The World’s First Tuition-Free Online University – How does it work?

Meet Hassan. Hassan joined University of the
People because there weren’t any other universities around. Hassan goes to an internet cafe, logs
into his account, and greets his classmates. He joins the course discussion forum and writes
his weekly entry. An hour later from another part of the globe,
Nadia from Indonesia logs into the class and writes her point of view. University of the People can be accessed anywhere,
no physical boundaries. Mary, a single mother, can study anytime,
at her own pace. University of the People is tuition-free – so anyone can study, even
when times are hard. University of the People is highly interactive,
and has admitted students from over 135 countries. When one of the students needs support, the
class instructor and peers are happy to facilitate. At the end of the week, students hand in their
assignments and take the weekly quiz. Each course lasts eight weeks. In the 9th week,
the students take the final exam. Audio, video and textbooks are not required.
The University Academic Leadership comes from top universities worldwide. And best of all – our students are happy!
University of the People has 95% satisfaction rate. Join University of the People – a world of
learning, anytime, anywhere, tuition-free.

100 Replies to “The World’s First Tuition-Free Online University – How does it work?”

  1. Would I be able to get a degree when I graduate? I wish to live in Japan, and I cannot afford to go to a university, so this would be perfect for me if I can get a degree that I can use.

  2. But does it offer that paper thing called the degree? Which is what students are after anyway. Or partying. Yeah it's the parties. I learn more from youtube than the classroom anyway, but most don't realize this, especially employers.
    The sheeple aren't ready for this yet.

  3. I don't see the school listed on the CHEA (council for higher education accreditation) website. This site has a list of ALL ACCREDITED ACADEMIC institutions in the US. I would feel more comfortable applying once they're listed on this site.

  4. i am a third year student at the american university of science and technology, i am currently studying finance but i am travelling so i can't finish my diploma, i noticed that someone already asked if their credits can be transferred but unfortunately the answer is no, i noticed that the comment is a bit old so i am just wondering did that change?? if not i would like to know the official website for this university so i can check it out.

  5. it s a shit….. look

    How much will it cost to complete the MBA program?

    There is a $60 Application Processing Fee, as well as a $200 Examination Processing Fee per exam. The MBA can be completed for $2400 dollars.
    this is not for free!!!!AWAKE

  6. Please, can you tell us how the exams are taken? If it's possible for others to take exams for you, causing problems for the credibility of the diploma. Thank you in advance.

  7. hope this is my only escape to achieve adoctorship after 39 years experience in business areaching 63 years old (holding M.A.HONRS) IN ENGLISH IN 1977

  8. My experience as a student in University of the People:

    I have been the student in University of the People since November 2014, and till now I took 6 courses(1 in progress). What all I experienced till now the University of the People as best ever educational experience I have ever seen.

    Major things I love about the UoPeople:

    1. It is tuition free.
    After high the school I stopped for 8 yrs, due to financial instability. Though I love to acquire higher education and I love to learn and I have very high dreams about education. UoPeople made it possible for me to continue my education without thinking of finances.

    2. It is online.
    I’m a wife, a home maker, a care taker, a responsible person, I cannot go for college as regular as I use to go when I was single. UoPeople made this easy for me to access University being in my home, from anywhere I go in the world, I can still attend my classes just as the regular class.

    3. It is self-paced.
    I can access it especially the time I’m free. This is the extremely great thing from University, I can enjoy my life being a wife, a care taker, responsible person besides fulfilling my dream of being a student also. Nothing in my life stops me from becoming a learner of knowledge.

    4. It has got a high quality education.
    Till now I have seen, my educational journey in high school, I also saw my local open University, and I saw my brothers and friends getting higher educations, but I never saw the good experience I had with others, which I have never seen previously nor in my education and neither someone else. To whomever, I talked about my educational life they were surprised to hear it and I feel like, I’m not in open University which is usually taken as boring, invaluable etc, but I feel as if I’m just daily going to regular mortar University, because most of the time I spend is studying. People around me thinks, Wow! she is in awesome, American University, and this is true. I’m in it.

    5. It has got very kind, helpful great organizational team.
    We have got a very good support and help from our University’s organizational team, they always remind us that, to do our assignments and activities as early as possible, so that if something bad happens, they will have some time to solve it. I understand this, because they are handling students from all around the world and staff of the University is not so big, and they have got so many works to do, still they try all the time to help us, if we have got a problem, we contact, first is our own course instructor, who keeps in touch all the time through emails, in discussion forums, course forum(this acts as class meetings), besides instructor we contact, student services, academic advising team etc.

    6. The complete organization of UoPeople’s biggest goal is to make their students successful in every situation of life.
    I have resources, writing center, peer assessment office forum, and the resources which are needed to be successful in education are all provided in UoPeople. If I need English help, instructors and students help they help us, we have self-quiz for practicing our knowledge, we have checklist style of boxes to see what we have done and what is remaining.

    7. They keep alerting us all the time before every important event of University.
    I get emails from my University before important events to remind us, even though they say all the time, it is students duty to mark on their calendars and keep eye on important events to not to miss anything. I get email before starting term, I get email on how my week and course is going?, if it is not working I can withdraw from course, I get email after four weeks for events, I get email before graded quizzes so not to loose them, I get email before my FINAL exam, I get emails from my academic advising team and they ask and check me for my performance, experience, any problems, if I’m facing, and I have always contacted them and always got a good help, support and best ever guidance.

    8. They are open for help all the time.
    They encourage us all the time to contact them when needed, and they keep their words and follow their promises.

    9. They encourage, help, guide and support us.
    My academic advising team is awesome, you don’t understand I never had such an experience of studying, I feel, my university cares for me, loves me, and guide and support me all the time. In very kind and encouraging manner they ask us our performance and offers help, I share my feeling with them with my open heart, and I get a very good response, it is not like movie scenes, it happens here at UoPeople.

    10. They are volunteering, they are not earning money for doing all this favor to us.
    Before UoPeople I have studies school and for my school I have paid a lot of money, my parents were poor, but they dedicated their lives to educate us, and what all I want to say is, even after paying fees I never had a relationship with my school and I never saw my friends and brother having the good experience like I do have now with UoPeople. My brothers, friends etc paid but nobody cares for them for their success, sometimes they fail, but who cares. But hear in UoPeople the whole organization is dedicated to students success. It is us, who are not understanding them, fully, it is us not fully following them, this is the time we face failure, still they are all concerned about us.

    11. We don’t buy books, we download books for free from UoPeople and we have very big library.
    Any course I took I have to download the books provided for course and besides we have a very bid library and a librarian, we go there for doing our research, reading extra knowledge, when I’m unable to get things, I contact my librarian to help me and she helped me when ever I contacted her for help.

    12. What we do every week:
    As soon as we start our course, first we get all the general information about course, syllabus and text books etc, usually we have to download book. Then we have course forum to meet our classmates and introduce ourselves and say hi hello etc and then we have each section for every week there are dates clearly and broadly written and we have to do 3 important assignments every week and self quiz to practice knowledge. And every assignment we complete we get a check mark as completed. Our discussion forums are live and hot. We respect each other, we focus on good, we try to help each other with good manners. We follow University rules.

    13. We learn from our peers and also give feedbacks on their performance.
    For each writing assignment we don’t put our name on it to keep it anonymous, and we get three students peer assignment to assess(check) them and give feedback, I think this is cool thing of UoPeople, we get the opportunity to learn, the things I didn’t understand, sometimes my peer better explans, I can see the new ways to problems solving technique, I can see the parts I’m poor in and how my peer is doing it in good way, I correct my peer by giving feedback not by criticizing rather constructive. I appreciate feedbacks I get from my peer, it make focus on my errors and it helps me grow towards success.

    14. My educational life is improving my personal day to day life dealings.
    I’m learning problem solving techniques through my courses, which I have been asked to apply in my daily life, so I do. And found it helpful healthy and it works and I can say my improvement is gradual not magical but I’m happy that I’m heading towards success.

    15. University provided us Mentor.
    You can google to find out how much it cost to hire a Mentor, but thanks to UoPeople, they provided us Mentor, we have meetings every week and she also helps me towards my success of my educations. This relationship is also an great experience for me.

    16. We have an Academic Advising Team.
    In every course I have been contacted from time to time from this team to make sure how I’m going, and when I contacted them for help or guidance they helped me the best way. I never felt like, I’m scared etc while talking to them, rather I feel comfortable, free and just like I’m talking to my family and friends, yes we do give respect to them, we talk them just like how we needed to talk to professor, but we freely express our feeling and they too whole heartedly guide us, all the time.

    17. We have peer learning.
    We learn first hand from our text books, then peers and yes there is a third person in the room, who is our course instructor, who keeps eye on our every act and guide us, comment us and correct us all the time.

    18. Join the University and experience yourself, you have got nothing to loose.
    If you don’t believe me, I request you to join the UoPeople to experience it on your own, but UoPeople is not for playing, it is for serious personalities, I believe every institutions has its own weaknesses and UoPeople is not very old and still it is growing institution but when compared to other old institutions UoPeople have great things to come towards it and its greatness dominates its weaknesses. Remember I learned this from my University of the People, when you focuses on good and positive it increases, you will see all around you the good and the positive things and instead when you focus on bad and negatives what all you see around you is only bad and negative.

    The very main reason is I try my best to follow what all they say in advance. We have for feedback forms after every course and activity we do from University, these forms are to see what students are thinking and experiencing. My salute of gratitude to our President Shai Reshef, Instructors, service center, librarian, writing centers, academic advising team and whole organization and who ever is helping us in any means to whom we saw or not, to whom we talked or not.

  9. I am considering. I did online high school. I'm wondering what about books and stuff ? And I'm a little iffy about this whole "free" thing🤔. If it isn't fully free does anybody know the roundabout cost for a bachelor degree ? I'm asking because I saw a comment about it costing money for the MBA.

  10. Currently, I am a system administrator with a very reputable IT company. I found this school to be a very good idea and a complete service to humanity. Personally, I am not enrolling in this school to land a good job as I already have one. But as a Sys Admin with no Comp Sc. background there a certain challenges that I see and believe people that studied computer science in college tends to solve easily. So for this reason, I am giving it a shot. And yes, 4000 bucks to complete a Bachelors degree is nothing compared to how much you will pay per semester in a regular college. Talking from experience!

  11. I'm really interested in this university.
    If I enroll the Business Administration bachelor degree, can I finish the program in 2 years?

  12. This is a great idea and I would love to enroll as a way to earn an extra degree in my free time, however, the exam fees are expensive. Hopefully, the university can fulfill its mission by being entirely free at some point in the future.

  13. Im not able to apply. im 16 and the application says i have to be 18 or over to apply.

    But other universities allow under 18s to apply…..

  14. Iam from Papua New Guinea and see this offer of Free Education Degree is very brilliant idea and really well come the initiatives

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  18. Please help me, how much will the total cost of a Bachelor Undergraduate Degree programme cost?

  19. Hello, i would like to pursue my MBA executive via distance learning. Kindly advice me on the price structure/tuition fee.

  20. I heard of University of the People, or also known as UoPeople, I also made some research about it and met two students, one from Lebanon and another one who has graduated already from the Philippines.  As of now, I find it to be a very good idea and I have not found any bad intentions or profit making behind it.Also, for those who are not able to pay such as the unemployed, or stay home mothers, who are able to explain the situation, the University allows them to apply for scholarships.

  21. May i know how do we receive the certificate? Is it through email? (Im sorry i have never join an online course before so im a bit clueless)

  22. Is this benefitted anyone by any means and examples for your growth?? And does this course free of cost ? or there is hidden cost into this ?? reply asap please

  23. I want to know if the careers are only teaching in english, because I speak spanish and I know a little bit english but not for a tecnichal english.

  24. Seeking I am Ethiopian Health professional Guy, perusing to learn masters in business administration. When I try to apply online it asks $60.00 registration payment to be paid using payment cards. I am willing to do but here in Ethiopia there is no such payment services. Would you give me an alternative mechanism that enable me to apply and  start my professional journey please!

  25. How might I contact the faculty or admissions dept? I asked a question last year about transferring my degree to them but they have not responded yet.

  26. OH my God….. I am so badly interested have been looking for something like this. How can i get started pleas someone help me I will appreciate more information’s

  27. sir
    I completed diploma in automobile engineering from Bangladesh . but I am living in qatar.i want to do becholer in automobile engineering. is there have the degree?.I am waiting for reply.

  28. there are only health science , business administration and computer science !! what about mecanique or anything else because i'm student in university of mechanical Engineering so what can i do !!

  29. Bulis Peter from South Sudan University of the people is the first free in the world that why am like it, so i can joined this university

  30. Hi there, I just checked the CHEA website and It says that UoPeople is accredited by "Distance Education Accrediting Commission", but doesn't have any programmatic accreditation…. Let me see if I understood…. The UoPeople is accredited to teach online, but the programs are not?

  31. I have two main concerns : 1. If I complete my degree in Business Administration with you, will I be able to easily enroll in a Masters program in another university if I so choose to? 2. In regards to the proctor issue, I'm Jamaican but residing in Japan, I am seeing where it might be difficult to obtain a proctor mainly based upon language barrier. Are there any solutions offered for my case? Thanks

  32. Hi, I have graduated From Faculty of Arts Majoring in Business English but I want to go and work in the field of psychology will I be able to get a degree here?
    Ps. I'm from Thailand

  33. Hello,

    I'm Eren from NYC and I'm very interested in pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from UoPeople and have a few questions regarding Undergraduate Admissions and the Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science:

    1) I was born in the United States and am a native speaker of English but attended high school in Bangladesh where the language of instruction was Bengali — do I still need to provide proof of my English proficiency? (If it helps, I've also been tutoring Conversational, IELTS, TOEFL, Business, and SAT English to students of Bangladesh, China, Japan, and NYC both online and offline for a few years.) 

    2) Is there any way to have waived the admittedly modest admission fee?

    3) What is the penalty of failing? I've read that students are given a chance to re-sit course exams once for free — is that true? What if someone has to re-sit more than once?

    4) For someone who is interested in ultimately getting a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science who also wants to benefit from having a degree as early as possible, would you say that getting an Associate's Degree from UoPeople first and then applying for a Bachelor's Degree (also at UoPeople) after completion is a wise choice? In that scenario, would the student be able to already use their Associate's Degree to get a job while earning their Bachelor's Degree? Also, would all the credits from 2 years transfer over to the Bachelor's Degree program given that the Associate's Degree was completed from UoPeople? 

    5) How soon after the admissions application is submitted can one start taking classes? 

    6) Last but not least, is it true that all course materials are provided by UoPeople and that students don't have to purchase anything on their own?

    Thank you for your help.

  34. Free… not really, but most importantly please tell us in what countries is the education going to be recognised?

  35. This model of higher education has great potential, unfortunately if this university is going to make the step into the big time it really needs to go after regional accreditation. I see on Wikipedia about the university working with Bill Gates/Microsoft and with other universities so I'm hopeful, but regional accreditation would go a long way in making sure its credit and degrees are widely accepted without the serious restrictions that come with national accreditation.

  36. ou have to pay 60 bucks to register and pay 100 bucks for each exam. you also have to pay for a proctor, which is someone who watches you take an exam, also you get graded on discussing your opinion on subjects, everything about this university is terrible. Don`t do it!

  37. I requested transfer credits since I have a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited university.

    An English course that I took in my freshmen year at that university, happens to be almost identical to English composition course offered at UOPeople. I requested a transfer, mentioning the correct UOPeople course code. But when the transfer was approved, it got credited as a 'natural science' elective.

    I requested that a computer science course replace an almost identical computer science course at UOPeople. Once again, I filled out the UOPeople course code correctly. But when the transfer was granted, it got credited as an economics course.

    It is very clear that the quality of people they employ is sub-par. They will have a very hard time controlling the quality of their education. Volunteer retention and turn over has always been an issue for non-profits.

    Of course, no one is forcing me to attend UOPeople, and despite the quality, I am thankful for a free education.

  38. I have a high school and want to join the university in computer science department
    But I did not study math in high school
    Is there a way
    to be able to join the Department of Computer Science?

  39. Will I get degrees/bachelor if I joined this university?

    By the way, I still didn’t finish high school. What should I do? Can someone please help me.

  40. Two questions this video should have answered:
    1) Is it really tuition-free and how is that possible?
    2) Is it a real degree that's accepted by employers?

  41. this crap is not accredited! there are like 6 accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) Western Association of Schools and Colleges
    Higher Learning Commission (HLC)

    Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)

    New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE)

    Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU)

    Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)

    WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC)

    As far as this made up school is concerned is not accredited by any means! case closed!!

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