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MIT, you look around you. All my colleagues are
from different countries, different cultures. And I think that what makes this
whole place an amazing place. People love what they are doing. They are so much into it. It’s not work, it’s passion. My research area is
in computer networks. The high-level goal is to
really make the internet better. Make it faster, make
it more reusable, make it easier to manage. Academic endeavor is
built on the trust that you can go into any
country and do research, work with colleagues from
any national origin, go to conferences regardless
of your religion or origin. Imagine somebody who was in
the middle of doing their PhD, and they went home to spend the
holidays with their parents, now they cannot
come back to finish. And we’re talking about
dedicated smart people who can contribute so
much to our nation, but also to making the
world a better place. In April I was going to
Portugal to give a talk. In May I was going to Dublin. In September I’m going to– well, I was planning
to go to Nara, Japan. In October I was going
to give a talk in Paris. All of them, I have already
told them that no, probably I can’t come. Just the thought of not being
able to see my father whenever we want, I think that
yeah, that’s very scary. And sad, I would say. A lot of the biggest
tech companies in the US have founders and co-founders
who are from these banned countries. If you think about
Dropbox and eBay. There is a think tank
out there in the world. And either US wants
to have a big market share of this think tank or no.

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