Team N.U.T.S. – N.U.T.S.: Forest FriendZ | DigiPen Institute of Technology

I am Ryan Baker and I’m one of
the co-designers on NUTS Forest Friendz. And I am Mickey Cushing,
and I’m also a co-designer on Team NUTS Forest Friendz. NUTS is a 2D, isometric,
cooperative, four player, class based, wave based,
brawler where players represent forest critters defending their
forests from waves of loggers who are trying to burn it down. People get really excited when
we talk about it like that. We went with a class
based structure for NUTS. We have four different
characters, the hedgehog, the squirrel, the
skunk, and the raccoon. The hedgehog plays
more of a tank role. The skunk is kind of a ranged
EPS with some area affects. The raccoon’s an assassin
who kind of moves in and out quickly. And then the squirrel
is kind of a healer but he can also still fight. So your forest is being
attacked by a logging company. They want to take it down
to build a factory there, and being forest
animals you want to protect your forests
and the only way you can really do that is if
you work together because you’re outnumbered by 100 to 1. I’m Bernie Hanson and I’m
was the artist on NUTS Forest Friends. There’s a very special place
in my heart for the skunk, because animating all of
his little fart effects was just the most fun
I’ve ever had in my life. I just had a blast
with that little guy. And also the squirrel
was pretty funny. I thoroughly enjoyed his little
cheeks bouncing up and down. When I started making
this game, my biggest goal was to have a game that people
actually had fun playing. I enjoy playing games
that you can just tell the people that made it
had a lot of fun making it. And you can always tell that. Being on a small team was
definitely a lot of work. There are some
disadvantages, but the fact that you get having a better
understanding of the game and having more
responsibility is good. But there are also
some disadvantages, like the workload and
deadlines sometimes approach faster than we anticipated. But I think it was
definitely worth it. It’s nice to be able to
have a cohesive vision and then just to have a
small enough group of people that you can get together and
everyone is on the same page and move forward. I think the upsides of
being on a three person team kind of outweighs any of
this stress or the negatives we had to spend
the time to do it. I’m most proud of how we tried
to learn to work with Bernie and get his art like vision
like in the game and the game feeling good like the art
and the whole aesthetic and the theme and everything. And that’s definitely
what I’m most proud of. We all really like how the game
looks and feels, and I think and that was the
biggest acknowledgement. Grab your friends because
things are about to get NUTS.

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