Tank Academy #6: Stug III G

Welcome to this episode
of the Tank Academy. I am eekeeboo,
your Tank instructor, and today we will cover
the StuG III G Tank destroyer. The StuG Tank destroyer is one of the most recognisable
armoured vehicles from WW2. In World of Tanks,
the Stug III G leads to some of the most feared
and iconic tank destroyers in history like the Jagdpanzer,
Ferdinand, Jagdtiger and ending in the
colossal Jagdpanzer E100. If you unlocked all the
modules on the StuG III B, you will find yourself in an excellent
starting position on the Stug III G. Almost everything will
already be researched, you will only need the upgraded
tracks and then the L/70 top gun. Now you can work your way
towards the Jagdpanzer. One of the best things
about lower tier German tanks is how much
the modules are shared and make your research
on these vehicles that much faster. Using the 7.5cm L/70 cannon allows you to take the sniping
approach to Tank Destroyer play. This top cannon isn’t necessary to
start your grind towards the JgPz IV, but it’s definitely advised. It has phenomenal penetration
and rate of fire for tier 5. The APCR rounds will cut through
even the most heavily armoured targets with 194mms of penetration. The alternative 10.5cm cannon
can still perform at tier 5 using your powerful HE shells allowing
you to halt enemy advances quickly with high damage
potential and tracking shots. However like with any Derp cannon, long range sniping is difficult
because of the slow travelling rounds. My recommended
equipment choice for the StuG is a combination of
a camouflage net and gun rammer that will help boost
the key strengths of the tank. The third slot can either be filled with
ventilation class 2 to boost your crew or a gun laying drive
if you take the derp cannon! The credit saving
approach on the StuG is the usual camouflage
net, binocular telescope and the useful toolbox which
will help you repair those tracks before someone
has the time to flank you! Like with many tanks of this tier, I strongly suggest a fire extinguisher,
repair kit and first aid kit— a reliable combination for helping
you get out of troubling situations. The large consumable versions are
better and have extra bonuses, but come
at a much higher cost, so I only advise these if you’ve
got a lot of credits to spare. You will often feel
the StuG before you see it! The Stug III G, when played
competently, is a devastating tank that combines concealment
with firepower perfectly. Focus on staying
in the back of the fight where you can use your accuracy
and stealth to support your teammates. With great power to weight ratio comes
great responsibility to relocate quickly, however be aware that your
reverse speed isn’t that great. By practising and perfecting
this long range play style, you will be in an expert
position on the Jagdpanzer IV and other non-turreted snipers. Thank you for staying with us for
this first season of Tank Academy, I hope you
found it fun and useful. If you have any suggestions for
improvements or new episodes ideas, please leave them
in the comments below!

57 Replies to “Tank Academy #6: Stug III G”

  1. I did not chose the StuG life. The StuG life chose me!
    And how about you? Do you like this tank destroyer?

  2. IDK about you, but I don’t think this tutorial is useful for the people this is directed at. If I were new to the game and saw this, I’d be more confused than before 😉

    If you call it “tank academy” you might want to actually teach people how to play this tank and not say: “put this as equip and go snipe” as it’s not helpful for anyone new to the game.

  3. World of tanks when are u going to reveal the winners of the gleam campaing's winners? And are you planning to add hungarian tanks to the game?

  4. 194mm pen!!! Of course gold ammo… good tip. Yet advices not to use 10k worth repair kit due to how expensive it is… if someone can afford gold ammo, be sure they wouldn't care about expensive repair kit or first aid..

  5. "Most feared and iconic tank destroyers." shows ferninand.

    People who know how aful the ferninand was: "am i a joke to you"

  6. C'est si drôle puisque je suis en train de rechercher le dernier canon et vous dites que c'est le meilleur; pendent se temps, je m'embête avec le précédent.
    Merci pour avoir créé le meilleur jeu MMO "Free-to-play" que j'ai jamais vu !😉

  7. "The credit saver approach is to use a 500,000 credit consumable
    A 250,000 credit consumable
    And another 500,000 credit consumable.

  8. I think the playstyle with Stug which was shown in this video is kinda OK, but the equipment wasn't that good I wouldn't definetly put a camo net on Stug and definetly not a repair kit, the repair skill for crew is much better than the equipment, I think this video was 50% correctly how to play Stug and 50% uncorrectly, I am not super good player but that is what I think. I think there are instruction what to do with Stug and what things you put on it. That is what I think. 🙂 Hope you get it.

  9. Thank all of you in wg for the great contribution of you for our amusement this year. Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year.

  10. 1st of all: guest273 from EU server here.
    I have 2777 battles on the StuG III G on my main account.
    Why? Well, 2000+ Because for F2P (Free2Play) players it's a reliable credit maker.
    1) Don't use the HE gun. The Hetzer is better for that – due to having armor on it's tier. The Derp encourages brave plays which are not wise even vs other T5's.
    2) The sniper gun has 1.6 aim time (so it doesn't need a GLD) and 36 shells total (?) I used 25 AP, 11 APCR if I recall correctly. AP is enough to pen tanks like the KV-2 from the side (you don't need apcr like shown in the video), APCR is only good vs KV turrets, O-I's, E2 (and other Sherman) turret penetrations. APCR cannot penetrate the Tier 7 Japanese O-Ni frontally!
    3) Platoon with 1-2 guys who can spot for you. I went for the DPM build – Rammer, Vents (I put 3rd as optic as in the end of battles I was trying to carry, but Camo net is probably a better choice for beginners or people learning TD play style and who don't know how to make plays at the end.)

    The StuG can work double-bushes really well and the gun is reliable. Don't waste ammo as it's limited – but do occasional well thought blind-shots.
    Edit: The engine is on front so you get both engine dead + track broken (from 1 shot) quite a lot. If you're trying to make money you'll just have to suck it up with the small repair kits.

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