Senior Entrance – MT20 – University of Michigan Musical Theatre

I am so pleased to introduce the Class of 2020! Lights up on 24 bright new baby Wolverines, Y’all got in! Can we welcome them to the Walgreen? Take a breath, those audition days are past. We’re all here to raise a glass
To our brand new freshman class! We’re MT20 and we’re graduating come next spring. We swear we sing, though we started with this rapping thing. Each September we are blessed with some fly kids From all around the country who are comin’ hungry To the single greatest little addy in the U.S. 1226 Murfin! They’re burstin’,
Yearnin’ for all this learnin’! And beyond that, this ain’t just a school, it’s the Michigan Mafia. Goddamn, ya’ll betta get lit for that! Aye! Here in the Towsley’s where it all goes down, Despite its tendency to kinda swallow all your sound. We betta step it up and take some hits, ‘Cuz we’re about to land some actions right here on all these new admits. We know you freshmen, you might all be insta-famous, But just like the other classes, you’ll have moments that are heinous. You’re prob’ly thinkin’, “Somebody pinch me,
I never thought that I’d get my degree from-” MICHIGAN! I grab my tights and start the day. Ron ignites
As he corrects my grand jete. MICHIGAN! You won’t see sun again ’til may.
(No Sun ’til May) Just one school
Making the midwest way more gay. MICHIGAN! We fight the gray with blue and maize. It reminds us that we slay a two show day. (UMich M.T., we are not stoppin’!) MICHIGAN! Everyday, we wish we could stay! Until the day we go from summer stock to stock options Michigan,
We’ve got today. And today’s all we got,
So we cannot stop, this is our block! Michigan! We hang the flag up on display. It reminds us we’ll be home on Broadway
(MT 20’s on Broadway). Michigan,
No there is not a simple day. And Showcase is not far away. But as for graduation you guys you just gotta keep watching. You’ll see the late nights,
you’ll kick face and belt. The shows and cabarets,
I ain’t gonna say it twice. Turn up the stage lights,
We’re taking a flight To a couple of years in the life of what it’s like
As UMich MT’s. And now, MT20 in their rendition of: The College Audition Tango Pace CCM Syracuse Elon Carnegie Michigan Pace, CCM, Syracuse, Elon, Carnegie, Michigan College auditions,
College auditions, Capezios and clean 16s. Give them my headshot,
Slate for the panel, Today I’m singing “Astonishing”. Pace, CCM, Syracuse, Elon, Carnegie, Michigan I got the email in March;
Waitlisted. I took it hard. I contemplated quitting the industry. I contemplated getting a pet reindeer! But then Dean Hoffman called “You got in!” She said. I was overjoyed, but petrified. Would I fit in? But then I remembered, I was a waitlist kid, but so was… SIMON LONGNIGHT I got the call call call call call! I got accepted!
I got accepted! Bought my dance belt on amazon I’ll never wear it. But if you wear it,
You’ll have a better rapport with Ron. I got accepted!
I got accepted! Dean Hoffman left me a voicemail. Tuition’s crazy,
Winters are brutal, But on Broadway they all say hail. GO BLUE! Welcome dear freshmen, listen close. You did it, you made it, you’re here! Of course you’re all good, but you’re here to improve And learn theory and voice and Shakespeare. If you listen well you’ll be pros on the stage. With these brilliant professors, we’re in the – GOLDEN AGE. Welcome all to Michigan! It feels like you’ve already been
Here in our family. But since you kids are new here,
We’d love to be your tutor And introduce you to the faculty. First the queen of Michigan,
Linda dances with a grin. She’s got a secret
Like Fosse’s always saying. And who is that there playing?
It’s Tyler Driskill slaying on the keys. Welcome all to Michigan,
Where they’re all here for you. Wait, where is Mark Madama? Wait, he’s having some car drama. When he’s back he’ll help us lose the Sophomore stare. – It’s true. And with our friend Jason Debord, rocking out and playing chords, They help us out of sophomore year despair. –Thank you! But wait, do I see Lisa? Yes, our favorite Ballerina Doing pirouettes and singing Disney songs. – She’s so cool! And hey, right there it’s Ron! – Dude, make sure your phone’s not on – But we swear he’s been a softie all along. – Ron you rule! Now let’s learn some music theory from some gorgeous Broadway beauties. Cynthia is almost back from Newfoundland – Kiss the fish! And there’s brilliant Catherine Walker – Yeah get ready she’s a talker – But she always knows just how to lead a band. Sarah Randazzo (woo)! She taps, you follow (woo)! And Chelsea Packard (woo)!
And Ann Evans Watson! They help us belt with good health.
They teach us well. And the reason that we’re here, Brent Wagner’s the bomb,
The true history wiz, Without him this whole program wouldn’t exist! He’s incredible, Unforgettable, He’s just so freakin’ awesome! Wagner! And last but not least! We love him, we love him, we love him, we love him! His plays are so brilliant,
His writing’s first rate, His teaching’s incredible! Isn’t he great? (We love him!) Vince Cardinal! Welcome home to Michigan! We’re here up in this bitch again, Here in Ann Arbor. And now that you’ve all met them, get ready to respect them. They’re always on your side and that’s for sure. Welcome home to Michigan, Where they’re all here for you. Midnight, I hear snoring and wheezing From my roommate who’s sleeping Resonant, lying prone. In my phone’s light, I see stink bugs collect at my feet. Guess I don’t feel so alone. Why does Rotvig always smell? I missed the morning MBus. These eggs are runny,
Someone stole my laundry, And I’m all out of Blue Bucks! BURSLEY! Home to all SMTD! There’s a sweet kind of safety
Living here in the trees. As the leaves turn, I’m learning what it means to find hoMe With my family of MTs. Daddy always said I should go and play baseball. That’s what he said, that’s what he said. When I got in, he informed my family that this could be my very last chance! And though there’s no time to play When you sing and dance all day Getting a BFA, I humored him. I’ve never been to a game or a tailgate. Jesus, the Big House is far! Frat boys and beer bong don’t really wow me, But Patterson plays like a star! So baseball guy, I guess I’ll never be. But even so, Rain or snow, You’ll still find me Up a steep and very narrow stairway, As the Jumbotron loudly drones. Up a steep and very narrow stairway, It’s almost paradise! The halftime show is nice! Can’t beat the student price! This is our hoMe. Everything is beautiful at the game day! Burly men all dressed in Maize and Blue! Yes everything is beautiful at the game day! At the game day! I was happy. I was freezing. I was blackout. At the game day. You know what friends do?
They’ve got your back whenever you are down. Woah woah woah! When you fall out of your pirouette,
Or your voice makes that weird sound. Woah woah woah! What you need’s a party where you can get lit – At 328! – but we miss 504 we’ll admit. So it’s time to let loose
And this here’s your excuse – to step out! And I hear sushi is performing at it! A michigan party, A party that ends with Justin and Benj on your couch (Hi Justin!) A michigan party,
Everybody attends! Where the Mean Girls wanna buy you pizza house! So come on freshmen, see what we’re talkin’ about! A michigan party, it that Darren criss? No it can’t be, I thought he was here last week? A michigan party,
Getting sloppy with friends and feeling safe is what makes this place unique! It’s a Michigan party! A party that ends with people turned up on the street! A Michigan party! Now the new year begins at the University that can’t be beat! How to get to north campus, now? You have to take the long way down To Glenn and Catherine, with no street lights, To the 3am bus, it’s the last of the night. You’re all alone, better use the map Conveniently located on the Michigan app. Don’t look back – and dude, run fast! I think it just departed! Wait for me,
I’m coming! (Please wait!) I’m coming with you! (I thought the bus was running late!) Wait for me,
I’m coming, I’m coming too! I’m coming wait for me, wait! I got lost in the basement (I have class at eight!). My phone’s on three percent and
(Wait,) It started raining! Made it to Angelo’s (Wait, ah ah ah!), But I see the bus doors close! Don’t tell me I’m alone, I’m coming (coming, coming, coming)! I got to Bursley Hall as a freshman, By welcome week I’d missed the bus four times. I’d never thought to ask myself the question, Is Bursley Hall really hall worth the climb? Dude have you seen South Quad? The taco bar’s insane! Plus the Power Center’s a quick walk. I just can’t wait to move down here with luxury and space, And 20 of us all on the same block! Everything’s up to date on Central Campus. They’ve gone about as far as they can go. Kerrytown is cute and quaint with everything you need, Except for that they never plow the snow. Things are not so bad there at the Walgreen, You’ve got your friends and family by your side. Vince is there if ever you need candy or advice. I go to Ugo’s once a day, and sometimes I go thrice. The lady who works at Panda Express is really really nice! Oh, central’s great – but North is our true home! No, central’s great – but North is our true home! Guys, guys, guys! It doesn’t matter where we are. We are the very model of a modern messy Michigander, Turning up and throwing ass at every major MT banger. Breaking into practice rooms and belting out a Gershwin standard, Hoping that our questions on the UPROD season will be answered. Senior year’s upon us, time to get that good alumni smolder. Join the ranks of Gavin Creel and Broadway’s Celia Keenan-Bolger. Growing sure and steady time to show the world we’re ready, ‘Cuz we are the very models of BFAs you’re looking for. We’re your Michigan Seniors. [Party Barbie]
Catch me serving a look, dancing the night away! [Hot Disco Nun]
I go out Saturday night, and then pray the next day. [Turn Up Turn Out]
My grand jete will make you all drop dead. [Cooking and Booking]
After ballet, let’s go make some banana bread, [Plays and Playlists]
Or discuss plays with me instead. [Miss MT Mom]
Catch me picking out my class color scheme, [Beyoncé]
And me living out my pop diva dreams. 2020! Here we go again! Freshmen , we can’t wait to meet ya! 2020! Soon it all begins. New York, we can’t wait to reach ya! [Necto Dancer]
My moves are always poppin’! [Choreo Queen]
Move over Jerry Robbins! We’re here! [singtothewild]
And I’ve got that Broadway glow! 2020! But before you go, We’ve still got some folks that you should know! [Sweet and Spicy]
I may seem really sweet, but I know how to shade! [SongSmith]
Let me tell you about all the songs that I’ve made! [BlackBoyJoy]
I love to smile! Folks say it’s real bright! [Southern Beau]
Mama taught me you can never be too polite. [Singing Diplomat]
Long as you don’t infringe on my rights! [Crazy Uncle Garrett]
I’d dance in flip flops if I had it my way. [Meglahtron]
While I go catch up on my animes. [Good Vibes Thicc Thighs]
People say that my toe touch really floats. [Shattering Glass (Ceilings)]
Now I’ve learned to really use my high notes. [Italian Stallion]
Let’s eat ravioli and lift some weights. Guys, I’m finally going to graduate! 2020! Nearly time to go! One year left for you to get to know- 2020! Man, we’ve really grown! One year ‘til we’re in a Broadway show! It’s August again, We’re back in the towsley. North Campus is empty, It’s already too cold. But here in these halls, It’s felt like an instant. Three years gone by, Only one more to go. Suddenly seniors,
Our times almost ended. It feels like tomorrow, We’ll have freshman ballet (9 AM!). Suddenly seniors, But we’ll always remember Our Michigan family When we’ve gone away. Showcase is coming.
God, please don’t start. Buonopane’s descending to help us book the part. Our websites are running, Broadway Briefing’s on tap. We say that we’re ready, But we just need a nap! Suddenly seniors, No time to squander. We’re finally getting Priority reg (registration!). Ted Ely’s coming To take all our headshots (looking cute)! So with your blessing, we’re ready to go! Let’s go! Because we’ll always have Umich MT, We’ll always have the Wolverines To hold us up as we go on. We always can wear blue and maize To show we can really kick face. Thanks Linda, Lisa, and Ron. Looking back at these three years, How much it’s meant to represent. Stories of laughing,
Of milestone surpassing,
and singing and acting And everyone talks about Brent. I just wanna hold on. Years of inventing,
Of Kerrytown renting, And learning to love This dear beautiful place In a million ways. We’ll always carry on in our heart In our heart, in our art! Our Michigan! Out there come what may, Nothing’s in our way! We will always say Hail! Go Blue!

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  1. after the first song I was like MAN THESE GUYS ARE AWESOME! !! ! then they keep going ?!!! then I realised this video is 23 MINUTES LONG?

  2. i literally have no plan on going to michigan, or even if im going to do MT as a major,,, but this made me go through a roller coaster of emotions


  4. I feel happy and sad while watching this. I want to do this so bad but I know I have no chance. My voice is nothing and my dancing is lack luster. Also there are no musical theatre education opportunities where I live

  5. I’m from England, I’m 28 and I graduated university 5 years ago…. I didn’t understand some of the references – inside jokes probably. But the YouTube algorithm did good, I loved this hahaha!

  6. My brother is in the audience. He’s in the freshman class. All the way on the left in the second row bright red hair. Congrats John I miss you.

  7. This is amazing I already have suddenly seniors stuck in my head but it’s odd cause it switches in my head from Seymour to seniors haha🤣

  8. 3:49 finding out he’s been cast as Kristoff in the upcoming tour of frozen the musical helped me make so much more sense of this line & their reactions😂😂

  9. I don’t get almost any of these references. I can’t sing. I don’t like to dance. I don’t know anyone who has gone to Michigan. But I do think this is awesome.

  10. after my super sleuth skills on YouTube I’ve almost figured out everyone’s nicknames on the back of their jerseys
    If they have an *. next to their nickname I haven’t found it yet

    party barbie: *
    Hot disco nun: Nina white
    Turn up turn out: (possibly) Emma ashford
    Cooking and booking: *
    Plays and playlist: *
    Miss mt mom: *
    Beyoncé: *
    Nectar dancer: Devon McCleskey
    Choreo queen: maya alman
    Singtothewild: *
    Sweet and Spicy: *
    songsmith: Jacob Ryan Smith
    BlackBoyJoy: *
    Southern Beau: *
    Singing Dipolmat: *
    Crazy Uncle Garret: Garret Forrestal
    Meglahtron: lauryn hobbs
    Good Vibes Thicc Thighs: commodore primous
    Shattering glass (ceilings) possibly Alexandra berube
    Italian Stallion: Hugh Entrekin

    so basically I’ve been watching this everyday and even tho I have no interest in studying musical theatre, this shit SLAPS, so I was reading the description and could clearly put two and two together that maya and Devon’s nicknames would have something to do with dancing. “Songsmith” at first I thought it was cus he may have sounded like Sam Smith, but NO! It’s Jacob Ryan SMITH. Crazy Uncle garret is self explanatory. This is where shit got tricky. On Jacob Ryan Smith’s YouTube was a clip of Emma Ashford and Nina White singing (props to you girlies, and who else agrees that Nina’s belting is a out of this world) after finding two more cast members, I went and searched each name on YouTube because as theatre majors I’d assume they’d have a showcase performance, which some did, such as Hugh, Lauryn, and Alexandra.
    Updates to come to see if I can find any other names
    Great job to ALL of you in the video, your passion shines and I can’t wait to see you all on Broadway one day!

  11. I'm from the Philippines and currently on my last semester as a senior high school student. I'll be going to college soon and their are many suggestions to me on what should i take. . I'm a pretty good speaker so my grandma says i should be a teacher, my mom wants a lawyer. . my aunt says i should consider psychology or tourism. but after seeing this and heard songs inspired from my favorite musicals, I already know my true passion. I decided I would take theater arts. . thank you guys for inspiring me. <3

  12. Me:*watches this* mom!
    Mom:wut do u need?
    mom: u cant even wash the dishes and u want to go there?

  13. do I plan on going to michigan when I graduate? it's on my list, but not super high, so no
    is my mother an msu graduate who always said she'd hate me if I went to michigan? yes
    did I still enjoy every second of this? heck yes

  14. Check out their Holiday Album

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    The freshman who's chilling in the audience and randomly sees this: … O.O

  16. This video just spat in my face and told me my college is shit. I’m gonna go cry now.

    In all seriousness this was astounding!!

  17. TFW when you know and love enough Broadway to have a shit eating grin as you watch this…but NOT enough Broadway knowledge to know the shows/songs that your ear definitely recognizes. LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Now I have to watch all the past years ones lol – a boring Psych/Philosophy major that graduated from UC Davis

  18. yessss go blue
    we love our musical theatre classmates, yall are so talented
    ill be sticking with film but we love and appreciate you

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