100 Replies to “Texas College Student Takes Graduation Photos With Giant Alligator”

  1. I think it's not a real Alligator, With the Technology we have today. They just trying to get Publicity, Nobody can not Train an Alligator.

  2. Americans and their different measurements metrics…now l have to check much this crocodile actually weights in kilograms and also how long it is in meters. I don't understand pounds and inches nonsense you people use!

  3. No matter how safe you think it is, always think again. All it takes is for the damn food to accidentally drop in the water and the croc has nothing else to think about but you as the next target. stay safe people

  4. People Do The Crazies Things For A Damn Picture

  5. What she doesn't realize is even a wild gator can be tame but when it goes through a yearly metabolic cycle and it can turn on her without neither knowing ? Thats is why it is wild and free ! It will be too late then !

  6. You must know the behavior of the animal you dealing with. People around the World have built relationships with salt water crocodiles but raised them, when they were babies.

  7. We have no idea how many people get harmed badly and possibly lost their lives doing the same stupid thing but people don't post those tragedies to aware us because human love hiding their failures.

  8. This woman is Beyond stupid. I have never saw something so stupid. She will do this one time to many some day. I hope not but you keep playing with fire you will get burned. This girl way to pretty to go out that way. Stupidity.

  9. That girls Dad should beat her ass and then hold her so her mother and grand parents could be her ass too. My god if Steve Irwin was alive he would have said "Crikey that's a crazy Sheila!"

  10. Actually the gator didn't yet hungry and need some snack for playing. You'll never know when the gator really want to eat the bigger meat.

  11. well all one has to do is feed the gator more than it needs so it's full and doesn't need to attack any prey and isn't hungry so what so amazing?

  12. “If I felt there was any danger I wouldn’t have got in the water”

    Then why did it take 2 weeks to “build up the courage”?

  13. In a related story.. gator raped and impregnated women who gave birth to worlds 1st gator-human hybrid.. gator said it wuz luv at 1st site.. 😀😀😀😀😀😀

  14. Always an unguarded moment, that Gator is just lowering her into trusting him and getting comfortable around and with him. Then one day out of the blue he will attack her either drown her or mauled her and they will shoot him and call him a man-eater when is their natural instinct to kill anything..

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