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  1. I am also Edinburgh born and bred, and am starting my PhD in English Lit at Edinburgh Uni in September. Very much looking forward to it, but yet scared at the same time!

  2. I'm in Aberdeenshire and I got my BSc at RGU in Aberdeen, and I am going to start an MSc at RGU again! I was at other unis as well, but RGU was the best uni for me. All the ancient Scottish unis do MAs ~ Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and St Andrews. I did uni down south, and the courses down south is much more narrow than the courses up here.

  3. i'm hoping to go there after school!! just hoping my highers go well all i need is ABBB to do archaeology and just build up a good personal statement. I've been wanting to go ever since i was a kid so i'd be a bit disappointed if i didn't get in…. anyways this video really encouraged me

  4. This was really interesting, as I went to Edinburgh and dropped out during my first year (not to put anyone off!)…I personally found the breadth of study expected for the first two years really difficult, as I was studying English Literature and there was only one module for it that I could take in the first term (amounting to only about a third of my studies) which turned out not to suit me at all. It was such a shame because Edinburgh is such an amazing city and I had high aspirations for my years there. Unfortunately, it just wasn't meant to be and I reapplied elsewhere and am now finishing my second year in Exeter. Thank you for making this video, though – I have since regarded all things Edinburgh University with caution, and it was so lovely and refreshing to see someone with such a positive take on it!

  5. out of interest, how are you finding ancient Greek? I'm in 1st year at glasgow uni and I'm doing it and finding it very difficult haha

  6. I'm so procrastinating right now :/ I have an Ancient Greek exam tomorrow and I'm so screwed. Damn you aorist!

  7. This is so fascinating. Its amazing how the education system can be so different from person to person (as it should be). Really enjoyed hearing about your path. What do you ultimately want to do once your studies are over and what has been your favorite thing you have done at school?

  8. We must have been there at the same time 🙂 I graduated 2 years ago in Archaeology, classic library was great! It's also worth arriving early in the city before semesters start for the Fringe Festival

  9. Really enjoyed this video! I did my BA in English and Classical Studies, and now I'm in a PhD program for Early American Lit. Out of curiosity, which field do you specialize in in your PhD program? I know you're studying literature, but are your interests more specific? I study a lot of women's writing of the long eighteenth century.

  10. I'm going to university in a year and a half if everything goes well and living in a French-speaking country, I wanted to go to an English-speaking country to study.
    Scotland is a country I love so the university of Edinburgh has been in my mind for a while so this video is so helpful 🙂

  11. Fellow Edinburgh alumni here – graduated in German and English Literature last year! I actually did Classics (Greek History) as my outside course in first year – really enjoyed it, and I definitely agree that the Classics department is fantastic at Edinburgh!

  12. This came at the perfect time Jean, I currently have offers from Edinburgh and Cambridge to do an LLM/ Master of Laws so while it does still depend on the grades I get in forthcoming exams there is definitely a chance I'll be starting at Edinburgh come September so it was great to hear about your experience. Also there are now postgraduate loans in Scotland specifically for Scottish and Irish students so far as I know but they are to a maximum value of £5000 so that's less than half of the tuition fee in my case. Interestingly, the Scottish government also pay tuition fees for the undergraduate Irish students and there's a similar thing here that's been going for 60/70 years so it'll be interesting to see what Brexit does to that.

  13. Do you think you could explain what the divinity study is? I googled it and I am pretty sure we dont have that degree in Austria. Its not theology, right?

  14. What are you going to do when you finish your degree? Do you have a job in mind that would revolve around classics and your area of study? 🙂

  15. I will be attending this Fall and would love some recommendations as to places that are good for daytrips, if I ever get the free time. 🙂

  16. I'm midway through my MSc in Medieval Literatures at Edinburgh. It's interdisciplinary and I love it. The tutors are amazing, the city is beautiful, and I miss it. (I'm taking a break for my health, but I'm returning in January 2018!)

  17. Just accepted my offer to Ed U. Can you talk about scholarships and or bursaries for Internationals, please. Thank you!

  18. I just visited Scotland and saw the University of Edinburgh! It's a beautiful place and I bought a sweatshirt in the store on campus 🙂

  19. As someone who will be a mature student when he starts University I'm quite curious how old your dad was when he went to Edinburgh. If that's not too personal.

  20. I'm an A Level student looking to apply for English Language next year. Edinburgh is my dream uni, but I'm worried about acceptance rates. I got an A* in English Lang GCSE and I'm predicted an A at A Level currently. Do you think I have much of a chance getting in? I hear acceptance can be really dodgy.

  21. I'm thinking of going to Edinburgh to study medicine. do you know what it's like studying medicine there or have any friends that studied medicine?

  22. @Jean Bookishthoughts
    or Anyone else who might be willing to help me;
    I live in the USA and I would love to attend a University in Scotland, focusing on History and Archaeology. I've started the online application process with UCAS, but I have a ton of questions that I would love to talk to someone about. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  23. Hello Jean, thanks for the video! I found it really helpful. May I ask whether studying a postgraduate degree in English education at University of Edinburgh a good choice? And is there anything I should pay attention regarding the application? Since I 'm now at my final year for the undergraduate degree in international journalism here in Hong Kong, I 'm planning to file an application shortly. Thank you so much and I hope to see your reply. It means a lot to me!

  24. I may only be in year 9,but we had a 'careers fair' where people came in representing different universities, and I'm really interested in the university of Edinburgh, it seems really nice, I like the Art, English literature and Scandinavian studies courses

  25. Hey, I'm applying for MSC international relations, what do think this subject in Edinburgh? And there's a horse riding club? As I heard that from one of my friends who just went there.

  26. Hi! I love your video! It includes so much details! I would like to apply as a visiting student next semester, but i was wondering if it's worth to spend so much since the tuitiin fee is high as 8600 pounds as well as the living cost isn't cheap, either. Can you give me some advice:)

  27. I have spend 9 year at the uni without any diploma. it's a disaster.. and i'm 26 years old. At the end i will not find a work here in Morocco and i am afraid share my disaster university experience !! );
    Now i need just to finish the last chapter of my thesis in Italian so i can graduate.

  28. You're really intelligent and cute if i might add :), the different fields of human and world history, including the arts have always fascinated me. And Scotland as a country always interested me. Great video. All the best. 🙂 J-U.

  29. Hello I am International girl who is living in the UK already so I want to ask you if I want to study aerospace engineering at Edinburgh University. Somebody told me that it's free! It is true?

  30. Edinburgh uni usually take like four year to graduate the course as undergraduate. So, I have got uncondtional from International mamagement. Is there have a plenty of opportunities for easter, summer working internship?,even if it does not have placement courses And the school r they really going to support and care for students in cases of the carrer prospects?

  31. hello I am interested to speak in English so as to improve .If anyone who are having expertise in it(Students or teacher s )It would be great.Topics of discussions would be of social work , history or stories etc

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