73 Replies to “Should I Go To College? Gary Vaynerchuk and Casey Neistat Discuss Pros and Cons”

  1. You and Casey had great points. I feel that most college students are in college because they feel that society has a "ready-to-be-used success-kit" that will be given to them if they have $200.000 diploma.

    The main issue is that college doesn't teach practical knowledge that can be instantly implemented outside of class. In business class for example they don't teach us how find a mentor, network effectively or (the most important part) teaches us anything about social media.

    More and more of my friends are learning outside of class through books, blogs, podcasts, seminars and videos on Youtube because it teaches us PRACTICAL skills. It is pretty fucked up when we pay so much for higher-education already.

    To be honest, I trust you more than my teachers when it comes to business. The only difference is that your information is free and that I won't have paper saying "diploma" if I sit and listen to you for 60 hours.

    Thank you Gary for throwing so many jabs and inspiring us by being a kick-ass person 🙂

    Keep up the hustle!

  2. If you find out what you're passionate about and realize that you're shit at it, finding a close 2nd and spending your life pursuing that is f***ing stupid. Gary, your favourite word is "Hustle" — there's your answer. If you're a shit painter, hustle and become an amazing painter. Settling for spending your life on something you're not completely passionate about is f***ing dumb. Neither of you were great at what you did when you started out, you became great because you worked at it for YEARS. Much respect for both of you guys by the way, I've gotten a ton of value from both of your content.

  3. My cousins are thinking about college and it got me thinking about my time in art college. I've been on the fence whether or not it was a worthy investment or a waste of $150k. The bonus of art school was that every day you were forced to hone your craft and every class was centered around that. Had I done it all over again I think I just would've found someone's work I really liked and said hey I'll give you 50k.. teach me everything. I learned a lot of theory and technique in college and zero real world how to actually live as an artist. I had a girlfriend in college who went to a UC system college, 90% of her classes were so big you could've audited them, learned the info and no one would've noticed.

  4. Before i even watch this i want to take a min to say this. I am astounded that you hang out with Casey – i have often watched your stuff and i am at ends as all i do is hustle…. i literally live in a cave…. i doubt your success method is true … if it is i will be stoked as i do the hustle for love of life…
    That doesn't make me perfect or what not…
    Point of conversation.You hang with Neistate. He enjoys life … you reflect the people you are around.Therfore i respect your business model of hustel, don't settle, aim for the stars & live a full life chasing dream goals.Because that is adventure.
    If it works we have yet to see!

  5. I'm 20 and earn more than most adults, START YOUR OWN BUSINESS! Whether you go to college or not, start your own business, do creative things, do you what you love and the money will come. DON'T be lazy though!

  6. I dunno is collage is necessary for a career in art. I applied to film schools but never got into a single one of them! So instead of going to university, I took all my college funds and made a feature film. I wrote, directed, produced and edited it when I was 19! And making that film I feel taught me way more than sitting in class would have taught me. 😬

  7. Damn, I didn't know that Americans gaining a loan in college. I am so lucky having an opportunity to get free education

  8. can't believe that I missed this one ☝️ I am 40 was fired for no reason of my own when early 30s was unemployed went back to school graduated with honors and ended up $50,000 in debt

  9. Fuck school I hate it and I am in school just to not disappoint my parents I want to be an entrepreneur and I already have a project, but I can't start it because I am stuck in school.

  10. college is a stressful decision. I don't think its meant for everyone. Figuring out what to do is hard for everyone even with a college education.

  11. College happened to be a very positive experience for me, both academically and personally. I haven't found a job in my field yet but I'm still very recent graduate so there's still time. I am in a shit ton of debt but I knew that going in. I don't think starting my own business would have been good for me but I love hearing their opinions because I have a lot of admiration for these two.

  12. GV is a snake oil salesmen, that by the way, is college educated. He makes his money by telling other people they to "can do it" with hard work. Nothing defined, just vague references to get people to attend his latest seminar. He teaming with another obnoxious "internet star" Casey makes perfect sense. They are selling "their secret formula" to make you rich. They are no different that a Tony Robbins but for the social media crowd. Listen to these nitwits at your own peril .

  13. im now in college cuz my parents can pay for it n its embarrasing to have a son who dont have a degree n also my dean is fucking convincing fml

  14. hello , I am in grade 11th . school is not right for me . I 'm at the point to figure out my passion is . any body realize your passion yet? Give me some advice .
    thanks you.

  15. @garyvee , sir you have worked with many tech. Persons who own a company.
    Do you believe that they would hire a person without college degree?

  16. People who are passionate about something where they have no talent are delusional and need help finding reality. Passions come from our strengths. If we are good at something, we do it more and more – refining it until it becomes a true talent. If we suck at something we eventually stop. Realizing it's pointless to punish ourselves always using our weaknesses. Developing our strengths into talents does take the "hustle" Gary talks about, there's no effortless track to success.

    The American Idol example Gary mentions is the perfect case. Delusional out of tune singers are not passionate about SINGING they're passionate about being FAMOUS which is an outcome and not a real passion. Someone passionate about basketball who is 5' 2" and not athletic needs to be refocused. How can you use your strengths in a basketball career? Working for an NBA team in marketing is one way to do it. Your immersed in the game you love using your strengths.

    When we use our strengths doing what we are most passionate about we can find both success and happiness.

  17. Wow, THANK YOU. This cleared up sooo much of my resistance and confusion about wether or not to go to college. In 5 minutes you erased years of resistance. This is spot on!

  18. Hey everyone, I really need your help.

    I am at a breaking point with college and want to drop out because I feel like it's a waste of time for me.

    Below I describe my situation and want your opinion on what you think I should do.

    I'm a junior in college. I was just admitted into the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University – a pretty respectable school. I have a 3.6 GPA, am involved in the marketing and entrepreneurship club and know that I want to become an entrepreneur.

    I am a self-improvement junkie like most of you and will not stop even when I get financial freedom and success.

    I have worked 4 jobs – some of which were 45-50 hours a week. I have a certification I got through the internship I worked last summer that allows me to be an air monitor at environmental consulting firms (they pay at least 12$/hr).

    I started a drop shipping business on eBay and made $175 in a month (off of 600$ in revenue) selling phone cases but had to quit due to time constraints. I've also had some success (a few hundred dollars) in flipping thrift store items which I also quit due to time constraints and logistics.

    I've tried starting a shopify drop shipping store which didn't work out so well because I was focusing on the front end sales instead of the back end, but have since learned from my mistakes.

    I have a decent understanding of how to do email marketing, Facebook advertising, use Google Adsense, pay for Instagram and Facebook shout outs, how to write well (for blog articles and such), how to do SEO, how to build a great looking square space website and shopify website, retargeting, etc.

    I'm also getting certified as a personal trainer (will be in the next month) and know a lot about fitness and nutrition. I look pretty athletic and occasionally friends will ask me for fitness and nutrition advice. I'm planning on starting private training once I'm certified.

    I have about $2,500 in my bank account, am in no student loan debt (parents are paying for school), and have my apartment paid for the next 10 months (parents are paying for it). I also have a car, except if I drop out my parents will definitely take it. I have a bus pass and a bike though so I would be fine. (Yeah I know, born with a silver spoon)

    I'm only going to school because I'm really fucking scared.

    I'm scared because my parents and my siblings (both the same age at universities) literally worship college and are certain it's the only way to be financially successful in life. So if I drop out I believe (I am almost certain) they will harass me and cut me off completely.

    I still really want to drop out but I'm really freaked out about what they'll do and how they'll feel when I tell them I want to. Keep in mind that I have been going to school for 2 years already and that they've spent around $60k on me.

    I know how to interview, have a good resume, a nice suit, and am a pretty good communicator. I'm also pretty disciplined – I wake up at 5-6am every day, workout 4-5 days a week, and eat clean. Right now, I have a job as a service center representative at my school – pays $8.90/hr.

    Do you guys think it would be a good idea to drop out given my situation? If so why? If not, why stay in school?

  19. Great talk in this video. If I'm able to gain one of the tuition scholarships that I've applied for, I will definitely be taking the "hack" approach, paving my way through college in order to learn certain skills, but mainly for networking.

  20. Why ask two guys who didn't go to college to talk about college?

    It's interesting what they have to say but adding someone to the discussion who went(like maybe their cameraman) would maybe add to the discussion.

    I did go to college and actually cant really add to the discussion. Neistat got it right on. Actually, when you have a field of interest like law, arts, biology…you get to work on specific parts of that field and that makes you understand two things: what you are good at and what you love doing!

  21. I agree that college is a good option if you are sure that’s the route you want to go. Also if you’re stuck or in the middle, college is a steep investment for not knowing. Tough call but I’m all about working for at least 1 year after high school to learn more about yourself and test and see what you like.

  22. These thing that were talked about ,I wonder if it's the same out side the US.. Apart from the things like "college can help you find your passion" and stuffs . Going for a job interview with a college/ University education background on paper is really a need to get a job right.. Cuz then there is competition, sure they might take you u in cuz you got more experience and time specializing on something out side College or Uni(external situations) while those ppl in college /Uni were spending there time on internal situations. But it's not Guaranteed that the one with More exp. will get the job over a guy with a Uni certificate.. But that's what divides' us and makes us go to Uni. To increase chances.

  23. Most people are simply ignoring the numbers when it comes to college education. Universities love to throw around this statistic: the average college grad makes $1.3m more in their lifetimes than the average high-school grad. Sounds great, right? Sign me up.

    Not so fast.

    Keep in mind you paid at least $80,000 for that education (assuming you attended a public four-year college), and it took you four years of your life. It took you another 43 years of labor to earn that $1.3m. If, instead, you stayed at home with mom and dad and worked at McDonald's, made good use of Mickey Dee's supersized 401k matching program (300% up to the first 1% of your pay, then 100% for the next 4%), and maxed out your 401k, you'd have $112k at the ripe young age of 22. And $16k in savings. Anyone who knows the power of compounding can probably guess where this is going.

    $112k at the market average of 10% for the next 43 years, when you retire at 65 with NO MORE CONTRIBUTIONS TO YOUR 401K:

    $6.7 million. For four years at McDonald's. I call it the McSacrifice Plan for Financial Wellness.

    Adjusted for inflation, it's about $3m. Still more than twice as financially sensible than college.

    I wrote a post about it on my blog, Brave New Blockchain. It's called "The Financial Idiocy of Attending College."

  24. College is big chance Find yourself and Find your passion about life I agree with that and I think education is really important for personal development.draw your way and continuoud that

  25. This is so true, I study over 3 different university and I never finished, cuz I don't have any money, don't have car, my problems of health, my problems financial, problems with the teacher, my problems of my house. Is a really struggling thing to go to collage. I'm just trying to do what I love that's is photography and I just promoted my self on Facebook, Instagram and my contacts, is really hard, right now I am so broke literally, that I think sold my stuff to do something else but I invest on my equipment to do photography so I'm going to do my passion that it is photography it is so hard but I'm still working on. Thanks for the video and I'm sucks on Collage!!!

  26. College is too expensive and not practical for people to change their fields of interest .. although the average student changes their degree what.. 4 times I believe?
    Go to college for you, not for anyone else. Go if what you want to do REQUIRES it, and look objectively.
    Otherwise.. find a mentor or a company In that field, work for them for free, and kill it

  27. I'm a senior in high school living in germany and I want to be a filmmaker in hollywood. I have always been a huge enemy of film schools because I always had the opinion that art can't be taught. However, living on the other side of the planet I don't really have a chance of "getting my foot into the door", by moving to LA and working my way up, like Quentin Tarantino and so on. So as long as I don't have a green card or visa, I have to find another way of getting into the american film industry. One way is to be an intern, but internships are more or less only available for college students. I could also make some short or feature films in germany and than send them to hollywood. But I think my actual chances for a future as a director and screenwriter in hollywood are way higher when I just pay those college fees of 10k dollars and study there for 2 years

  28. this guys are idiots … 95 percent of millionaires and billionaires are collage graduates .. anyways you want to be rich add me in fb German Alexander Barrera i will show you what this assholes don't want you to know 😎

  29. I was pressured into going to college by my father. I am still to this day pressure into going back to college by him. I was one of the sort of lucky ones. I didn't have to go to college by taking out a loan. I also went to a community college. I did however spend about $10,000 of my own money that I inherited from deceased relatives. I wish that I spent that money on starting my photography business instead of just spending it on college. Sure I found my current Girl Friend in college that I have been with going on 3 years and a great group of friends that really support me and I support them as well. I just feel like when I figured out that it wasn't for me in my first semester after I met all of these amazing people. I feel like I should have just stuck with my gut and forgot about what my dad was pushing onto me. Right now I'm working on getting out of my dad's house to get my own apartment with my girlfriend and maybe a roommate. I am a school bus driver at 22. I started school bus driving when I turned 21 because it was the only job that actually hired me that I had applied for. I'm feeling great and I feel like I am on the right path. I'm turning 23 this year and I am working on filing for an LLC for mine and my girlfriends Photography Business. I would really appreciate a reply from somebody on this comment that I wrote. Thanks… #garyvaynerchuk #garyvee

  30. I think than in most cases if you don't want to have a job that NEEDS a degree then don't go to college. So many more options out there that will give you much more experience and skills, like travelling, getting a job or even an internship.

  31. I agree. Kids need to know or find out what they want. There are still careers which require going through academic process (take health sciences, for example – nursing, medicine, etc.) because also they are mandated by law to be board passers or graduates for them to pursue that dream. But for others, will and dedication and just going for it with or without a college degree, will work.

  32. I agree with their points but getting an education if u truly have a drive for is not expensive. For example u have community college where then u can transfer to a 4 years college. And there are multiple and I mean MULTIPLE of unCLAIMED MONEY that if u have the grades you can go to school for free. Also there is Fafsa which gives u money to go to college. Btw I’m a junior in college haven’t spend a DIME. Just ends up being how motivated you are

  33. Its easy to be successful without college and say it isnt worth it, and its easy to be successful with college and say it is worth it. In my opinion it all comes down to lady luck, and being able to back up your shit. Year by year people are caring less and less about a degree, and more and more about what you can bring to the table.

  34. Whatta perspective Casey have..! Go to college with $200000 debt… To find out your passion… What the heck…!
    Give me $2000 dollar.. I will built a business …

  35. Yea my dad is really pressuring me to go to university for something HE thinks would be good for me, but I'm more interested in ecommerce, day trading, flipping stuff, entrepreneurial things in general. I don't see spending 4 years learning things readily available online is worth it

  36. I'm a computer science freshman. My college took a spare amount of time to only teach me how to print the "Hello world!". That scares the shit out of me.

  37. SCREW COLLEGE. I ALMOST dropped out of HIGH SCHOOL mid-way as I was already making $4500 per month net profit from importing and selling watches. I had the WORST GPA of my entire cohort and the WORST GPA ever achieved by a student in my school's 16 years history. My classmates hated me for I was always terrible with project work and I would often outsource my school work to virtual assistants while I worked on my business/investments.

    With that said, I hit seven figures in CASH net worth (pure cash net profit, not those fancy real estate net worth with high leverage which gets added into your net worth calculation nor seven figures in gross revenue which many business owners/ecom guys like to do). I hit seven figures CASH when I was 21 years old. No college for me.

    Formal education will make you a living. (which is very debatable with the current economic situation). Self-education will make you a fortune.

    If you would like to discover how I achieved seven figures CASH by 21. My channel shows how it is done. Plenty of money making videos.

  38. Do you think college is necessary for success? Im thinking of dropping out of college to pursue what i really want in life, which is building a brand using the internet. Im currently a 4th year engineering student in the philippines, and for me, im just waisting time, effort, and money when i go to school five times a week. I wanna start building a brand right away, but my time is limited due to school requirements, so i could only do so much. What do you guys think?

  39. So true but College was important to me for a different reason. I was very proud of myself for graduating from college since most of my family didn’t even get a high school diploma.

  40. Gary V disagreed with him why did he continue to act like they had the same point. Spending 40k on college to figure out your passion without an opportunity to declare bankruptcy is straight retarded. I'm angry that Casey has recommended the just about worst option to the youth an impressionable people watching this. Read or listen to "rich dad poor dad" by Robert Kiyosaki. He opens your mind on what you should really do with your life.

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