The admissions process at the University of Waterloo

The admissions process Hi, I’m Michael, an admissions officer
at the University of Waterloo. I’m here to explain the admissions process.
There are 3 steps: First, apply. Once you have determined a program
that interests you, you apply online through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre
– or OUAC. OUAC processes applications from all of the Ontario
university programs. You apply once, and then it sends out that information to all the different
programs you’re interested in. Once we receive your application, we’ll
send you an email with your student ID number and a list of next steps. Second step, we review your application. Each program at the University of Waterloo
has its own admissions committee. What that committee does, is they take your
transcripts and other supporting documentation and make a decision.
If you’re from an Ontario high school, we’ll receive this information automatically. For
everyone else, you’ll have to submit them to us. Now when does the university make those decisions? Some programs start in December, when they start making those decisions, and some last until May. some competitive programs, you might not hear from
but don’t worry! That’s just because we’re looking for your second-semester grades. The third step is decision time.
If you’ve applied to more than one program at the University of Waterloo, we will assess
you based on each individual program that you’ve applied to.
We will email you to let you know the decision that we’ve made. You can always check the
status of your application in two places – at the OUAC website and at the website for the
University of Waterloo. Thank you very much for watching, and have
a good day! Ideas Start Here – University of Waterloo

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  1. I have graduated from British International School in Turkey ( English National Curriculum, IGCSE, and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.)
    Do I need to go through these processes?
    Isn't it easy for me to be accepted in this university?

  2. can a 1st/2nd year fine arts university student from foreign country apply directly as transfer student with proper transfer credit, in order to not start the undergrad course all over again?
    In short can a international student get admission as a 1st/2nd year university student, (and its procedure and requirements please)

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