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  1. There are some other ways to get into university but this is the most common one. For most other studies (I believe English as well) you can just apply and start in September. I don't exactly know how it works with foreign diploma's but you should be able to get in if you finished you gymnasium and took a more advanced class of English there, but I would recommend you to just go by the student service of the university you want to study at when you're here and just ask.

  2. They're always really helpful and then you know the information you're getting is correct 🙂 Let me know if you wanna know anything else! 🙂

  3. It would be a breach of European Union law and discrimination to apply different conditions and fees to your own citizens and other EU citizens. Gotta love the EU!

  4. Volgens mij kun je je gewoon inschrijven als je een vooropleiding hebt gevolgd vergelijkbaar met ons VWO en is er geen ingangsexamen.

  5. Au pair, leuk! Maar heb je er wel over nagedacht dat je als je volgend jaar geen studiefinanciering meer krijgt, maar dat het een lening wordt en je alles terug moet betalen? Als je nu in september begint krijg je wel gewoon 4 jaar stufi als je je diploma's behaalt.

  6. You should make a video where you talk about translating! I'm really interested!

    I really loved this video!

  7. this is so strange, i'm English and i live in Katwijk and go to an international school in Oegstgeest – super close to Leiden! so we're kind of in reverse situations in a way 🙂

  8. I'm currently in college in America and I found this super interesting! I'm not studying English (I'm studying Early Childhood Development) but I love learning about different cultures and find the differences in the education system really intriguing. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Wow an amazing video really insightful and i would love to see more videos on the education systems you know about a bit different to Australian schooling 🙂

  10. I've considered majoring both in English and Linguistics, and studying internationally… still haven't quite figured out what I want to do but this video was really interesting! I'm looking forward to the next one!

  11. The education system in the Netherlands sounds fantastic by the way. So much more put together than US.

  12. i moved here in august to study my MSc in amsterdam 🙂 but i live in the hague – with parents (sarcastic yay :P)

  13. I mostly follow English Channels, so it would be strange to make videos in another language, I think. But thank you 🙂

  14. How can I follow your blog with blogger? I don't find any subcribe button thingy that's usually there and I don't use RSS Feed.

  15. I am really excited to be studying Spanish as a minor next year, but I wish language study in the US were more about the literature and history of the language. Usually in the US (or at least where I looked) you focus mainly on learning to speak the language unless you are a major or getting your Master's. I think it's probably also because a lot fewer US kids learn two languages growing up.

  16. Leuk om te zien want ik ben bijna klaar met mn Bachelor Engels aan de VU. Ik twijfel nog enorm over een Master maar de deadline voor inschrijving is op de meeste universiteiten al volgende week. Ik zou het heel handig vinden om je mening te horen over je master vertalen. Hopelijk kan het me nog helpen met mn beslissing! Groetjess

  17. Interesting. I thought you'd have opted to learn British rather than American English though, since your attachment was to this country rather than the States. Having said that, i am a fan of American English myself although I am English.

  18. I did learn British English for 3 years in high school and 2 years at university, but I automatically changed while studying in America. It sounded weird and 'fake' for me to have a British accent and it's easy to slip into an American one (and of course it helped me blend in).

  19. Your course sounds so interesting!

    The degree system sounds similar (though not exactly the same) to the one in the UK – a lot of uni's here (though not all) have a modular system where you choose a subject for your degree and then complete compulsory and optional modules which relate to the subject.

    But it can be flexible – decide you don't like the degree and it can be possible to transfer completed modules to a new (similar) degree at the same uni or at a different one.

  20. Right, not a criticism BTW, just interesting. Do British and American English seem equally "non-Dutch" to you or is one less unlike your mother tongue? Also, thanks a lot for the Great Gatsby review – shared it with my daughter, who's about to read it for college.

  21. Thanks for the vid, it was VERY interesting to compare the education systems in different countries, so would you please make a more detailed video about the Netherlands system? I feel like it's a little bit like in Russia, but also better thought-out if you know what I mean… Ours is stupid sometimes.
    But I also study languages at the Uni now and I have some of the subjects you were talking about. Though my medieval language was French. A mixture of French, German and Scandinavian… fun 🙂

  22. I just started to fill out my application at leiden university and read that you have to pay a fee of 100 euros just to apply, when you are not even sure they are going to let you in -.-

  23. I'm moving to the Netherlands to study at Tilburg university in like a couple of months. And I already feel its the best decision I've ever made! 🙂 Btw I was majoring in linguistics as well during my bachelor years and we had a whole bunch of weird subjects like Ancient Greek philology and the history of Vulgar Latin D:

  24. Ik weet niet of je deze vraag al hebt gekregen/beantwoord, maar ben je gewoon naar London afgereisd, zonder mensen die je daar kende en daar je eigen leven begonnen en sociale netwerk uitgebouwd? 🙂

  25. Shoot that sounds so awesome. I wish I could spend my college years learning the stuff you've learned. Ugh.

  26. Wooot!

    Sounds awesome! I'm studying Linguistics but I will be taking most of my courses in the ELC department when I come to Leiden next year.

    Are all the Dutch students as fluent in English as you? I had planned to offer proof-reading in exchange for Dutch lessons but it doesn't sound like Dutch students need much help with their English.

  27. This was really interesting! I wrote my final A – Level English Literature essay on The Lady of Shalott! I pretty much did a feminist analysis of it, focusing on symbolism and metaphor!!!

  28. Thankfully it wasn't so hard to understand for me because here in my country (Chile) the education system is not very much different. After watching this video several times I've finally decided to study English. Thanks! xx

  29. hi Sanne! I'm from Venezuela, i also studied English here in my country, thanks to you i have become a dutch fan, btw i'm learning dutch currentlymotivated by ur videos, HEEL ERG BEDANKT, hugs.

  30. "There isn't any fun in getting something done" – But when I watch your videos I want to finally.. really just finish some book! Every single book that I've started reading and never finished. 🙂

  31. Your english is perfect! How did you get this accent? Did you practice or is it something that came naturally?

  32. I don't think anyone can have an accent that comes naturally! I practiced at school and university and then just started speaking English quite a lot.

  33. I really like that in the Netherlands you can choose to study only one language. In Belgium, you have to pick two. I chose French and Italian, and I actually ended up only liking Swedish.

  34. Dat is onmogelijk om in te schatten! Dat heeft te maken met hoe goed je bent in solliciteren, of je stage gaat lopen, hoeveel connecties je hebt en wat je doet in je vrije tijd (hobbies die je extra vaardigheden geven) etc!

  35. Hello , I'm currently attending community college and working towards my associates degree. I am interested in going to school in the Netherlands for a degree history. Do you have any tips or advice for me?

  36. I had no idea English wasn't your first language, you sound so natural, so that was an excellent course you did! Love your videos 😀

  37. I am an English major in Chinese University of Hong Kong and i have many courses that are required by the university that i have to take, such as General Education(both for university and for my college),Chinese,I.T. and P.E. 

  38. I am currently in my 3rd year of high school in Romania [we don't get to choose] and I am a bit rusty on my grammar. And what I mean with that is- if you ask me to put a sentence or a phrase at a certain tense I cannot do it, I have to look it up and what not, but I'd say I am pretty good at English and I don't really make mistakes when I am talking or writing. Now, I was wondering if grammar, as exemplified above, will be a big problem for me if I decide to go to the same University you went to. Also, I have a bit of a problem with talking in front of people. Will that be a problem as well? Thanks for the time, I'd love to hear from you! oh and your videos are awesome! never stop making them 😉 
    -Lexi xx

  39. (totally pausing the video and commenting everything you say) so basically you don't study british/american history as an english major??? I WISH IT WAS THE SAME IN FRANCE!! I mean it's always good and interesting to know about the history of a country in details but it gets really exhausting on the long run… damn I'm going to apply to erasmus in the netherlands

  40. I want to study English and German (I'm from Spain), and I don't know if there's any course that offers the possibility of studying both languages. And I'm a little bit shy, it's difficult for me to speak in front of people, specially if I have to speak in English… Do you think that it would be difficult for me to study languages? Some people say that I'm too shy. Thank you for the video, it's really useful:)

  41. I always loved the idea of studying English, but I ended up doing my degree in Education. 🙂 I only finished a few weeks ago and it was so broad, leaving things pretty open for me to perhaps do a MA in English and then become an English lecturer! <3 Loved my degree all the same as it included psychology, philosophy etc! And I got to write my research thesis on a topic related to YouTube which was extremely interesting & fun! X

  42. hi hope ur ok .so i'm an english student as well and i really wanted to ask u about is what is the best way to study literature since it became my speciality.so thnk u 4 these amazing videos

  43. Hey! I didn't find anything on their website, but do you have any idea what level of english do you need for studying there?

  44. I'm trying to get in to the Pre-University College at Leiden. I hope I get in 🙂 I went to the open day today and I loved it there. I was very interested in Molecular Science & Technology.

  45. Hi, I am a law lecturer in an Irish college. I really wanted to say that your series of videos is truly excellent and must be a huge help to people wondering what and how to study. I am of Dutch ancestry (my grandfather is from Haarlem) and love going to the Netherlands on holiday, so its great to hear you speaking so highly about the Netherlands education system. Keep up the good work.

  46. Eigenlijk wat je hier uitlegt vind ik niet echt kloppen. (Als je het over mbo had) een opleiding van 4 jaar hoeft niet altijd praktisch te zijn. Eigenlijk zelfs als je aan mbo'ers vraagt wat ze doen, antwoordden ze iets niet-praktisch. En vele opleidingen geven niet alleen het vak wat je studeert, maar ook andere 'standaard' dingen. Geen haat ofzo maar gewoon een tip dat je de volgende keer het iets beter kan checken allemaal 😉 Of ik begrijp het natuurlijk helemaal verkeerd haha

  47. $2,000 a year?
    Alright, that's it, I'm putting my puppy and my Harry Potter books in my suitcase and I'm moving.

  48. Gosh! I'm an English student too! Well, sort of, because I just graduated early this year. The subjects that u learnt, I know what ur talking about for I learnt them too. High five! 🙂 I'm from Malaysia and English is our second language not foreign language. However, not all Malaysians can speak/write (or whatever from those 4 skills) English fluently.

  49. Hello, I know that this video was filmed a long time ago but I was just wondering if your course was taught in English or Dutch. In your video you say that foreign students needn't worry but on the university website the course "English language and culture" is listed as mostly Dutch? Sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you!

  50. I don't know whether you've answered this already, but why did you study abroad in your second year? Is that the standard year to study abroad? It's a bit strange to me becuase I'm studying English in Groningen and most people go away in the third year!

  51. Greetings..
    Dear miss booksandquills
    I am from Iraq to wear well. He holds a scholarship to the Netherlands. Leiden University .. possible to know the language course at the university because of the grant conditions that enter the language course within the university .. Regards

  52. i would love to see how you explain middelbare school in a video
    btw, i think the better word for middelbare school isnt high school but secondary (the english way)
    beasue in america highschools aren't from 12-16/18 like in the nl

  53. I just found your channel so I am a bit confused… are you American/English or Duch????
    Your English (the accent) is impeccable ! I guess you had to be growing up in the USA…?

  54. Take it easy Sanne, or you'll have a burnout.
    Brian Fenwick from Oosterbeek. – well meaning former Brit, now Dutch.

  55. Hi, is there someone from Bristol, Northumbria, King's College or College London universities that could help me pick the modules for the third year, term 2 of English Literature, please?

  56. Do you just have to pass your a-levels to get into uni or do you have to have a certain grade? 🙈

  57. Hey, if anyone is looking for a Canadian university perspective feel free to message me or follow me on Instagram/twitter @justinebanszky
    I am doing a dual major, one in English lit, the other in Anthropology. I am planning on doing my masters as well.

  58. I have no university experience at 39. but I know al the things you are telling. Ik am understanding everything you say in a second. no classes and no lyngguistis (Xwrong) I know.
    I am a poet and writer and a strange person.


  59. The description of the Dutch Universities isn't entirely correct though. I'm studying Liberal Arts & Sciences at University College in Utrecht, which is fairly similar to the American system. It mostly depends on the university and study I guess

  60. hey there you are so sweet. CanI ask you somethıng actually I ask for an advıce now I lıve ın Turkey and I want to study law in Holland I vısıted VU and UVA but I was lookıng a unıversıty that I can study englısh but they said that you study only dutch in that unversıtıes here ıs the problem ı was born ın Amsterdam so I can speak dutch but ıt ıs not enough so now I thınk to learn dutch for a year what do you thınk everybody says that in leiden it is really diffucult to study englısh ıt ıs really hıgh standard so now I dont know what to do should İ learn dutch or do you thınk that I can handle the englısh

  61. It's so funny that I just found this video now since I'll be going to Leiden University for a semester next year!
    Maybe we'll get a chance to chat at SitC? I'd love to know more about your thoughts on the publishing seminars (that's what I'm doing)…

  62. Wow, that was weird! I was doing some research on the Leiden University English department's website for a translation job and there was this video! Did you actually do this video in combination with Leiden or did they ask you if they could use it?

  63. Hi ! your video is very interesting ! I live in Colombia, South America. I picked up French as my major and we just do that. I like it a lot 'cause we study grmmar, phonetics, linguistics, and we have a minor in education. I hope I can go to an european university one day. 🙂 Great videos.Keep up with the good work.

  64. In Italy there are also different tracks and high school but even tho in some of them called " lyceum " you will probably study a little bit more, all of them last 5 years and give you the possiblity to go to university. And I think it's a very good idea because when you choose you High school you're still too young to now what you wanna do in your future. For example you might think that you want to be a chef but then you probably would like to go to university … Personal experience

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