Light-based therapy for Alzheimer’s disease

There are currently no effective therapies for Alzheimer’s disease. As lifespans increase and our population ages, Alzheimer’s represents a looming public health problem of immense proportions. One that is also personal. One in three adults in the United States will die from Alzheimer’s, or age-related dementia, touching almost everyone as a patient or a caregiver….

Neuron Activity in 3-D

The brain is made out of a huge number of neurons. In the human brain we have perhaps 100 billion neurons. Those neurons work together in complex networks in order to generate things like thoughts and feelings. Now, if we want to know where in this complex network something is happening we ideally could be…


MIT engineers have developed a thread-like robot that can actively glide through narrow, winding pathways, such as the vasculature of the brain. This magnetically-controlled device is a hydrogel-coated robotic thread or guide wire that could be used to deliver clot-reducing therapies and other treatments in response to certain brain blockages, such as stroke or aneurysms….