Trident University International: Academia

Each phase of the program has allowed me an
opportunity to come up to the university, sit down with the professors
that I wanted to talk to. If I had challenges they are available on
line via email, or phone, or video, and we were able to work through any
challenges that I may have. There’s a lot of emails that go back and forth
or calling my chair doctor too, for example, spent many, many
weeks, an hour, an hour and a half at the time just talking with me. People who are clinically adept. People who
are knowledgeable. People who are excited. You could feel the passion
in the instructors. Most of the faculty, all of them have dealt with Aneway
[sp] has a doctorate degree from well acclaimed universities. They
were quite receptive to phone calls and things like that so that made
the learning experience just wonderful. The Trident admissions data [xx] does change
peoples lives because it affords them an opportunity to be successful
through an accredited body and through a timeline that meets their schedule.
The faculty and staff at Trident University is by far the best I’ve
ever dealt with. They always put the students first. They were definitely very supportive, understanding
and they were always willing to give that extra helping hand to
make sure that I achieved what I needed to get done. When you need something,
there’s a number of people you can call on. Their military departments
are just phenomenal. As a single working mom it was important to
have that support and the backing of the the faculty and the encouragement. The mentoring that the faculty was able to
provide for the PhD students was incredibly amazing. When you’re going
through a difficult time, you could call TY and someones always there to
assist you. They work with with you. They know that you are more than
just a student, and they treat you the entire person, and you just
can’t ask for more then that.

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