Pre-apprenticeships at Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT)

[MUSIC]>>HANSEN: Hi, I’m Peter Hansen,
I work at the Canberra Institute of Technology, I’m the head of department for
the construction trades. The trade areas we cover are tiling, painting,
glazing, carpentry, also cabinetmaking and plastering. We also run high-risk licence courses. There’s a number of pre-apprenticeship courses
that are available – there’s a Cert I in construction,
a Cert II in construction, and the one that we run here at CIT
is the Cert II in construction pathways. The Cert II in construction pathways
gives the student more options to try a number of different trade areas. Within that program, there’s, um,
competencies that cover tiling, carpentry, cabinetmaking, bricklaying, plastering. So during their time, or their training,
they can try a little bit of each of those trades and give themselves a bit of an idea
what they might like and where they might be best suited
should they want to go on and do an apprenticeship. The course is run for 36 days,
and they can be structured in a number of ways. The last course we ran at CIT
was structured in 3 days a week in 12 weeks, we have previously run courses where they come in
one day a week over a full year. We find that a lot of students,
after completing the course, do go on to get apprenticeships, and a number of them go on
into other avenues, but the training they got
during the pre-apprenticeship Cert II course underpins their confidence in their skills
to go on and get other employment, When the funding does come up, we usually go through our marketing department
at CIT, um, funding may be connected to jobseekers,
maybe to disadvantaged, maybe to school-leavers, so depending on the cohort of students
that’s being funded, um, we’ll go out and market to those areas. Oh yeah, the internet is a big part
of our marketing strategy. Um, we also have close connections to industry,
um, a lot of our teachers are still in industry because they work casually at CIT, so we get the word out through basically
the Canberra construction industry grapevine, um, people get to know the courses that are running and come along and fly. Well the students will reply to our advertising;
we’ll invite them in for an interview. During that interview, we will check their
literacy and their numeracy levels. Um. That will give us an indication
of where they may be – best trade area they might be suited for. Um. If they need assistance in those areas,
our vocational college at CIT will assist them to bring their levels up so that they have a good chance
of being successful if they go on to commit to an apprenticeship. We support those who are interested
in going on to an apprenticeship. Um, mainly through our connections with industry. Uh. All of our teachers have close ties with industry. Um, we also have close ties
with group training organisations, so, just the HIA, NBA, um, we’ll recommend
students to those organisations, and they’ll ask them in for an interview, and if they feel they’re suitable
for their workplace, they’ll get a start, um, CIT has put up a new app
that employers can register that they’re in the market for an apprentice, and that way, CIT can link apprentices
to a suitable employer. Um. A number of our teachers will get enquiries
from employers directly and they can supply the information
to the student when an employer is after an apprentice. [MUSIC]

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