Sanctuary Group Graduate Development programme

So I’ve been with Sanctuary for nine years
now, and one of the key reasons I’ve stayed is just because as an
organisation, we’re constantly changing and evolving. You can have a corporate
career with your own ambitions, and you can achieve those, but it is a non-profit,
and you don’t have to compromise on that. You can wake up in the morning knowing
your working for an organisation that’s doing good. We are not-for-profit which
means that we have a really good kind of charitable core to what we do, but we
also operate commercially and we understand the importance of being
commercial and delivering value for money, and it just gives it a really
interesting kind of tension and quite a unique culture and I don’t think I’d
find that same culture anywhere else. I’m in my third placement now, so you get so
much variety and there’s not time to get bored – you are trying something new,
you know not only every six months but every few weeks you’ll engage in
something that you never thought you’d have a chance to try. The recruitment process was really
amazing, in the sense that Sanctuary makes you feel comfortable throughout.
The first few weeks of my induction have been really intense but immensely
enjoyable as well. I’ve traveled extensively and I’ve met most of the directors at Sanctuary. So I’d like to go into enterprise
architecture, and this is where there is a problem in a business area and you can
help solve that problem using new technology. So my first placement is in the portfolio management office and this is where all the demands for technology
come from different parts of the business. I wanted to work for an
organisation with a really strong social purpose, where I felt like I could really
contribute to making a difference in people’s lives.
So I spent two years on the program, and I worked across lots of different areas of
Sanctuary, right from kind of more corporate functions, through to kind of
frontline stuff. Sanctuary have also supported me in terms of
professional qualifications as well. I felt that the culture at Sanctuary also
was really for me it was a real benefit and it was unparalleled elsewhere.

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