The Santa Clara University Experience: Housing

– [Narrator] The University Villas, a complex of 138 air-conditioned
town-house units, is located on five acres across from Stephen Schott
Stadium, and the main campus. This gated community offers parking, indoor and outdoor gathering spaces, such as a volleyball court
situated in grassy courtyards and outdoor sitting areas
for guests to socialize. (upbeat guitar music) All of the townhouses are fully furnished with full-sized beds. Each town-house is also equipped with an in unit washer and dryer. Although the University
Villas complex offers a few one bedroom units, most units are either ground level two bedroom, one bathroom units with an adjoining small patio. Or four to six person,
four bedroom, two bathroom, two-story units with an attached balcony. (upbeat guitar music) Campisi Hall is located near the Pat Malley recreation
and fitness center. This three-story hall adjacent to a spacious quad and lawn area, invites guests to gather
and socialize inside, as well as outside. Campisi Hall offers 95
furnished, carpeted, and air-conditioned double rooms. Each with a vanity and a sink. Within this residence, bathrooms are centrally
located on each floor, with private shower accommodations. Each floor has it’s own TV lounge, break out meeting rooms,
and vending machines. (upbeat piano music) Casa Italiana, located across
from our tennis complex, on the East side of campus, has a variety of living options. Featuring 18 suites, 25
apartments, and 58 single rooms. The suites are double rooms
within an eight person unit. Four person apartments offer
single occupancy bedrooms. Each unit is carpeted and air-conditioned. The apartments and suites are
located in a separate area from the 58 single rooms. These single rooms offer hall bathrooms, with private shower accommodations. Casa Italiana features a central commons, two classrooms, a seminar
room, a conference room, and vending machines. Within the hall, laundry facilities are located on each floor. Outdoor spaces include a patio, courtyard garden, and bocce ball area. Parking is located
adjacent to Casa Italiana. (upbeat guitar music) Dunne Hall is on the west side of campus, adjacent to Lafayette and Market streets. It is a five story hall,
with 140 double rooms. Featuring vanities and
sinks within each room. Dunne Hall also offers three lounges with seating areas, and television sets, as well as bathrooms
located on each floor, with private shower accommodations. Dunne Hall also offers vending machines and break out meeting areas. The basement within Dunne Hall features areas to screen
movies, and hold various events. (upbeat guitar music) Graham Hall, located across
from the learning commons, is a four story residence
with 90 mini suites, comprised of two rooms
connected by a bathroom. Mini suites may be assigned to
four guests in a double room, or two guests each with a private room. The rooms are both carpeted
and air-conditioned. Each neighborhood of 16 rooms,
offers laundry facilities, vending machines, and a lounge with a TV. The residence is shaped as an open square with each wing facing a large courtyard. This residence hall also
features two classrooms, study areas, meeting rooms, and a 2,000 square foot commons
with the serving kitchen. (ukulele music) – [Narrator] McLaughlin-Walsh Hall, home to the uni-residential
learning community, recently underwent a complete renovation, that solved the conjoining of two previously separate buildings. During the renovation, all
student rooms were upgraded with new carpet, fixtures, and finishes. Which include new sink
vanities in each room. McLaughlin-Walsh is comprised
of large double rooms, with both male and female
bathrooms on each floor, laundry facilities on the
second and third floor, as well as in the Walsh basement. Ample lounge and meeting spaces throughout the new connecting structure, as well as new community
kitchens on each floor. The building also now
showcases a new elevator that serves both wings of the building. A new centrally located service desk, and a large community
room for student events. All floors within
McLaughlin-Walsh are co-ed. The rooms are single sex. The Unity RLC is centered on understanding and
appreciating diversity, through social and civic engagement. (upbeat guitar music) – [Narrator] Nobili Hall
is a four story residence located adjacent to the Mission Church that offers sweeping views
of the Mission Gardens. Within Nobili Hall, laundry facilities, vending machines and lounges,
are located on each floor. 60 rooms are available in Nobili Hall. The guests staying in Nobili have the option of residing
in either a furnished, double, or a single room. Each room is carpeted, has a private bathroom,
and is air-conditioned. (upbeat guitar music) Sanfilippo Hall, located
on the East side of campus between the Casa Italiana
Hall, and Campisi Hall, is a three story residence comprised of 95 furnished double rooms, with tile flooring and
a vanity with a sink. Within Sanfilippo Hall, bathrooms with private
shower accommodations are centrally located on
each wing of the residence. Laundry facilities, vending machines, lounges and breakout meeting rooms, are located on each floor. Located outside of Sanfilippo
Hall is a large courtyard with areas to socialize with other guests. Parking is immediately
adjacent to the Hall. (upbeat guitar music) Sobrato Hall is located on
the East side of campus. This hall offers 24
suites and 34 apartments, all air-conditioned, and carpeted. Within Sobrato Hall, guests can reside in single rooms within four bedroom, two
bathroom apartment units, or a five bedroom, two bathroom suite. Also located within Sobrato Hall are vending machines, two
classrooms, a large commons, and other smaller meeting areas. A large central patio is a
favorite location for guests. Within Sobrato Hall, laundry facilities are located on the first floor. Additionally, a parking lot is
located adjacent to Sobrato, and a parking garage structure is located in the lower level of the hall. – [Narrator] Swig Hall
is home to the Cyphi residential learning community, and is located near the
Benson Memorial center. Swig Hall is the tallest
building on campus, and first year students as
well as sophomore students are housed throughout the first 10 floors of the building, within double rooms. Within Swig Hall, rooms include vanities and updated amenities and furnishing. The 11th floor in Swig Hall is
comprised of the sky lounge, which offers ample
community and study spaces, as well as sweeping views of the campus and surrounding areas. In Swig Hall, the laundry
facilities are located in the basement of the building. The basement in Swig Hall also includes a music practice room,
a dance practice room, a conference room, a vending machine, and gaming area, and a movie viewing room. The Cyphi RLC is focused on the
environment, sustainability, and the arts, which is
characterized by caring, creating, and conserving. – [Narrator] Bellarmine Hall
is located across the street from the South side of campus. Bellarmine Hall features
60 single furnished and air-conditioned, studio units, in a three story residence, with an elevator and a central ground floor secured entrance. Within Bellarmine Hall, each room features a private bathroom. The laundry and vending
machines are located on the first floor of the hall. Additionally, a parking garage is located within the lower level of the hall. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] The Park Avenue Apartments are located one block from campus. The complex is comprised of two story, two bedroom, one bath townhouses. Within Park Avenue Apartments, two students are assigned
to each townhouse. Each townhouse is fully furnished, and includes a private patio, an access to laundry facilities, and an outdoor grilling area. The utilities, cable television
and wireless internet, are included in the housing rate. Additionally, convenient
parking is located adjacent to the complex. (upbeat guitar music) – [Narrator] St. Clare Hall is
a gated, two story community, located just one block North of campus. St. Clare is comprised of
50 single furnished studios, which each include a full-sized
bed, and a private bath. Laundry facilities and vending machines are located on the
first floor of the hall. St. Clare Hall features
a centralized lounge and a large meeting room. Additionally, convenient parking is located within the complex. – [Narrator] The University Square Studios are conveniently located across the street from the North side of campus. This graduate student complex, offers 18 single unfurnished studios in a two story building,
with exterior corridors. The studios offer
approximately 330 square feet of living space, with
a separate kitchen area and private bathroom. Coin-operated laundry facilities and on-site parking are available
for student convenience. All utilities, cable television, and access to the universities high-speed network wireless services are
included in the room rate.

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