President Obama Surprises Booker T. Washington Graduates

(cheering) The President:
Hello, everybody! (cheering) Hello. (cheering) Hello, everybody! (applause) It’s good to see you guys. Hello, hello! (cheering) So, how’s everybody doin’? You guys doin’ good? How is everybody doin’? (cheering) Y’all, y’all kind of excited
about graduating, huh? (yay) Well, listen, I just had a
chance to meet your principal and these two outstanding
classmates of yours, and I just want to say
how inspired we were. We were inspired by
the video you sent; we’re inspired by
the stories you told; we’re inspired by how you have
turned this school around. Now, obviously a lot of
that has to do with your outstanding principal. (cheering) And we are proud of her! (applause) Principal Kiner:
Ask them how old I am. The President:
She says you guys
know how old she is. How old is she? Students In Unison:
Twenty-five. The President:
Twenty-five. Twenty-five! She started when she was
seven as a child prodigy. Principal Kiner:
Teaching high school. The President:
Teaching high school
at seven years old. Obviously it has a lot to
do with great teachers, but this is mainly your day and
your success because a lot of you, and I’m going to talk
about this at the commencement, a lot of you had to
struggle to get here. Most of you weren’t born with
a silver spoon in your mouth, but what you’ve shown
is determination, what you’ve shown is character,
what you’ve shown is a willingness to work hard, and
the ability to steer clear of folks that were trying to
send you down the wrong path. And so as a consequence, you’ve
now become role models for all the young people
coming up behind you. You’ve become an inspiration
to the city and the State of Tennessee and the country. So I just want y’all to know you
inspire me, that’s why I’m here. I could not be prouder
of what you do. But I’ve still
got some big, big, expectations for you so don’t
think just because you’ve graduated from high
school that that’s it. You’ve got a lot more work to do
because I expect all of you to be leaders in this community and
communities all across the country. And this is just the beginning;
this is not the end. All right? So God bless you guys. I’m so excited to be here. All right? (cheering and applause)

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