The BIC | Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Someplace like the “BIC” gives you a chance to apply what you are being told in class Instead of just some project that the
instructor dreams up you’re working on an actual project that you feel like you might encounter some time when you’re actually outside doing whatever it is you’re learning in school Being here is just so much fun you get to meet
awesome people. The people working inside the shop are some of the smartest people
I’ve met on campus. I’m constantly talking to the people on
different teams working on different problems helping them out, they’re helping
me out. This is an awesome network to be a part of. The Branam Innovation Center is where
the rubber meets the road for the education of our students. They get to take
what they’ve learned in the classroom and actually apply it. I saw that I have the opportunity to work with my hands which was one of
the funnest thing you can do. I saw that we got to build and create and
design really innovative stuff here. so I came in basically with a passion and by talking
with the guys here and listening to what they had to say I’ve learned a great deal and now the leasder of this club because
of all the education I received here. At the Branam Innovation Center it’s all about cooperation. it’s the whole open-door policy just in a giant workshop and I
really appreciate being able to go up to anyone in the Branam Innovation Center
and ask for help and being able to know that I have that support of the faculty as
well as my fellow students. Companies that I’ve talked to as well as soon as they
see on your resume that you’re a part of this team that’s all they asked
questions about that all they want to know because it’s past the classroom, it’s past what an average student would do. You get to explore your passion and you
get to prove the kind of work that you can do. You can design something in
the classroom, come to the “BIC” and build it regardless if you’re on a team or not on a team.
You can build something that doesn’t have to do with any team in this
building and still use the facilities available here.

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