The Attorney-General’s Department Graduate Program

I was interested in this grad program because
of the diversity of the work offered here. It’s fascinating work. What you do here actually does make a difference. I think the best bit about joining a graduate
program is making good friends that you’ll probably keep for the rest of your life. At the department we’re looking for highly
committed, highly energetic enthusiastic professionals who will be able to help us achieve what has
been a long mission for this department and that is to achieve a just and secure society. A just society promoting access to justice,
a secure society strengthening our national security. The sort of issues that that means
graduates will potentially be involved in is extraordinarily broad, extraordinarily
interesting and very important. The grad program is really exciting. You get
the opportunity to do three four-month rotations in different areas of the department. In a twelve-month span I crossed some criminal
issues to international law to really key domestic policy. I’ve worked on the government response to
the Doing Time report, which was a report that looked at indigenous youth in the criminal
justice system. I was involved doing the initial draft to
a paper that was going to be reported back to the UN. I actually got seconded to Department of Prime
Minister and Cabinet and I got to spend about three months up in the senate as a parliamentary
liason officer. It’s been an absolute pleasure to come here
where people do understand what it means and understand how having a life of outside work
improves your performance at work. I joined the social club committee which gave
an opportunity to help run our AGD ball last year and I’ve also been involved in intradepartmental
soccer and touch football competitions which has been really fun. I’d like to say every weekend there’s something
but it’s pretty much every night there’s something amongst the grads, whether it’s dinner or
going down to the beach in the summer or going to the snow in the winter. It’s not like you’re one person in a big place
you actually meet a lot of people and you know what’s going on so I think the grad program’s
really good for your career advancement. I wanted to do the grad program because it
offered the best opportunities for I think for training. They stepped us through the proses from policy
development through to drafting legislation all the way through which are key government
skills and the great thing was we were able to learn it from people who has such great
experience in that over a long period of time. Human Rights Public Sector Training course
run by this department was an outstanding course as well. So the courses run by experts
within the department are some great courses to be involved in. I have to pinch myself sometimes when I’m
in a group of officers from across the department as to how fascinating the work they are doing
is how diverse and how socially engaged they are and how progressive the work they’re doing
is. I thought not having a law background would
be an issue but once I actually arrived I realised that it doesn’t really affect your
ability to do work and come up with new ideas that do in effect make a difference. For someone that’s a psych graduate I’m still
finding it very interesting and the work’s really fun. You are able to see the difference that you
make in the lives of people out there in the community and that’s something that definitely
attracted me to the department. We like to get graduates with legal experience
but we also like to get graduates that come from a background in business, or in science,
the arts or in economics in addition we are really interested in getting graduates with
a variety of background, of diversity and of life experience. The department is a diverse
organisation, it does do a range of important issues and we’re open to anyone who thinks
they can join with us and meet the challenges that we have. So, if you’re a graduate and
you think you want to make a contribution to Australia and you think an organisation
like the Attorney-General’s and the work that we do is a way to do that then please, come
and apply to us and come and be a graduate with us.

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