.

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