The Undergraduate Application Process at Cambridge University

(upbeat acoustic music) – [Narrator] If you’re thinking
about applying to Cambridge here are some key things you need to know. Our admissions tutors assess
every applicant individually, looking at all the available information. Our application process starts earlier than for other universities so that there’s time to collect
and consider everything. The very first thing you will need to do is decide on your course. You’ll be studying this
in-depth for several years so choose something you find interesting and are willing to work hard for. Next, you’ll need to decide on a college. Did you know that as an undergraduate you have up to 29 colleges to choose from? When you apply you can let us know if you have a preference college. If you can’t or don’t want to decide, you can make an open application
and we’ll allocate you one. Need some help? Check out these two links. Next up, you need to submit
your application to UCAS. For most, the deadline
is the 15th of October. You also need to send us some additional information about your education to date that isn’t covered in
your UCAS application. Check our website for details on what to do and when to do it. For some essay based courses, you may be asked to send some written work from your current studies. If this applies to you, your Cambridge College will let you know. For most courses you’ll need
to take a written assessment of skills relevant to
the course you’ve chosen. If your course has a
pre-interview assessment, this will take place in late
October or early November, usually at your own school or college. You need to be registered in advance for pre-interview assessments. For other courses you may need to sit an assessment at interview. Around 75% of our applicants
are invited for an interview, which usually takes place
during the first few weeks of December, so keep this time free. Some applicants might
be asked to come back for another interview in
January at a different college as a result of being placed
into something called the pool. The pool system helps to ensure the best applicants
can be offered a place, regardless of the college they
chose or were allocated to. Finally, we’ll let you know the outcome of your application
before the end of January. Our system is rigorous and fair. We consider each applicant
individually and in detail, looking at your ability and
your potential for Cambridge. If you want to study here,
we want you to apply. We’ve lots more information and important dates on our website, and if you want to get in touch with any of the Cambridge Colleges, then please do. Good luck with your application!

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  1. I am from India I want to study history undergraduate in Cambridge what can I do ??? Please help me

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