100 Replies to “Sen. Rand Paul introduces proposal to pay down college debt with retirement savings”

  1. also, how about we as a society stop telling our kids that going to Yale is the only way to be successful, learn a trade, that is where the real job stability comes from.

  2. Well that's stupid . Why not just pass a bill making colleges cut their tuition cost in half or no federal funds . And quit offering useless degrees that will never make decent living .

  3. How about allowing the amortization of the debt over a persons lifetime, enabling an individual the opportunity to deduct both the full amount of the interest paid per year, as well as the amortized amount for the year. After all, is not the choice of going to college a business decision?

  4. Nah, just cancel the debt, and never guarantee money to those loonybins ever again, everyone wins as the Antifa training centers collapse.

  5. Your debt estimates are alittle off what about us that don't live on credit. Why do I have any obligation to pay back a national debt that they say personally I owe which I don't seeing as tho I have no voice as to how the money is spent let alone a debt I had no hand in creating

  6. Maybe we should hire some legbreakers to collect these debts…sure would teach these youngsters some real world lessons. Don't take the loans if you can't pay them back. Bring back debtor's prisons is another option.

  7. This is assuming those borrowing from money they haven't made yet will make enough to pay it back in the future. Isn't this like robbing peter to pay paul? And when they have nothing to retire on, who foots that bill? Who gets stuck with their debt when they can't pay? The government doesn't need to get more involved with college tuition costs and debt. They need to get less involved. That's one of the main reasons tuition costs have gotten so expensive…the government got involved in the 1st place.

  8. Colleges have increased the rates where they are now not affordable to most Americans. In 1973 my tuition was about $16 per credit hour at the U of Texas, Arlington. That was about 3+1/2hrs of work per credit hour at most jobs,unless you worked in the lowest paying jobs in retail or fast food. Anyone could afford a college education.
    The cost of college education is at criminal rates today. Forget about student loans, the colleges should lower the rates to a reasonable cost.

  9. Save your retirement $$$$ you are going to need it. The stock market is doing so well right it would be smart to let that 401k money grow.

  10. Before the Dept of Education (Thanks to DEMOCRAT CARTER) a student could work PART TIME and pay for college, apartment and take a vacation EVERY YEAR!

  11. Now it’s a choice but in a few years it will be mandatory. KEEP YOUR FILTHY THIEVING GOVERNMENT HANDS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. So.. children and grand children are going to pressure, or cause guilt..whether intended or not, to those who would live on even less retirement funds.

  13. Hey Rand, people can't pay their student loan because they don't make enough so what makes you think they have savings or a 401k? You're dreaming. I needed every cent. It didn't matter if my employer pitched in. Retirement was along way off. Find some other way. There are billionaires out there that could help a lot.

  14. No! The liberals have put students and parents in this corrupt vice! It was a scam on the people from the beginning! Enough of this corrupt mess! We are prepared to take out these thugs. This is part of the war!

  15. Trump can discharge millions of dollars in debt in bankruptcy but I can’t discharge my $50k student loan in my bankruptcy? That really makes a lot of sense…funny how that only became a law in 1997 huh.

  16. What needs to happen is end the federal guarantees for the loans, put the debt back on the university’s. These universities have billon dollar endowments and are using this system to earn interest. If a student defaults on a student loan and the university has to assume the debt that would end all these fake degrees tomorrow, it would probably end affirmative action and would bring the cost of education back in line with reality.

  17. They took the loan and signed for it they own or tell the college to stick it college is over rated we People with a trade besides they brain wash the students.

  18. You shouldn't be putting a lot of money in a 401K if you got a lot of Education debt anyway… Put the money into your college debt, pay it off, then jam that 401K like crazy after that.

  19. What about the Treasury buying all the outstanding student loan debt and recalculate payments using a 1% per annum interest rate. Students shouldn't be left off the hook. They knew or should have known what they were signing.

  20. Stop foreign workers visa….The market will balance by itself….
    Let the new graduates get jobs….
    Something is wrong somewhere with the "United Nation of America" immigration system n their education system…..
    Lower n lower the standard by letting lest smart educators to teach the kids…..In one generation, you can produce endless dumb adults….Ha…Ha…Ha…..
    Nobody cares bcs the adults are dumb themselves……
    So easy to take down a mighty nation from within…..Just make the people dumb…….
    Make them scare of words more than any weapons available……
    Attack them psychologically….
    Attack the brain……The most powerful weapons is the one that affect the mind…..You know …..
    "Over my dead body" type of tough cookies is a threat to a tyranny govmt……
    Turn the kids into softies….Better if they confused about their gender….Ha…Ha…Ha……
    Welcome to the confused land of united nation of America…….

  21. So, during the 4 years I was an undergrad tuition went up 40% while inflation may have went up a total of 10% over those same years. Nothing on campus changed, at least anything that would benefit student education. The administration received yearly high raises and some shocking benefits. They figured out there was no limit to tuition as long as the student loan mafia was throwing money at the gullible. I actually felt like I was being extorted by the tuition increases…what can you do, just quit halfway through your degree program?

  22. Barack Obozo's the one that had the mass expansion in federal student loans with no collateral or credit checks involved and no surprise, debt more than doubled because of his BRILLIANT leadership.
    Everyone and their crackhead brother in generation selfie saw an opportunity to dodge adult life for a few more years and abused the system.

  23. Stop paying the owners of colleges and coaches millions a year and reduce the COST of college then more people would be able to attend without going into debt to line the pockets of the administration!

  24. These young people need to wake up and stop going into such insane debt. There are other options. Go to a smaller school, a junior college. Work a year, go to school a year. My spouse worked 2 jobs in summer to pay for the next year. I know that's not feasible now with tuition as high as it is but I would not go into life-crushing debt. There's got to be a better way.

  25. How about requiring personal finance in high school. It’s just as important as ANY other subject. 🤷🏻‍♂️They put these kids in debt before they even know how to write out a check.

  26. Hell with crappy liberal art degree debt. How about paying down small business debt for business owners with 5 or more employees? Help someone who actually contributes to economy rather than parasite students,

  27. I know lots of young people who financed their lifestyle as well as college, and didn’t work at all. Heck, one of my friends used her student loan for breast augmentation! Another friend felt like going to an out of state college (not ivy!). He completed 1 1/2 yrs
    and as a result is 40,000 in debt now. Hasn’t made a payment towards it in 20 years. And I, who worked my way thru college, should pay for that. There are real situations, don’t get me wrong.

  28. I would be sad to take my Moms retirement to pay my college specially with how unstable people are in politics right now sounds bad!

  29. I can't believe Mr. Paul but I have a better idea, what about taking it from SES Congress people. They have more money in their retirement accounts.

  30. This is a bad idea. How are we supposed to retire if everything we’re saving up is to go to college debt? This is becoming a never ending cycle of payments.

  31. How about the colleges stop all the bullsht over priced nonsense they force the children to pay for, like classes that are useless & have nothjjng to do with the field they are studying, or total bullsht degrees like Liberal Arts!!!! Or total garbage classes like " intro tomsocial situations" or " social constructs" or " art appreciation" or…..well, you get the idea!!! A liberal arts degree is about as useful as toilet paper ( actually toilet paper is very useful unlike that bullsht degree) or should i say is only good for use as toilet paper!!! How about stop over charging for books and making students spend money on them. How about actually going to,school all year long AND STOP ALL THE DAYS OFF!!! IN REALITY, TEACHERS ONLY WORK 181 DAYS PER YEAR!!!! College is nothing but a business and all about turning a profit!!!!

  32. Just make it so, all student loan debt is tax free. If you owe $20,000 and decided to pay $8,000 one year all $8,000 could be tax deductible (not just the interest) and it can be stacked on top of the "standard deduction" in essence this would allow for the best most enticing way to have borrowers pay off the debt asap.

  33. Fix the system. This leaves a Brocken system in tact. The interest is usury. It is impossible to ever pay off the loans and interest rates are outrageous. I now owe more than double what I borrowed. Payments are for interest only until the excess interest gets paid which it never will be unless I win the lottery – not likely.

  34. Why were they so eager to bail out the banks to the tune of several trillion dollars, even giving money to banks that did not need the money just to hide those who did, but not those who got hoodwinked with student loan debt?

  35. Instead of using retirement funds to pay them off, allow contributions to retirement funds count as paying off the debt. I.e. forgive the amount contributed so long as it stays in the account at least 10 years. Also means test. Income over 100k… Not deductible.

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