Tallwood HS Graduation – Class of 2019

allegiance moment of silence and singing
of all our alma mater please join me for the Pledge of Allegiance I pledge
allegiance to the flag as part of our ceremony today we want to
take a moment to remember the victims of the Municipal Building tragedy please
bow your heads for a moment of silence to honor them their families and those
who are injured and still recovering thank you please remain standing for the
tall wood alma mater we
Oh self so my name is Mimi Deng and I am the senior
class vice-president welcome to our graduation I would like to thank the
tall wood high school band under the direction of mr. Rosso teenie for a
processional music and the Madrigal singers under the direction of mrs.
Pinto it is my pleasure to welcome to the podium our principal dr. Avila good afternoon friends and families our
superintendent dr. Spence our distinguished guests from school
administration our school board members and of course our teachers counselors
faculty members and administrators I’m James Avila principal of tall wood
high school and it will come you all to celebrate the 2019 graduating class of
tall at high school today’s graduation ceremony on honours
435 students who personify what it means to be a tall wood lion they are
incredibly diverse spirited responsible and globally minded when you follow
tallit on social media you can see just how truly amazing the class of 2019 is
here are just a few of their accomplishments we have 204 honor
graduates with 34 students exceeding a 4.0 GPA 300 scholarships are offered totaling
over 10.5 million dollars two hundred and two of them have been accepted into
a four-year college 78 will be attending a two-year college 12 will be attending
a technical school and 53 will be serving our country proudly in the
military in addition our students have earned
over 700 industry certifications to help prepare them for employment
finally our students have volunteered over 30,000 hours in community service
please join me in congratulating them all on other accomplishments to my Alliance after spending four years
together and learning from each of you I leave you with this advice take the time
to look up from your phones and make real connections with those around you
by listening and communicating with compassion good luck to you all now let
us begin our graduation by recognizing some of our amazing lions please give a
round of applause for Miss Corey Lee our senior class president thank you good afternoon class of 2019 can you all
believe this day is finally here 13 years ago when I sat at my kindergarten
see my feet swinging under the desk I could not have possibly imagined this
day I want to take a moment to give a special thank you to everyone who has
dedicated themselves to guiding us on our educational journeys into this very
day so thank you parents teachers administrators and unsung heroes we
could not have done this without you as we traveled to the convention center
today we were filled with the heap of emotions some anxious some excited and
others downright ill as we watch her peers line up ready to dive headfirst
into adulthood we couldn’t help but reflect some of us thought back to her
first day at toen the first day we slept first time we stepped into a crowded bus
first time we heard that one Star Wars song or the speaker as kids raised to
class or the first time we heard someone uh turtle what is good who are anxious
to see what the next four years would bring and the pride that would follow
from pep rallies football games fun nights rain dance and prom we’ve made
tall it a home and a goodbye that is all too difficult to swallow
although graduation feels like the end of something great it’s not it’s the
beginning there’s a whole world out there waiting for us waiting for our
ideas our thoughts our aspirations and the change in the world that we wish to
see so in the words of dr. Seuss congratulations
today is your day you’re off to great places you’re off and away you have
brains in your head you have feet in your shoes you can steer yourself any
direction you choose kid you’ll move mountains thank you at this time is my pleasure to introduce
abigail Martin our salutatorian as we all sit in this gigantic room
clothed and our royal robes it is natural to reflect on the past and begin
to formulate our first glimpse of the future it’s a time of transition for all
of us and let’s be real it’s a bit overwhelming but this isn’t the first
time we felt like this I’m sure we all remember or trying to forget four years
ago when we were transitioning into high school and all honesty my first day at
all it was a bit of a disappointment throughout that entire day not a single
person broke out into song and dance my high school musical dreams shattered but
thankfully Tolan surpassed my expectations in every way and I could go
into detail about everything that high school has taught me but that would be
my story and running out in this room for me instead I want to talk about us
as a team maybe not all of us want to change the whole world but I’m sure we
each have something that we’re passionate about our unique ambitions
and qualities that make us who we are and Drive us to want to make a
difference somehow but let me tell you guys something despite all the awards we
win places we travel and money we link how we’re really going to make a
difference is through our intentional interactions with other people and I
don’t mean on social media face-to-face relationships with people don’t come in
an instant but I promise they’re so worth it give
others your time provide a listening ear and don’t be afraid to share your story
nobody wants to feel like they’re alone so surround yourself with a group of
people that you can open up to if you have gone through something and made it
out be bold be humble and reach back down and pull someone else out even
those who aren’t like you because if they’re in that same spot you were they
may be more like you than you think and as we walk out of these doors together
well they’re sticking to the status quo or breaking free simply remember to be a
friend because the world really starts changing when people are told how much
they matter thank you it is my pleasure to introduce our
valedictorian Alex Cole good afternoon class of 2019 here we are four years
later from we walk into the doors of high school and now we’re graduating 4
years of filling graduation requirements and learning about our interests we’ve
made it through the toughest of tough and now we fill this room about to
receive our diplomas but what does this all men I’m sure we’ve all enjoyed those
amazing teachers and growing with our friends but it’s much more than that
over the past 4 years we found incredible friendships and I’ve learned
so much about ourselves in the process this is a ceremony that celebrates the
wonders of Education and what it will bring it is important to continue to
grow through our hardships and become the adults that these educators have
worked so hard for us to become I would like to take I would like to take a
second to thank my teachers family especially my aunt Annette and friends
for leading me to where I stand today graduation is the time to move forward
into the next phase of our lives and education never stops what we have done
up until now is only the groundwork for the skyscraper that is our future
graduation is a beckoning to show the world what we have just like Miss
downing handing us chalk to write on the chalkboard from here onwards I encourage
you all to keep an open mind and to remember that we never stop learning
school is meant to teach us that there are tough lessons that we will face but
is our integrity that defines the people that we are Bob Marley once said the
greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires but in his integrity
and his ability to affect those around him positively stay brave and keep your
integrity thank you it is my pleasure to introduce mr.
Lollar to the podium the taller medallion was commissioned as
when the highest honors a word – at all at high school senior and it’s bestowed
on the student who personified all the taller represents hard-working
passionate selfless are just a few adjectives to describe the recipient of
this year’s taller medallion willing to assist at any moment of the day with no
questions asked awards expected a casa supporter of her tall with peers this
student can always be found assisting cheering on fellow lions
this line has a mission debate tall with incredible place for all students as
well as the best school in Virginia Beach that’s a freshman she was inspired
to excuse me as a freshman she was inspired further her Inbal met tallit
after participating in tall woods leadership workshop the following year
she had her role in leadership as a sophomore class president as a junior
she was an appointed officer for the SCA and started si president during her
senior year her commitment to taller includes being a four-year member the
student athletic training team field hockey team any two times staff member
the TOA leadership workshop and the coordinator of tall woods student
athletic workshop she represents tallit high school as a future virginia
commonwealth university ramp ladies and gentlemen I am proud and pleased to
announce the recipient of the 2019 Talmud I’m miss Cassidy O’Neill Junior marshals prepared the class for
the presentation of diplomas Alexander Scott cold Academy with honors Abigail K Martin Academy with honors
Corey Amil Lee Academy with honors Mimi phone dang with honors Lord as
Angelina Abba Dilla Kyrie Macao Abdullah Garris Kayla Elizabeth Abernathy with honors Alberto Logan a bling
the third Katherine Rose Addams Academy with honors Katrina Marie Adams Kiana
Tamiya Adams with honors Peyton our atoms with honors Luton
Maccabi a med Academy with honors Jonathan David Alaba with honors Warda JH habla hall with honors
Armani Soleil Alexander with honors Maya Jeanette Alexander Academy with
honors arias Mackenzie all day Academy with
honors Elissa is about Amazon Chandler no
Austin Joey’s courante a rant ashore Caitlyn
Elizabeth Anderson with honors Jared stone Anderson with honors
Seth Lawrence Anderson with honors Maria Nicole Armstrong Tamia najhe Arnold Taylor rain Ashcraft Mallory Lynn Austin
with honors Michael Elgin Burlingame Academy with
honors Jamel banks Trayvon Arnold Barksdale Andrew Joseph bosses with honors Kayla
Rose beachy Sierra Lenise Belford Academy with honors Dante Jolson Belle Chandra s Benjamin with honors Jada
Anaya Bennett with honors Carmen Marie Berbick Academy with honors
Carter Jean Bernanke’s Academy Caleb J Bernardi rymus Rivas don del Rey best Thomas Anthony below Academy with honors
Rene Allen vitur with honors AJ janela blackwell gauge in drew
Blanchard Angelina Josephine Cobb arooga s– playin
Boatwright Academy with honors Sasha Danette Bouldin with honors Tyler J
Bonner with honors Benjamin Jeffrey Booker Brian Robert braggy Antoine Jamel branch jr. joy Murray
Brewer with honors Mariah was set Brewer with honors Vasanti Kamiya brothers with
honors autumn Elena Brown Isaiah Lamont Brown Rebecca Sophie Brown Academy with honors
Sydney C Brown neo Malayala Brown Trusler Academy with honors Darien Verna
Bruce with honors Cheyenne faith buck with honors Sidney Carlisle Burson Academy with
honors Joshua Allen butcher Sierra of Alisa Cabral Academy with honors
Amaya Marie Campbell with honors Jordan Alexander Carey
Elena Nicole Carter with honors Isaiah Javon Carter Kalani
Christopher Cartwright Tristan Cade Cassio with honors Jonathan Ives Allen
Songun Costello with honors Angelo David Zaldivar Acosta Ronnie with honors Jemaine Demonte chambers Katherine
Delaney Charles Academy with honors Adam Gregory Cheatham Tiffany Chi Academy with honors Anthony
Joseph Cedeno with honors Jada Monet Clarke Jaden Deshawn Clarke Daniel Paul Coates with honors Gil
Hanahan Cohen with honors Abby Janelle Cole with honors innate an Asia
Cooper with honors Jasmine Irene Copeland with honors Nicholas Patrick
Courtney amber Nicole coward with honors Jordan Nathaniel Creech Christopher
Shawn crow chain jr. Jayden Christopher Cuffy Cassandra
Lily Cunningham Ciara Lee blend Kearney Academy with
honors Elena Milagros de haro Academy with honors
chef Rima Lee Murray Paloma Delita Alexis grace Danielson Academy with
honors Kennedy sky dance ler Neal Zachary data Anthony Ryan Davidson with honors
Ashland Paige Davis with honors Miles Davis Elena
Nicole de Madison Leticia delle cose
Tyler James Dennis Collin Thomas Devlin Academy with honors Kevin Scott diet Christopher Mark Donohue jr. Liam
John Doyle with honors Danae Rochelle do eNOS Riley Richard Kevon Dukes Taniya J
shell Dunbar Kisan Zions Duncan Kristen Marcel Marcel Alma Duncan with
honors Daniel Robert duis with honors Roman
Samuel gigolo ski Isaiah Christian Edwards Academy with honors Elijah
Giovanna Escobar Academy with honors Christopher Kyle Evans Trenton Michael
Evans Murphy Joshua Edwin Evanson Oliviana shaniek Everett’s ashley Michelle Farina Academy with
honors Grayson James Ferguson ADA Marie
Figueroa Madeline Rose filio Academy with honors ashley Michelle Fleming
Jaden Duane Fleming Christopher John Fletcher
with honors David Daniel Ford Zion yahshua forest Katherine Yvonne Fowler
with honors Logan Christopher France with honors Angelo
Marty’s Franklin with honors Ryan Alexander Franklin Christian Fraser with
honors Julius Donovan cope on freed with honors
Deonte Isaiah Freeman Isabella Zoe fuller Academy with honors Melanie
Claudine galoop a Academy with honors Carrie Angelou and Co Garcia with honors
treasurer Armani Gary with honors Shivani
Alexander Gary Harris Quinton Jerrod Gatling with honors Sydney Paige Gibson
Haley Nicole Gilder with honors Emily Joelle Gonzalez Academy with
honors Andy Gonzalez lazada Brianna good and Martin harps with honors Abigail
Brooke Gordon with honors Xion de jour gray Trevor Jake greenside – Shawn ramit
Griffin Jackson Reilly Griffin Terence Edward Hackley jr. Courtney Alexis Haney
with honors Bethenny Amon Hansel Academy with honors Shania monk the hawk Academy
with honors hadeeth Ali Joel Harding Coleman Samantha K Hargis Richard
Maynard Harleston the second with honors Caroline faith Harper with honors Ania Monet Harris Schuyler Jaden hasty
with honors destiny Keanu Hatton daelin DeSean Hawkins Aaliyah Monique hemenway
with honors Ayana Milani Henderson with honors Tristan Anthony hep with honors
Madison Catherine Herbert with honors Ariana Hernandez with honors
DeAngelo Hernandez Luna with honors Dorian Michael Hauser Ian Michael Hyatt Taylor Renee or Delia
Hicks crystal Denise Higgins Jordan Nicholas Hill Michaela Nicole Hill
Khalil Justice finds keegan Jakob Hinson Academy with honors Brandon
Tyler Hodapp Garrett Michael Hoffman India Lee Holland Italy and Holland
Jaden Marquis howleen Sean Michael Holloway Austin Thomas
Hopkins with honors Brianna Mary Huggins David Julian Hulan
winter Gabrielle Hall with honors Darian marquise hunter with honors Catrin Monet
hi Luke egg your toe with honors charmonique Sharman Lully Stefan Lauren
Jacobson John Christian Jarvis Thomas pearl Jarvis Jalen Manuel Jenkins
Lawrence Antone Tyree Johnson Cory Christian Johnston Don Elijah Johnson
with honors Chiara Alicia Johnson with honors Bryson
said John Jones with honors Kyle Alexander Jones Makayla Ray Jones tache
cuishan Jones Declan
Edgar Keith Lee with honors Kenneth Aditya Khurana urban with honors Abby
Lee Anne Kilburn with honors Lexi Camille Kilburn taquoia died May Kilby
Academy with Tyler Elijah Killian Michael Paul kipper
Academy with honors Dillon Joseph CLEP Samuel Thomas nerve Payton arm re Knox sonakaille East Knox Spencer Joseph
Kurtz nur Alexander Curtis Willam with honors Nathan Alexander Lonnie o with
honors Brandon Antoine Larry Boston DeSean law
London Dean Lawrence Kashan Anthony Lewis Devon Paul Liddy Amanda Elizabeth Lynch
Academy with honors Justin David Linkous dairy and Joshua
little with honors Allison Marie Lodge Academy with honors Kaden Riley lojas
Vaughn Jarrell are long boy with honors Kenji lot Andre Lopez Yano with honors
Dillon Michael lougheed Academy with honors Francis Liu Academy with honors
Joshua Emmanuel Lucas with honors Patrick Edward Lum bloom Dianna and Nichelle Lyle Kayla and Lynch with honors
Lauren Chanel Lynch Academy with honors Nikolas jr. Maitri Imani Danielle
Malcolm with honors patience Jaden Malik see with honors
Sariah Mustafa Malik with honors Sean Ethan Markel with honors Carter read
Marshall Erica destiny Mathis Simone Lucille Matthews aleem Elodie Philippe
Matz Academy with honors sure al ly McCants destiny Jean McCoy with honors mark
winter McCready with honors Nicholas Edmond McCready Jacob Ryan
McFarland with honors Kiana mone Miguel Blair Luis mcclain the third with honors christian alegre medina Isabel McKenzie
Mendez Academy with honors Savannah Rose mendiola Lauren Elizabeth Messina
Academy with honors Ethan hunter Miceli with honors Danielle
Teresa Mitsu lays McKenzie Elizabeth mobs Terrence Mike Moore with honors
xavier christian moran hunter christopher morris abigail marie
morrison Matthew Lewis miss loris Academy with
honors Nadira Amon Muhammad Brandon Allen Murch Elijah Antonio Murphy jr. Dakota James
Murray Sydnee Tamara Music Academy with honors Anthony Douglas Myers with honors Kyle Samuel nany Nicholas Paul not Olelo Aaron Knoll
Nathan Alicia Nancy Nelson Madison Bailey Nelson Kimpton not win then knee hong hwon with
honors tarik Hassan Nnamdi Davi al Grayson Noel with honors Taniya Chanel Norman Tiny’s diamond
Norman Robinson d Amari Andre Norton Kelly Marie O’Brien with honors Gonzalo
Ocampo jr. with honors Andrew Jeremiah Odin Evans John Henry Oh Donald with honors Teresa Angelica Miranda Olegario with
honors Raymondo Olympian Kayla Chanel Oliver
with honors Cassidy Lane O’Neal with honors Paolo
Gabriele or dunya’s Sophia Irie Tarot Academy with honors Eddie James Paget
jr. with honors Jacob Paul Jacob Kyle Parmenter with honors had their
Elizabeth pain Taniya lanais Pierson Aaron Matthew Pico
with honors yet Sally andreia Pena Academy with
honors destiny ipsy Perez Academy with honors kayla marie Perrin Luca Marcus Pfeiffer
Academy with honors Alexei Samia filbert Darren Lewis pike Ashley Jordan pitcher James Muntari o Pope Sophia Marie Porter
Academy with honors a Dana Geneva Powell Jamin M Powell Kris Allen granola with honors Koh Riggle christopher michael rahiba one a Manuel
Ramos Brendon Diego reg Jameer Jafar read o philia read Anthony a be Rex OSH Ricardo Joel Reyes Panero Brandon
Christopher rice with honors Kayla Bailey rice with honors Gillian K Richardson with honors Kaylin Tamar Reilly with honors Jeremy Brian Reardon Academy with honors
Armando Miguel Rivera Trinity India Rivera Adrian Rivera Hernandez with
honors Alyssa Marie Rodriguez with honors Charles Anthony Romano on Elizabeth Roni Academy with honors
Sophia Rachel Rob salmon Academy with honors
Ciaran McMurray Ryan Academy with honors Romy Michele sad sad with honors Maurice Quincy Samuels with honors Francis Francisco Sarabia Academy with
honors Gina Linnell isandro paya qetsiyah
Academy with honors jack everett Schmeisser Academy with honors Tyler
Scott Schuester Shari Lewis Scott Dixon Riley Ruben sedima Rallos Kaela Brian siwash jacala Louise sharper Daryll Lee sheets the third Rebecca Danielle Shelton Academy with
honors Stephen Christopher Shelton with honors Noah Alan Shepard with honors Elijah
Alise Sechrist yes mean Michelle Sillman with honors Paul Joseph Simmons Peyton Elizabeth
sensabaugh Academy with honors Amanda cockle sinuous Academy with honors Jabari David Smith with honors jacobee Tyler Smith Joshua Tyler Smith Mark Allen Smith Jr savannahrose
Callahan Smith with honors Terrell Alonzo Smith Jr Matteo Armani Smith
Jordan Academy with honors Addison Murray son and Burton no Oh Wesley
Soriano Sabian Isaiah stone the real J Maas Street Savannah Eve Styron Matthew Allen suffer
cool Dasia tane sumblind with honors Madison
Nicole summers with honors on Halina Lorraine vias totter on Academy with
honors a Shante Taniya Taryn Alyssa Renee Taylor Dylan Thomas Taylor Mason
Anthony tenon Jordan Christina Terrell Ryan Taylor dick been with honors India ranae Thornton Alan tanner
Timmerman Tatiana’s char neg Tolbert with honors Jacob Michael tandra with honors Mimi Kim true Academy with honors da Jie Valerie Lynnae Tucker Tyler Cole – Minelli Academy Cypress Celeste oddly Academy with
honors destiny Valentine Dynasty Valentine Academy with honors Damien Malik Vaughn Anna Giselle Vasquez Academy with honors Julio Alberto Vasquez Theresa Anastasia
visca Rondo Kong kai-lan bow with honors Caroline
Kathleen Fondren Academy with honors Imani Nakia Wahid with honors Touche Lamont Walker Marcus Xavier Walker Jakob Dean Wallman Noah Bartlett Warren from Mesa Maya Warrick shirelle and Washington Academy with
honors Samantha Michelle Waterman Academy Elisha Lee Watson drue Patrick Weber to me away Daquan Malik white Evan white with honors Tai Asia Monet white Chace Jeremy Whitney Kaleigh hope Wilkerson with honors franciene Nicole Williams Academy with
honors ‘la Kayla Williams Renisha crystal marie williams samaya
Alexis Williams Sydnee Raquel Williams with honors Thalia Isis Williams with honors Jair ty Wilson Jackie Wilson Frierson with honors Danielle Reese right Academy with honors Johnna shot a right naziha Omri right Taylor Shay right
Academy with honors Jalen Christopher Wyatt Tara Elizabeth you’re eatin with
honors Lauren Elizabeth Zelly with honors ryan austin’s of Mackowski Ivy Zen Academy with honors Christopher
Ryan sauce class of 2019 please stand dr. Evelyn I present you tall in high
school class of 2019 by the authority vested in me by the
Commonwealth of Virginia and the school board of the city of Virginia Beach I
declare that you have met all the requirements and I now pronounce you
graduates of solid high school graduates at this time turn your tassel
from the right to the left on behalf of the faculty and staff
that’s all with high school I extend to you congratulations you made Sasha gasp this concludes our ceremony
you will be able to meet your graduate outside the convention center please
stand as the graduates recess thank you

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