Study Mechatronics and Robotics at the University of Leeds

Robots are going to be an
increasingly big part of our lives and so there will be an increasing need
for people who understand robotics. Mechatronics and Robotics, it’s a unique mix of Mechanical
and Electrical Engineering that I haven’t seen elsewhere. It’s just so cross-disciplinary, there’s
not really a lot you don’t touch on, which I think is really great and you don’t
get that from a lot of engineering courses. From day one you’re building robots, you’re putting it all into practice, you do a lot of practical work. The benefit is, you can know which side
you want to be more focused on later and also they both help with robotics, so that’s why I think this course is great. It’s really good to have both sides
of mechanical and electronic, a lot of employers these days really
want people who can do both sides of it. Being able to design and build any
kind of robotic systems and just seeing a robot being built from scratch and coming into life is very
exciting to watch happen. This is a programme that is trying to
give students efficient mastery of Electronics, Mechanical Engineering and Computing. They’ve got all the equipment that you need and then they give you all the
support that they can provide. We have a wide variety of
state-of-the-art scientific facilities, an assortment of high-end manufacturing equipment, five axis milling machines, a water jet guided laser cutter. We have a mechanical workshop, a variety of 3D printers, we’ve also just introduced a really
exciting new module on 3D printing. The University is so friendly overall, I really like that fact that it’s a campus university, everything’s all in one place, but also all the societies and everything are fantastic. A few years ago a group of Mechatronics students set up a new society called Shock Soc. We started an event this year
called Robot Fighting League and in that event we get to build our own robots and make them fight each other. This is where we get to use
whatever we have learned so far and put into practice without
any help from academic resources. All of our degrees are offered in a variant
which includes a full year in industry, it’s quite common for those students to end up ultimately getting a graduate job
with the same company. The School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
is one of the best in the country. It’s a great course and it’s a great Uni, and put them both together and
it’s just such a great experience. We offer one of the best teaching
experiences in the country. Mechatronics is the future of engineering.

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  1. i have a bachelors in civil engineering am i eligible for the msc program also i have masters in computer architecture (on realizing my passion)…

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