Sunder | DigiPen Institute of Technology

Hi, I’m Nicholas Fuller. I’m representing Sunder. Sunder is a 2D co-op puzzle platformer where two players view the same screen but they see different worlds. This is achieved by having color-filtering glasses. Both players wear either red or blue color-filter glasses, so they see only red or blue, respectively. Both players have to cooperate to solve these split-world puzzles, where in one world you might see a spike ball that’ll kill you. The other world might see it as a fluffy pillow. It takes place in a setting where the two players play as a brother and sister who are kind of going through their dreams or their imagination. It’s extremely unique, because it’s a game based around verbal communication and not around platforming skills or regular gaming skills. It literally comes down to how well your players communicate together and how well they can piece together these kind of fragmented worlds that they live in. I hope that the players feel a little bit more connected after they finish the game, but most of all I hope they have the feeling that they’ve shared a little journey together.

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