Saeed Abedini – Liberty University Convocation

>>DAVID NASSER: I think sometimes you go
through the circumstances of a day and you think, wow there’s a plan B, but you realize
that all along that God really had a plan A. And long before we knew that there were
going to be changes that God had ordained this particular moment for us to be able to
do something very different that I think is going be life changing not just for the people
in this room, but I really believe life changing for those even outside of this room that we
want to pray God will impact through this particular morning. We found out just through the grapevine that
one of our own students, ZeeZee, was having her brother come visit her and, and when we
found out about the fact that ZeeZee was having a bit of a family reunion here in Lynchburg
we knew that her brother was going to be with us in town already. Her brother happens to
be globally known as a pastor who for years and years spent time in prison in Iran as
a man who would simply not bow down, all right, or give up his faith in an effort to be released
from prison. Pastor Saeed Abedini has for years and years been for us an example, right,
a testimony of what it looks like where in a world that we live in that’s hostile so
many times to our faith. People find themselves on the receiving end of this very reality
called persecution. Today there are 160,000 people, 160,000 people, our brothers and our
sisters in Christ, who are the persecuted church who will be martyred for their faith
in this very moment. Literally thousands and thousands of brothers and sisters just like
pastor Saeed are in prison today. He’s been released, but there are people just like him
who have not been released. In the continent of– I just got this for you. In North Korea
alone 70,000, 70,000 brothers and sisters are imprisoned right now, today because of
their faith. And so I think he’s a voice for them, but he’s also just the voice for just
what it looks like to be flawed but at the same time in your life it’s certainly not
perfect but at the same time and just passionate about God and to walk into a place where all
you’re doing is doing what God called you, and then you see that a part of that is that
you go through persecution. We found out that pastor Saeed was going to
be released at a prison about a month and a half ago we all saw that on, you know, global
news and we immediately wanted to have him come speak here but he wisely decided that
he was going to take a break from speaking he was going to really take a time to get
his footings back as he was released from prison go work on his marriage, go work on
his being around his kids again, and just to gather his thoughts after years and years
of imprisonment. And so we wanted to respect that, but we found out yesterday he was in
town, and we’re not having him speak today. We just thought since he’s here why don’t
we do what we sometimes do when we have people that come into our space and just pray for
him. You know how we always when we do interviews ask that very last question that we think
is the most important? You know that question, right? We always ask different questions,
and then our last question is “how can we pray for you?” This is really today. Today
we’re not really having a time where a man’s going to come and speak we have a brother
in Christ who happens to be in town, and we just really have one question. It’ll have
a few parts to that question just so we can know what’s going on and how we can pray for
him. And so it’ll feel a little bit like an interview, but there’s really one question
with a part A, B, and C in that we want him to tell you, for some of you who don’t know,
who he is, what he’s been through, how God used him, and then most importantly how we
can come alongside of our brother, all right, and his family in this particular moment.
And we want to think beyond him and who he represents today- again our brothers and sisters
all around the world who are being persecuted. And so we’re going to spend a few minutes
with him getting really one big prayer request. We’re going to pray for him. We’re going to
pray for his family, and then we’re going to pray for the persecuted church. We’re going
to pray for the work of the Gospel- not just in this city, not just in this state, not
just in America. We’re going to pray for awakening and revival throughout the edges of the world
including the 10/40 window, right? And so we’re going to get to do that today. And so
let’s just kind of embrace this moment right, and thank the Lord in His sovereignty, even
though we thought that Sammy was going to be the one, that really well we’re going to
get to spend a few minutes with pastor Saeed in and grab in one big fat prayer request
from him. We do want to show you a little bit of video.
His wife, Naghmeh, was with us actually a few years ago when he was in prison pleading
with us to come alongside of them in prayer, and there’s some video of that. There’s some
video of President Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast talking about Pastor Saeed, and
some newsreels. We’re going to show that to you, and then we’ll spend a few minutes with
this is brother in Christ, and then we’ll spend a good bit of time in the end going
after God together all right, in bended knee. Let’s watch this together. [Video]>>NAGHEMEH ABEDINI: Good morning. It’s great
to be here. As you know my husband, Saeed Abedini is serving an eight-year sentence
in Iran’s notorious Evin Prison which is one of the worst prisons actually in the world.
He’s been asked and tortured to deny his Christian faith and returned to Islam.>>BARAK OBAMA: Last year we prayed together
for pastor Saeed Abedini. Our country has not forgotten brothers, Saeed. We’re doing
everything we can to bring home. Then I received an extraordinary letter from Pastor Abedini.
And Pastor Abedini wrote, “Nothing is more valuable to the body of Christ then to see
how the Lord is in control and moves ahead of countries and leadership through united
prayer.”>>NAGHEMEH ABEDINI: He stood strong in that
prison. He’s led many, many, over 30 people to Christ in that prison. The kids and I desperately
want him back, but we’re proud that over us he’s chosen Christ. Even over coming back
to us he’s chosen to stand up for his faith, and not only sign up for his faith, but to
proclaim the gospel in that dark prison.>>BARAK OBAMA: And he closed letter by describing
himself as prisoner for Christ, who is proud to be part of this great nation, the United
States of America, that cares for religious freedom around the world.>>NEWS ANCHOR: Pastor Abedini who has been
held in Iran since 2012 has been released. There was an enormous push on congress and
The White House to act on his behalf it’s taking an awful long time but this morning
it looks like this Christian pastor, sitting right there, pastor Abedini has released from
custody in Iran.>>NASSER: Welcome home.>>SAEED ABEDINI: Thank you. Good morning,
Liberty University. I’m so thankful that you have me here. As a witness of the strength
of power of the pray, we can see that no government, no official, no power can stop the power of
the pray of church. So today I stand. Today I’m here as a witness to show the power of
pray and send a message to governments such as Iran government, North Korea, and China.
We can send them the message that they can do anything with the churches, and persecuted
churches are alive, and nothing can put them down. And blood of the martyrs is the seed
of the churches and every time that they push us back, church arise, yet united, and we
see the glory of God in it. Thank you and God bless you.>>NASSER: Amen. Pastor Saeed, I think we
would love to hear if you could just go back how you became a believer there in an unlikely
place like Iran. How did you come to Christ how did your family come to Christ? Can you
give us a little bit of your story?>>ABEDINI: Sure. I grew up in a very strong
Muslim family. Actually, my mom Bebe she’s relative to Prophet Muhammad. So I always
be a very strong Muslim. When I was 14 years old, you know, I sign up in Hezbollah group
to attack Israel, so I always be in prayer, the Mosque, and fasting, and reading the Quran,
and I was once a good strong Muslim and please God. But to be honest with you guys every
time that I try then try I didn’t have eternal peace in my heart. And I tried to kill myself.
I got the bad depression, and when I was just twenty years old I just tried to kill myself,
and in that time I went to a church in Iran, Assemblies of God church, it was a legal church
there, and they just actually shut down. The government shut it down six months after I
got arrested. The pastor told me Jesus is Lord and I was like, what? Jesus is Lord.
Jesus as a prophet. So I made a decision to kill that pastor before I kill myself. And
the same night when I was just going from the church walking all the way to the house,
to my parents’ house, I was very confused. Muslims believe that Islam is the most complete
this religion in the world, but why I don’t have peace in my heart? And the Christian
they said Jesus is Lord they made a human a Lord and worship him which I can’t accept
that. So I was very confused, very sad, about you know the situation that I’m in it. And
the whole way I was just crying walking to my parents’ house and when I arrived to
my room I remember as a first time I just kneel down and started like a normal prayer,
not like at a Mosque. And I got Bible in one of my hand around in their hands, and Quran
in one of my hand and I just kneel down and start crying Lord please show me which one
is true. I’m confused. Both of them they said we are true, and both of them have millions
and billions of people following, and I’m just 20 years old and I don’t know the reality
of you. Just show me. And I was very tired and I slept, and the same night, after I had
slept, a voice woke me up and called my name. “Saeed, Saeed, I’m coming back soon. Go preach
my Gospel.” And I woke up, look around, no one was in the room, and I went to sleep again.
And two hours after that the voice woke me up again. “Saeed, I’m coming back soon. Go
to preach my Gospel.” I woke up and I said I got psycho. Maybe I need to go to psych,
I say. So I made a decision. Tomorrow I go to the psychiatrists, and then I went back
to sleep.and so, and then I went back to sleep, but the third time a heard a huge voice woke
me up, and shake the walls. I woke up. It’s like a bomb shaking the walls, and I woke
up, and the voice, very strong, say to me: “Saeed I’m coming back soon. Go preach my
Gospel.” And I saw a huge light in the room that I couldn’t see inside the light. And
my buddy was shaking, my tee shirt in a second just get wet, and I was so scared. And at
the first time in my life I felt this strong heavy presence of Lord, and I couldn’t handle
that. So I just want to escape from that prison. I couldn’t handle it. I said amen, and when
I said amen I could look at the light and saw Jesus went through the mountain in front
of my room window, which Evin prison was under it. I went there as a prisoner for Christ
later. And I fell down like a dead person, and I went back to sleep. And the day after
that I was someone else. There was no hate in my life, and it was very clear how God
in human can be in one place in one person as Jesus Christ, as the Lord and Savior. So
all my questions was answered, so I turned to Christ.>>NASSSER: So Pastor Saeed, that’s how God
saved you, but you just mentioned the prison you just spent years in. How did you end up
in your prison? So alter your conversion, how did that calling on your life play out?>>ABEDINI: The day after I got that command
from our Lord I just start obeying him. I never went to Bible school, and actually until
that time I never read my Bible, and so I just went to street to parks, university,
and start sharing Gospel with everyone that I saw, and nothing happened. No one believed
me. I’ve been threatened, I’ve been beaten, and no fruit. And so I just came back to pray,
Lord you told me to go, but no one believed me. This is a Muslim country. They believe
they have everything. They knew you, and Holy Spirit put in my heart: “Don’t give up. Keep
continue.” So I just obey, went to street, talked to people, and after months I sat with
two or three people that turned to Christ. So we’ve got a very small church, gathered
together, start Bible study. We didn’t have a place. My dad found out I became Christian,
he just kick me out from house. Now he’s here; he’s a Christian. I remember I just put my
put my Bible under my tee shirt that he doesn’t see I’m going to pray, that he doesn’t see
I’m reading Bible. And then we went to park and start praying, for a year, til 12 at night
til 7 in the morning that God’s Kingdom come to Iran. We have just four, five young people.
No future actually, no university, no money, no place to gather, nothing, but I just remember
that verse in Bible: Seek the Kingdom of God, and all we be added to you. So we just make
a decision together. We are in the hardest country for preaching the Gospel. We don’t
have anything. We have been not connected with so many church. We were just alone. But
we said, we’re going to put God first. We trust in God’s word. This is a promise of
God, and if we just work on it, I believe God’s going to bring the result and fruit.
So for a year, from 12:00 at night til 7 in the morning we just start praying in the park-
in winter, in spring, in summer, and just we continue praying and praying hours each
night. And then I saw the churches was just exploding, increasing, 5 turned to 50, 500
to 5,000. And Now no one can number it. When I was in prison I had the chance to go to
the private hospital and so I could see some of the Iranian people that they came and they
recognized me, because my story was in voice of America, Persia, lot’s in Iran. And then
we start talking, and then I find that they know me, and then we continue talking with
each other, and I found out Christian. And then we start continuing my talking with them
I found out that they been in my churches as a 4, 5 generation after I left Iran. So
it’s just all over Iran, so I start 30 hundred house churches in 30 cities, and as the church
was increasing I got problem with Iran government. So the arrested me. They took me to prison
and court so many times. This time that I have been arrested was the 10th time that
I had got arrested, and so the story of preaching, prison, preaching, prison was starting in
my life.>>NASSER: Over 100 churches you planted?
When I first heard of you, the accusation was you had actually started a Christian school,
so not just Christian churches that you were planting, but you were beginning Christian
education as well, and you would go in prison, get out, go in. And then obviously all the
sudden you were there for- you had an eight-year sentence right? Can you tell us a little bit
about that?>>ABEDINI: The first time that they arrested
me they tried to put pressure on my to deny my faith. That was maybe 14, 13 years ago,
and then after torturing me psychologically and putting me to jail they decided that doesn’t
work, so that’s the power of faith. You can see that Satan goes a step back when you stand
firm in your faith, and then when they saw it doesn’t work, they start just stopping
everything that I’m starting. You know I start just training pastor, leaders for the house
churches, so they tell me, okay. Now you are Christian. For us you are dead. You never
be saved; you never go to heaven. You killed yourself, and we can’t change you. They declared
that, you know, but just don’t change this Muslim to Christianity. They always use the
word of kill. It killed them, you know. And just stop everything that you’re doing. And
I said no, this is my calling. These people need to be equipped, need to be fit. So the
conflict between us became more stronger and stronger, and when they saw it doesn’t work
they put a new charge on my by saying that you want to change the Muslim to Christianity
by the plan of removing the Iran government. So they added political sentence on my case
to stop me, because legally in their parliament it’s illegal to stop any religious activity.
Everyone is free. We have two different kind of lie in Iran. One lie is just supporting
with Mullahs, the other lie was just supporting with Parliament. And the Parliament said that
you can’t evangelize, you can’t change your religion, but the Mullahs, they believe this
is seen as->>NASSER: They said you were a threat to
the state basically.>>ABEDINI: And they said you have a plan
to remove government, and I said didn’t want to do that. I’m just trying to help this
people get eternal salvation, and they said no. If these people turning to thousand, hundred
thousand, and thousand- they knew all the numbers. There are very actually active intelligent
police of Iran, and they said if they turn to million they are going to want to have
a Christian leader, and then they’re going to want to have a Christian leader so we can’t
be in charge. They don’t want to have an Islamic Republic government of Iran, so they’re going
to remove the government. And I said, okay, wait until that time to turn to millions,
but not it’s just thousand people. They said, no, we don’t wait until that time. We should
just kill it right now when it’s the seed. It’s just growing. So that was the reason
that they took me to prison this time, and put eight-year sentence for me.>>NASSER: That’s when we really began to
hear your story more nationally. I remember just hearing that they would move you from
prison to prison simply because everywhere you were going you were converting those who
were prisoners with you. You were converting the prison guards. I think when Naghemeh was
here with us- you watched Naghemeh’s old video when she was here- she said so far we know
of over 30 people that my husband has led to the Lord. Tell us a little bit about how
God used you while you were there.>>ABEDINI: I’m actually very proud of our
God. I love Him, the way that He moves, and the way that He is faithful. Doesn’t matter
what circumstances you go there, always your faith to Jesus Christ in the darkest place
really works, and bring light in every darkness. Now I’m here as a witness, not as a good Christian,
or I’m a good pastor. I’m nothing, but as a person, that I saw how God was moving there,
and I’m standing as a witness that no government, no official, no power can stop what God started
in us. And so everywhere that I went- actually I’m not a very brave person, you know? When
I had the interview with FOX News they told me you are very brave. I’m not actually. I’m
a very fearful person, and because I’m a very fearful person, I’m always sticking to the
feet of Jesus. Just don’t let me be alone here, because if you want to be realistic,
there it’s very dark. These people are very harsh. They really hate us. They really hate
Christians. They really hate America, and they do everything that they can do to stop
us. That’s the reality, but our Lord is above all these things, and when you just come on
your knees you can see He’s there. You can see He opened the doors, and He opened the
heart of the people. I remember the last hour that I was there my interrogator, that he
tortured me for three years came. My eyes had the **band I had the band eye, just two
hours before we go to the plane, come out from Iran. So I heard this voice and I remember
three and a half years ago when he was torturing me, solidarity, and he said, “I’m going to
put you in the Al Quaeda section. We’ve going to put you with ISIS. They’re going to kill
you. I’m going to do these things to you.” And I just remember to say to him that everything
that you do to me, the last day that I see you I’m going to hug you, and still I’m going
to say I love you. You can’t push hate in my heart. So when I heard this voice my eye was bad,
I couldn’t see, but when I heart his voice I just grab his hand and he was scared. He
thought I would just want to attack him physically or saying something. And then I just get him
and hug him, and I saw that he was shaking. I saw his lips, his body was shaking, and
when he saw my love he told me you can remove your eye band. I remove and said, “Do you
remember I said three years ago you cannot just destroy the love God put in my heart
about the lost.” And he said, no; I don’t remember. I said, yeah, but I remember that,
and now because of that I forgive you, I love you, and I pray for you, and you are a good
man. And he was shocked, you know. When we put ourself in a situation to love people,
God’s going to open the door. So when I went there in prison, most of my friend was a prisoner
that their sentence was just because of spying for America. They were high educated, some
of them genius. They help our country to pass information of nuclear sites, ginormous bombs
and things that Iran government is trying to access. And because they love America they
love me, so I got a good relationship with them and other political prisoners, so it
was a good time to use this opportunity to share Gospel with them. And when I just talk
about love of God they were so thirsty, and they accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
And in the first month I watch the 10s of prisoners turn to Christ, and we have a gathering
over there. The other prisoners, they call it Evin Church. So we started Evin Church
in prison and start giving glory and praying to God, and every day we got communion with
water and bread. So, it was wonderful time that we went under bed, you know, we covered
the blanket that the camera can’t see us, and praying together, and I just try to memorize
Bible to teach them because we didn’t have Bible. So it was a wonderful time to see them
turn to Christ.>>NASSER: You were in Evin Prison you were
setting people free with the Gospel.>>ABEDINI: And some of them still dark. They
need our prayer.>>NASSER: So obviously the only people that
are afflicted are not just those who are imprisoned, but the entire family goes through affliction.
Naghemeh, your children going through incredibly tough moments just continuing to be a voice
for you and other brothers and sisters around the world who are being persecuted and imprisoned.
They went through incredible trauma as well. I wasn’t that you were in a prison. Your whole
family’s hope is shaken. You life is- tell us a little bit about that, because I know
since you’ve been back it hasn’t been an easy life past this. You’ve come back, and one
of the reasons you’re taking a season of sabbatical is because you’re focusing in on restoring
places that were maybe even broken before you were imprisoned, and you’re moving in.
We want to know how we can be praying for you right now as a father, as a husband, as
an author. You recently decided you’re going to begin to tell your story. What’s going
on recently since you’ve been back, and how can we begin to focus to pray for your future
steps?>>ABEDINI: Last night I share a post on my
Facebook page about staying under pressures. When you go to pressure, and try to stay under
this pressure to keep your faith, and obeying your calling that God gives you. You can see
sometimes things is getting separated from you, you know your freedom, and your money,
your children, your wife, your time, your young age, you know? And I saw my clothes,
I saw that things are getting just separated from me, and by watching this process it’s
going to be hard for you to stay under this pressure. I believe always there is a blessing
behind staying under this pressures. And when you stay under this pressure until the end,
you’re going to see at the end of the road Jesus hand is getting your hands, and shaking
your hand, and giving you a hug. But you need to finish well. I saw so many Christians when
being together in prison. They start in a very good position, and they start churches.
They stand for their faith, but when the process gets like a long-suffering, it’s going to
be really hard to be patient and walk with the Lord. Actually, the end of the story’s
the hardest part of it, and the end of the story is the best part of it. It has the more
blessing, more result in it. So I’m the same as other people. The last part of my story
was the hardest. So when I got free from prison, but to be honest with you, still I couldn’t
feel my freedom yet because of the new battle I went through. I had different imagination
when I was going to be free, how it was going to be, but now I’m just seeing that the
things are in my life is not in good position actually- especially my marriage. But I believe
God’s in it. God’s in the middle and the bottom of everything in our life, and we need just
to trust, and keep fighting, and don’t give up, and stay under any pressure, and we’re
going to see that He’s going to be glorified.>>NASSER: Amen. Man, we are heavy hearted with what’s happening
right now with your marriage. And I know that there is great hope in knowing that you’re
not staying, you’re not alone in this. Form pastor Franklin Graham, to other brother and
sisters in Christ, there’s an army of people who are standing with you, fighting with you,
praying with you. I think where we’re really blessed today in this particular moment of
prayer requests is that we have Stephen Thomas with us, our senior class president, and I’ve
asked Stephen to come out and pray for you, simply because of how this brother resonates
at a deeper level than most of us with what your kids are going through, Pastor Saeed,
and what your sister ZeeZee is going through, and your mom and dad who are here are going
through. Mr. and Mrs. Abedini are with us today. And so I’ve asked him to pray. Stephen,
can you just take just one minute and tell folks a little bit of your story and why you
really resonate with this buddy?>>STEPHEN THOMAS: First of all, I just want
to thank God for just protecting you during that time of persecution. Thank you for suffering,
and praise God for persecution all over the world. The reason why Pastor David asked me
to share this is because growing up, my father was also thrown in jail for preaching the
Gospel. Didn’t know if he was gong to come out alive, and it’s just that encouragement
to give you that even though you were away from your children, you were away from your
wife, God has His hands on that. For me, I wouldn’t have came to know the Lord unless
my father had been taken from me, because before I was so reliant on his faith. I was
so reliant on everything that he was doing for God, that I tried to emulate that rather
than my personal relationship. So it was a blessing for him in that persecution, because
I wouldn’t have been able to experience God. I wouldn’t have been able to see Jesus for
myself. Just that encouragement that God’s got His hand on your children. Even though
you weren’t there, He was protecting them. So I just want to pray for you and your family,
and again, just thank you for everything. So let’s pray. Dear Lord, just thank You for this time. Thank
You for just for Your servant here. Thank You that you brought him back, and you were
able to let him experience that suffering for your glory, God. And dear Lord, I thank You for his family.
I pray for Naghemeh; I pray for Jacob; I pray for Rebekka, I pray you just continue to be
with them, continue to strengthen them, just to continue to let them know that you’re there
for them. I pray you just heal any relationship in that family. I pray that You just take
this time and just help them right back on the start where they were before. I pray that
they’re just stronger than ever. And I thank You so much for Your servant. I thank You
for his family, and I thank You for what they’ve gone through, and I pray that they just use
that testimony to further your kingdom and to give you all the glory, God. And I pray
for all these things in your name, Jesus. Amen.>>NASSER: Yeah. We want to- I’ve asked Pastor
Steve Gillum to come. Pastor Steve Gillum, by the way, just got into town. He’s the brand
new executive director for the center for global engagement. He was an IMB missionary
for years, has traveled the world church planting, starting Christian education, top level leader
God just brought here to us. Pastor Steven, first of all, welcome to town, and we’re lad
God’s brought you here to lead us sir. And we love you brother. And I know you’re very
involved in work around the world, but we want you to, if you would- I think this brother
reminds us today to pray for the work of God in the 10/40 window, to pray for the work
in China, to pray for the work of God just in the edges of the world. And since you’re
that director would you just direct us in prayer for a minute?>>STEVE GILLUM: Heavenly Father, we thank
you for just this moment, and even now we come to you with humble hearts, Father. We
know that your grace is sufficient. Your Gospel is powerful. Father we realize, and we know,
that your Gospel isn’t for us only as the American church. It’s for the global church.
We’re asking God, just for a renewed awakening of your Spirit amongst all peoples in closed
or open contexts, Father, in this world that are hostile to the Gospel. That are not. And
we’re asking especially right now for your global church, that you would continually
give them a fresh vision from Revelation 5:9. From every person, tribe, tongue, and nation
who will be bowing before your throne. We ask God that you would give them just a fresh
vision every day of that. And especially of the sufficiency of Jesus in all circumstances.
So we’re asking God that you would mobilize your church from all places of the globe.
From Latin America to Africa and East Asia, God that we would work in humble cohesion
as the American church with the global church, because we realize and we know that it isn’t
about the Western church reaching the rest. It’s about reached peoples reaching unreached
peoples. From every sector and area of society, oh God, we are asking for lost people to come
to know you in the darkest places, even so in the 10/40 window. And we ask, Father, that
you would give us a renewed passion here at Liberty that students would perhaps here see
their career as mission, that many would be given a renewed focus and a vision to use
what they’re studying and what they’re passionate about, and what you’re calling to, Father,
to be a cross-cultural worker in one of the hardest places in the world that’s hostile
to the Gospel. Help us God not to retreat. Help us to advance, because of what you have
done for us and what you are doing through us. So we pray for the global church, God
that you would sustain your church, your bride, sinful but your bride that you’ve redeemed
by your blood. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.>>NASSER: Thank you Pastor Steven. Pastor
Saeed, come lead us, brother, in prayer, would you? We have over 100 million brothers and
sisters that are being persecuted for their faith at this moment. Many, many people who’ve
not seen the prayer of being released out of prison come into fruition yet. A lot of
kids who don’t get to hug their daddy. In just a little while you’ll get to go and see
your kids, and have the freedom today to go to Washington DC. A lot of people who don’t
have what you’ve been given, but we want to stand with them today. We want to wage war
for them. Will you pray for the persecuted church? Let’s pray.>>ABEDINI: Lord God the Father, in Jesus
name we come to you, Lord. As we all bow, we all pray together, chain our hands together,
and you brought me here. And I believe when we pray here we get united together. It chains
our hands together in unity for one purpose: you’re going to save. Amen. We pray for all
these countries, Lord, in Middle East, which their government they don’t let Gospel be
preached. But I believe in the unity of prayer, and I believe in the God that You are that
You can remove everything that is stopping the peaching of the Gospel over there. I pray
for million, million in the Middle East, Muslim actually, that they don’t know you, and they
think they know you, Lord. I pray that you touch their heart, you would touch their mind.
In the place no missionary can go there, You can go there and meet them as you came to
my room and met me face-to-face personally. You can do it for all these people, Lord.
We pray and bring praise of all of them to you, Lord, and we ask your blessing. We ask
your God, your Holy Spirit touch their heart. Touch their lives Lord. Touch the government
official. Touch the future of this nation Lord, and you be glorified. We ask your fire,
your revival Lord, upon this nation, upon this government. In Jesus’ name we rebuke
every Satan work in there. We rebuke everything that’s not from you. In Jesus name we rebuke
every chain, everything that Satan put in these peoples’ lives, in Jesus name. And we’ve
opened your mighty hands, and we’re going to see in the future millions and millions
turn to Christ. You’re going to be glorified. We’re going to see your Kingdom increase all
around the world, and we accept that in Jesus’ name, by the power of your name Lord, by the
power of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit I pray, Amen.>>NASSER: Amen. You just said something to
me in Farsi. We know we’re just two Iranians standing here in front of a bunch of folks,
and he said: (Iranian phrase) God is changing Iran. Do you believe that Kingdom of God is
more powerful than any earthly kingdom? Amen, brother. We believe that He’ll do it in His
timing right? Our last prayer, as we’re standing, let’s
go before God and pray a praise to God that you were not released one second before you
were supposed to, that God did not delay. And so I’ve asked Chad to lead us in this
closing prayer together, and after we’re done out of here you guys are dismissed. Know that,
listen, on Monday- On Monday we’re going to be at the prayer chapel. So in one sense we’re
not in here, and in another sense we’re not canceled. We have the all prayer for the entire
Convo hour and a half if you want to be at the prayer chapel. But let’s pray this together,
all right. Chad lead us.

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