Shell Graduate Programme: Why should I join Shell?

I work with great people. Working on
multi-million pound projects. A challenging,
a volatile, exciting industry. You’re part of something that’s
important, moving, evolving. You’re taking to governments
about their energy needs and how they’ll provide energy
for citizens. We create a fuel that’s
burning cleaner, has fewer emissions and that’s key to making
a society with fewer CO2 emissions. You’ve got fantastic exposure
to some of the real critical issues going on in the energy industry
right now. We all know the challenges facing
not just oil and gas companies but energy companies in general. I wanted to be part
of working out that solution. Right now I’m working on a project
which is to do with carbon capture, which is a big deal,
because as an energy company, I feel we should be contributing
and we should be looking into ways of making the ways we produce energy
nowadays even more sustainable. My projects are interesting, my colleagues are
so friendly and supportive and I see myself developing
every day. I get the opportunity
to come up with ideas. Sometimes they get executed,
sometimes they don’t. People value me for that. Delivering your goals in Shell
requires a multi-discipline approach and also a commercial mindset, so I’m regularly working
in teams of various sizes, and thinking beyond the technical
is a must. You get the opportunity
to move around, see different parts of the business,
apply your knowledge in those areas. And if you look
at some of our senior managers, and look at their careers in Shell,
they’ve tried these things out, and I don’t think a lot of companies
let you do that. When I started, I knew nothing
about reservoir engineering, which is what I do now. Yet within a year,
I was working on key projects. If you don’t want to be
inside Engineering all your life, you can go to Commercial, or you
can do a Finance or Marketing role. You can go everywhere you want. Only it’s up to you
to take those opportunities and to determine
what you value the most.

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  1. Umm… Niger Delta? In the Midwestern Region of Nigeria? Sorry Richard, BUT I AM FROM THAT REGION! And even though I live in the UK, my parents still live there in Delta state of Nigeria and every one there knows that these stories of Shell did this, shell did that are soooo highly exaggerated it is quite disturbing. And WHY the stories of the very corrupt Nigerian govt and their own oil corporations doing even worse if u ask me to their own people is not making any news here in the West

  2. We will never know, but the people of Niger delta in Nigeria know and should admit the truth to themselves, their govt HAS A LOT to play in its destruction too.

  3. Wow… the people working at Shell are very good-looking gents & ladies. subhanallah… But, too bad I don't see much Media/Arts related field in the Shell industry. I studied Communications, and I don't think I stand a chance working in this industry anymore. considering that there is no media/communications department or Vacancy.

  4. Haha, their are do desperate to get engeenier. Because no engeenier wants to study how to make the world a better place and then destroy it.

  5. Shell is a good place to practice engineering quite alright, I was once opportune to had access to these training during my industrial training days with NAPIMS. It was a nice time visiting 9 major facilities across land operation 1 of Shell operations but the challenges remain, the employment process is hard as our politicians here in Nigeria never consider integrity in anything they do (am sorry for this statement but one just has to say the hard and bitter truth). As a Mechanical and Maritime Engineer, I have a lot research in the energy sector and need an energy company to make this easy to achieve.

  6. Assalamu Alaykum. Today i have able apply in the most highly competitive and challenging environment in the ground of job opportunity. need your collective prayers, may we be among the successful candidate.

  7. Assalaam alaykum warahmatullah. Fellow human beings, your prayers & well wishes are seriously needed by me. Do observe it. Bissalaaam.

  8. I wish and hope to work with shell to increase my skills, technology, education and career in life by supporting the world energy strategical activities and plans.

  9. Hi everyone!

    As a Shell graduate myself, I decided to share my journey from the day I applied for the Assessed Internship to receiving an offer and joining the company on the Commercial Graduate Scheme slightly more than 1,5 years ago! I tried to capture every single aspect of the application process, life at shell, insights and tips to succeed, perks and benefits and many more. Hope you find my video educational, helpful and motivational.

    Please access it below:

    Enjoy and let me know if you have any more questions! Happy to assist and ensure your application is successful.

  10. curse bravo Charlie! Curse Alpha key programmers! Curse spaws! Curse SS, poison yourself! curse the poweful, the merciful, the six sigma court! you murdered my family! I work in shell before, and now I have skiezophrenia! curse SS! curse Aswig, Aswhite, Regus, continental tire technologies, SAp, ON! curse friends of five! suffer more than I suffered! curse R. companies! curse P family!

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