Realizing the Vision of a College and Career Ready Graduate

Many high school students dream about
their future and that may include college. Going to…13,000 graduating
seniors are ready to take on a four year school…suggests many graduating seniors won’t be
prepared for their college…see when you see statistics about young people
graduating with the largest debt load in American history after getting a bachelor’s
degree, you want to make sure that people are going in their college careers eyes wide open. The vision of the School District of New Berlin graduate kind of came about when we recognized that we were preparing kids with their general
knowledge sense. So, typical, basically preparation for typical tests and exams
and I was surrounded by a lot of great people, not only legislative leaders but
district leaders, school leaders, school counselors. And what I heard there moved me to the point that I recognized that we definitely were not doing enough
for the students here in the School District of New Berlin. Life-ready means a
lot of different things. It definitely brings in the career college ready. But it
also means where I’m going to be, how family is going to be, how/where I’m
going to live. All the different components that make up my future life.
And I think Academic and Career Planning has prepared me through academics and
coursework preparing me for my major. But also through things like group work and opportunities and conversing with people in the real world. Especially through
classes like Advanced Innovation and Design. I couldn’t be more proud of the
efforts thus far and we’re starting to definitely see a reaping of the
benefits. I see it day in and day out with my own children. And, you know, I hear it when I interview students that you know, a student is pursuing
engineering because of their work with, and discussions with, their teacher and
their parent. And those are becoming much more prevalent now than they ever
have before. The Youth Options program allows a student to travel to a college and take courses on campus. This has been a phenomenal experience because I have got the feel of class sizes, the students, the teachers and how the
professors conduct their class. I have already made some amazing lifelong friends and I have gotten a head start on my college education. Eisenhower did a phenomenal job of preparing me for college. These programs not only
excited me for my future, but made me really realize how bright my future
really is. Thank you. Hi, my name’s Nick I’m from West. I’m a senior and I’m part of the Techno Program. These programs offer us that opportunity to get that
experience we need to apply our skills that we get inside the classroom. That’s
what we’re studying for. And I think they also offer us a lot of opportunities
because this program was one of the reasons I got into UW Green Bay. So when we started this work you know the notion of knowing what our true North is and was, was definitely missing. And so when we came together to determine what was it that we were truly focusing on that’s when the Vision of
the Graduate came about. I took a CNA class through WCTC which
I’m currently working as a CNA in Linden Grove. And that has influenced me in my
career choice. Not only because I have interacted with many different types of
people but it’s also taught me what different places in the world are like and
what other people bring to the table, not only myself. So it helped open me up to
different viewpoints that I may not necessarily think of in my own way. A
good learning experience I had in high school was taking my construction class. Because that really was the driving force behind me knowing that I needed to
work with my hands. My great grandpa was a tool-and-die machinist in World War II.
And then my grandpa on my dad side works for a machining company. And I have an
uncle who works as a machinist. And I didn’t realize it literally runs in my
blood. I do believe that we should be focusing
on ensuring and supporting all of our students to try and get them as college
and career ready as they can be by the time they leave the School District of New Berlin. I feel ready because…I feel ready
because… I feel ready because my exposure within the Healthcare field has
helped me determine exactly what I wanted to do with my life. Because of my
CNC tool and dye classes I took through Dual Enrollment Academy. During my senior
year I have completed 12 college credits at Alverno College through the
Youth Options Program. I have proven to myself that I can bounce many
extracurricular activities with my coursework. The program at my school has
provided me with the skills necessary that I need for college and beyond. I
feel very prepared and I’m very excited too!

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