The Glion Student Journey

No one from my family had a hospitality background so I started to do my own research and I searched for the best hospitality schools and I saw Glion. I came to Switzerland and I went to a private visit to the campus I really fell in love I fell the Glion spirit and three years and a half after I am here. This program is very exciting This program is very exciting and very innovative and we take our students from a very fundamental base of practical arts. We want our graduates to be the best and therefore we believe that they are taught by the best right from the very beginning we have our “maîtres Chefs” on the team on the Glion campus. I am very pleased to be here now in Glion to teach to the students my passion of table arts, service and really to become a good manager. My objective is to give to the student all my passion for kitchen and help them to develop their skill in kitchen organization. Practical arts program is an immersion students don’t come here to become a head waiter or wine waiter they aim to become manager in hospitality world. Students have access to companies, who come to our campus to recruit, they recruit for first internship, second internship and also for our graduating students. Students will do a first internship, generally in an operational role. I am currently here in the Four Seasons Hotel George 5 in Paris, working as a waiter at the one Michelin star restaurant “Le George”. I am very grateful to Glion because thanks to its blend between practical and theoretical classes, it really provided me with all the right skills needed to work in the international environment, such as the hospitality industry. First set in semesters 3 and 4, they’re introduced to a cross-section of course subject areas within the whole domain of hospitality, so they will look at food and beverage management they will look at rooms division management they will look at economics and things which perhaps are outside our immediate domain and could be seen as generic management subjects. And then they will go on a second internship which we aim them to have a more higher level administrative or supervisory, to prepare them for their final stage of academic studies which takes place obviously in semester 6 and 7 when they come back from their internship. I have done my second internship in Santiago in Chile at the W Hotel working in the guest relations, concierge and front of house team. So, we have moved through practical arts through some fundamentals of management and the final year is very much about strategy. This specialization, which arrives in the final seventh semester of the Bachelor’s program, consists of five courses taught in blocks. When we say luxury hospitality services we don’t mean hotels only. What students are learning in this specialization is a much broader range of skills that can be perfectly applied in retail, in transportation tourism in general. The international event management specialization will give you the opportunity to develop managerial strategy competences, to become a successful event professional with many examples of different kind of events from private events like weddings to corporate events meetings conferences from music events to exhibitions culture expositions sport events fashion shows. The courses is International Hotel development and Finance and It includes hotel asset management and concept creation. We are trying to give them a perspective of the business from the owner’s perspective. So whether they are in finance banking whether in corporate office or even on property they will always understand that it is about maximising the asset value and driving profits for the owner. It gives them a real edge in the marketplace. It is been 3 years and a half, It is hard to believe that it all passes in just a heartbeat but they meant so much to so many people, we might all come from different backgrounds, with different traditions, different religions but over the past few years we all became part of the Glion family, a family that got us through the challenges and a family that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. When one door closes another door opens so now it’s up to each one of us to go out there and show the world what we’re capable of. I take my role as a Glion alumni very seriously and I think it’s important to be a role model and I think it’s really important that you know we show recognition to the hotel school and how much we’ve learned. For this reason, I hire every six months three lobby interns for a first internship and I think they love it because it’s a very eye-opening experience to what the hospitality life really is.

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