Plano Senior High Graduation 2019

From the Ford Center at The Star in
Frisco, this is graduation 2019 for Plano Senior High School, home of the Wildcats Ladies and gentlemen, the faculty and
staff of Plano Senior High School and its feeders. Please remain standing for the Pledge of
Allegiance. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to
the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all. Thank you and please be seated. Good morning. I would like to welcome
everyone to the 2019 Plano Senior High School graduation ceremony. Now, if we
could all give a warm welcome to your Student Congress president Anna Smith
for opening remarks. good morning so since I’m the first one up here I’ll
go ahead and say it once a wildcat always a wildcat I’m sure you’ve all
heard that one before or maybe even Plano roots run deep and just sometimes
we bleed maroon I don’t know about all of you guys but I’ve been hearing that
my whole life because a short thirty-eight years ago my dad was
graduating from Plano senior high – he was sitting in those seats waiting
through this incredibly long graduation and dreaming of all the things he might
become he saw himself becoming a pilot or maybe even a teacher and a little
part of him even wanted to become a janitor and he got the best of all
worlds when he became a school bus driver yes my father now works for Plano
Independent School District giving back to the same institution that served him
throughout the beginning of his life now being a bus driver although not a very
glamorous job is definitely a satisfying one now kids other than myself depend on
my dad to get them places and he does it my dad also cleans up a lot of messes
other than just mine and my dad cares for a whole busload of kids but I’ve
learned how to share him and whether you wrote a physical bus or not I’m sure you
all had a bus driver in your life to this ride called school has been a long
13 years filled with potholes and pit stops but there had to be someone that
got you to this destination who woke you up early stayed up late with you and
invested their life into you who watched you make a mess helped you clean it up
and supported you through it I know there was someone in your life who
sacrificed a lot for you to be in this place today and that ladies and gentle
is your school bus driver and you could have not traveled this road without them
the beauty about bus drivers is that they don’t do what they do for the fame
and they definitely don’t do it for the money but because they care about people
and they care for us they not only do what they do they not only do what is
best for us but are willing to work to get us to our next stop so as you sit
there dreaming about your future don’t forget to look back at the ride that got
you here don’t freak think about that first day
of kindergarten who woke you up made your breakfast and held your hand
through those scary school dock doors who started your journey and watched it
through until the end the people who got us here are the very people we should
dream of becoming we should desire to be journey starters and finishers and when
I think of the beginning of my journey before I ever stepped into a classroom I
stepped onto a school bus so today is about celebration but not only of us we
get the opportunity to use today to show our appreciation to those who got us to
this place right now because none of us could have done it alone this is our
last stop Wildcats before we graduate and start our next ride
let’s celebrate the parent sibling teacher friend and neighbor that helped
drive us to our destination and before you get off this bus walking down those
steps and on to the rest of your life make sure you turn around and thank your
bus driver thanks in Giga Thank You Anna. Now give a huge round of
applause for our next speaker. Plano Senior High valedictorian, Howard Yin. Good morning class of 2019. Today is the
day that we celebrate our achievements from the past four years, and yet Plano Senior
still made us wake up before 9:00 a.m. As any teacher with a zero
hour or a first period can attest to, only about half of us are awake right
now and the rest will remain asleep until our name is finally called upon. Before we wake up and move on from high
school, let’s press the snooze button and relive the past four years. We found
lifelong friends, discovered our interests through clubs and
extracurricular activities, and experienced the nightmare that is
working on a month-long project the night before it’s due just like I did
with this speech. Not a good idea by the way. We may not remember the tangent of pi
over 6 or the significance of Shays’ rebellion, or the differences between
Shakespearean and Italian sonnets. But we will remember the times we shared with
our friends and the relationships we developed. I will certainly remember the
endless How ard you? jokes. Supported by our sponsors and
coaches, we found success and persevered through failures in sports, music, and
numerous competitions like coding, science fair, mathematics, speech and
debate, Business Professionals of America, and many more. With our wonderful
administration, we introduced graduation regalia to Plano Senior High School for
the first time. And with encouragement from our teachers, counselors, and family,
we achieved academic excellence and met all the requirements for graduation
despite an epidemic of senioritis. Some of us are fully awake and are ready to
move on to the next stage of our lives while others are reluctant to do so. It’s
comforting to press the snooze button a few times, but before you know it it’s
9:50 and you just missed your first period. Similarly, it’s important to move on from
high school and welcome the rest of our lives, because as Lao Tzu put it, when I let go
of what I am, I become what I might be. Valedictorians usually offers some kind
of advice to the class, but I’m just the same as everyone else here: a normal
experienced 18 years old high schooler who just happens to be good at taking
tests. The teachers and parents surrounding us
are much more qualified and can offer exponentially better advice than I can.
Thus I have nothing to say but listen to others. Even when their opinions differ
from your own, it’s essential to understand why you may not agree with
them and perceive their point of view. After all, to listen is to learn. Finally
goodbye to all the teachers. Thank you for putting up with our problems. We
appreciate your hard work. Goodbye to Plano Senior. Thank you for all the good
and not so good memories, because they shaped us into who we are today. And
goodbye to lanyards and ID’s. We won’t miss you. Thank you and congratulations. Thank You Howard. Please welcome up our
next speaker Joyce he as a transfer student from Jasper I was fully prepared
to have a Mean Girls moment on my first day of school at Plano senior sitting in
the bathroom stall eating lunch alone you know all the good teen comedy stuff
I wasn’t here for the school spirit I wasn’t here to start a new club I wasn’t
here to socialize or have fun and I definitely wasn’t here to stand up in
time in front of my entire graduating class to give a speech but I have
something to say as the person who went from looking outside in to inside out as
noted in Sandra Oh’s time 100 blur we must choose two fearless Lee take up
space in a universe that has not always made space for us the very scary very
real and very adult world that we’re about to enter isn’t some hotel with
vacant rooms waiting for us to fill them the vacancy is a space we must fight for
but to do so we must first identify this space you want for yourself then
unabashedly claim the space as your own one of the most annoying phrases told to
me during the college out process was follow your passions
but for most of us the term passion or dream is a very hazy idea I don’t know
about y’all but I get pretty passionate when my little brother eats the last of
the Ben & Jerry’s in the freezer yet it seems that passion should go deeper than
a pint of ice cream one of the most greatest influencers in my life and
Plano senior speech coach Miss Canberra displays what it exactly means to
passionately identify the space you want for yourself constantly bustling around
for the never ending speech season no guess then this camera has much time
outside of her busy school career but on top of being a teacher therapist mother
and friend to every single one of her students whose camera runs her very own
theater company writing original plays and producing several shows throughout
the year I remember questioning her once asking
why she started her theater company when the Dow’s theater scene was so developed
she simply replied I was told too often that I was too young to be
taken seriously as a director so I decided to take myself seriously no one
deserves to sit on the sidelines of their own lives
so when we leave Plano senior let’s keep with us the wise words of one of our
many passionate teachers it’s not about waiting for opportunities to come around
but about creating chances for the actualization of your aspirations my
grandmother is one of the most respectable woman I know the oldest of
four kids she left her home in the rural area of China to be married to a man she
barely knew because she wanted to live in the city where there are more
opportunities she suffered through the death of her first two children and her
husband passed away leaving her with three teenage boys to
raise on her own despite all the attacks it seemed that life had lain on her she
refused to remarry for the sake of her son’s illiterate and uneducated my
grandmother’s sold popsicles through all four seasons during the day and took
classes at night she sewed all clothing by hand for my dad and uncles and made
sure her growing boys were fed to the best of her ability and it’s with great
pride and joy that she can see me graduate today a production of her
sacrifices and never-ending fight for survival and it’s her life that I take
away a lesson I hope we all learn from that when it seems like there is no path
for you to take to reach your desired destination you create your own no one
ever said it was going to be easy but it is so much more rewarding to know that
you did something for yourself by yourself so whether it be spot on the
Forbes 30 under 30 list or the little owner of a cute Instagram mobile bakery
the space that you want for yourself in the world has to be made by you too the
Plano senior class of 2019 we are anything but a typical high school movie
thank you for making room for everyone in our little universities past two
years and as we move on to the next episode of our lives I give you the
blunt words of Tina Fey producer of Mean Girls do your thing and don’t care if
they like it Thank You Joyce if we could all please
welcome our next speaker this mormon morning sorry Marvin Rojas Javier today
is the day the day we’ve been looking forward to since we’re kindergarteners
in our hardest decision was if he wanted pizza sticks or orange chicken for lunch
for some if not all of us it’s still pretty hard to decide what we want for
lunch nonetheless today as cliche as it might sound we closed a chapter a
chapter filled with so many memories whether they be good or bad
their memories have helped shape us into the young adults we are and the people
we strive to be from realizing our freshman year that no one uses the
lockers the homecoming dances prom and all the extracurriculars we attended or
participated in high school was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience graduating
graduating as if in one of the highs in all of our lives and just like our lives
and EKGs at the hospital showing our pulse it goes up and down up and down
continuously we reach highs and we stoop to troughs but life is not defined by
how we ride the highs life is defying about how when we hit what we think is
rock-bottom and how we pick ourselves back up to overcome barricades to our
happiness to prosper once again these lows don’t define us what does the
finest is how is it the experience of how we get back up to fight another day
to chase those dreams we’ve had since adolescence you might experience the
sour feeling via failing a math test but that 55 does not define you what does it
find you is the realization that maybe I should go to a couple tutorials that
defines your character in your grit we have to fail to truly succeed three
things you need to try to reach the top determination ambition and most
importantly failure we need a failure and low so truly experience the beauty
that is life to truly experience the discomfort needed to achieve success and
to truly experience the game that is life today is monumental we
celebrate how far we have come and how much further we’re going to go for many
of us schools like a second home and as Dunder Mifflin’s own Quality Assurance
director creed bratton once said no matter how you get there or where you
end up human beings have this miraculous gift of making that place home
Plano seniors the miraculous gift we got to call home for over two years all of
us got to experience a very unique in diverse home as people from all over
from different color skins different religions different cultures in
different backgrounds you name it we had it all though we were different many of
us shared similar stories my parents immigrated to the United States to chase
that American dream everyone’s always talking about
they came with only the clothes on their back very little English and money my
father works 70 hours a week to keep me and my family afloat and before this he
worked two jobs he would clock into his first job at 7:00 in the morning clock
out at 4 p.m. just a clock back into his second job at 5 p.m. and closed and not
come home until close to 2:00 in the morning just to repeat the cycle for a
decade my mother also works very hard on top of her working hours she would
always push my siblings and I to go to the library and read complete her
classwork and to most importantly love one another no matter what because as
human beings if we don’t love one another all we’re doing is working
against each other – my parents my through the NCAA Maria gracias but todo
el veces came and sacrificial tonto but nunca me voy a dar the torah veces que
cosa nasa’s paso tracy mis Primos eco-mat ago so they see good family time
MA gracias patola vez que no puede trabajar
para adharmic on estaba enfermo hepatoma veces que mas Ensenada
tanto Carini amor siempre piensan en otros a cómo pueden ayudar siempre
Segura no se que tenemos Paco ml y para estos metas
our parents don’t work because it’s easy or because they’re forced you they work
because they’re trying to guide us towards our dreams they work for this
moment right here the jubilation of us graduating and getting closer and closer
to those dreams had our entire lives just like us they
have experienced failures hardships discomforts and risk but here we are
today showing them that their EKG has not gonna unnoticed and definitely not
unappreciated we must live life by taking risk and overcoming things that
don’t go away so that we can reach the stars we’ve been chasing for so so long
if there’s one thing I’ve learned for my parents throughout the years through
their actions is that we must believe in something even if it means sacrificing
everything so class of 2019 here’s to the highs we will obtain and to the lows
we will overcome here’s I’ve seen your class presidents
and a lot Thank You Marvin what’s up plaintiff senior how’s everyone doing
good thumbs up I like that fantastic here we go my name is Sam dalla and I
have the privilege to be in front of you today as your senior class president now
if I could ask a favor can everyone look to their left move your heads thank you
and look to your right fantastic hope there are people you like
because you might be here for a while go back to my fifth grade graduation speech
for my Matthews Mavericks out there anyway back to my 12th grade speech
today is not about me or even the speech that you wish would end already
today is about all of you so give yourself a huge round of applause for
graduating today as much as I’d like to come up here and
spit some monster rhymes I want to pass along some 8qu and wisdom I have learned
this comes in three lessons for you to take on with you through your life and I
feel they can help you achieve any goal you set your mind to
lesson one play full throttle and yes there will be hand signs for all of
these lessons playing full throttle means giving it your all it means
putting in all your effort with the intention of benefiting yourself and
others to find what matters most to you and resolve to be all in your college or
career experience your family be all in on the passions you choose to pursue
sure it may be exhausting and taxing but if you take the time now and you put in
all the energy you have you will not end up regretting it now again to reiterate
let’s all play full throttle car noises are optional if you so desire lesson two
goes hand-in-hand with us in life be present and yes the palm of my hand is
very soft but that’s not why I’m poking it being present simply means listening
in participating in all types of situations look up from your phone
sometimes I know many of us are going through withdrawals today not having
anyone to snap insta text or whatever sitting here paying attention to the
screen behind me however it’s great practice for being
present classrooms meetings and even daily conversations try putting in the
effort to really listen and apply yourself in any sort of setting and you
will be amazed by what you can do either the connections you can truly make this
is now the time I will pause and allow our graduates to poke their palms thank
you nothing sigh lesson three comes from the Philadelphia 76ers trust the process
this one I’ve really come to appreciate over the course of this year it is
really hard to define the process as it really is different for everyone
that doesn’t mean always going with the flow as sometimes a little disruption
can be a good thing the eternal optimist in me believes if you do the right thing
it will all work out in the end we put countless hours and so many
different activities and that payoff is immeasurable just wait 10 years and then
you will truly know the impact that high school had on your life that reunion is
gonna be a lot of fun thank you all so much for your time today and trusting me
to be your senior class president also thank you for trusting me to come up
here and not say anything dumb really appreciate that big shout out to the lot
family that is here today I love you guys very much and another huge thank
you to all of clean of seniors teachers and administration the school board and
everyone in between we cannot have done it without you
lastly congratulations to all of you we made it together this is no easy feat
and to be here with your peers friends and family is truly something special go
full-throttle be present and trust the process today and every day
congratulations class of 2019 I am excited to see what you do next thank
you Now, please let us welcome Plano Senior
High School principal, Ms. Sarah Watkins. Ladies and gentlemen, the students seated
before you have met all course requirements to participate in
graduation. The presentation of certificates to the graduates will be
made by Superintendent of Schools, Sarah Bonzer and members of the
superintendent’s cabinet, Dr. Katrina Hasley, Randy McDowell, Susan Modisette, Dr.
Kary Cooper, Dr. Beth Brockman, Karla Oliver, and Dan
Armstrong. They will join former board member President Missy Bender and board
members Tammy Richards, Angela Powell Jeri Chambers, Nancy Humphrey, David
Stolle, and Cody Weaver. In addition, Clark High School principal
Pam Clark and Guinn Center principal Sonja Pegram are here to congratulate
the students. Plano Senior High School teachers Jason Lewis, Michael Hernandez,
Stef Cambra, and Clorese Porter will introduce the seniors. Our honor
graduates with a GPA between 3.6 and 3.9 will be announced as cum laude, between 4.0 and 4.2 as magna cum laude and
4.3 or higher as summa cum laude. In addition to being live-streamed
right now on, it will continue on that link for several days,
and then it will be available for viewing on the Plano ISD website. At this
time will the seniors please come forward to be recognized for your
achievement. Zoe Sarah Wiener. Gillian Renea Deans. Elina Ann Carroll. Ralph Chirembo. Sharifa Abdulkadir. Diyar Ababekir. Aliya Mariam Abioye, cum laude.
Azeez Abdul, magna cum laude. Shelley Acevedo. Hamdiya Abdulhafiz, cum laude. Ana Gabriela Acosta Turcios. Nawal Abid. Brett Andrew Adams, magna cum laude. Aseel Abu Suwan. Julia Claire Adams.
Anderson Lee Acinger. Jon Arthur Adkins. Gregory Michael Adam, cum laude. Jhon
Aguilar. Emmanuel Adeyemo. Mohammad Tamir Ahmad. Heinrich Adriaanse. Hiba Ahmed. Sydney Raelene Aguilar. Xinyu Ai. Amina Ahmed. Amal Nimer Al-Hafi, magna cum laude. Amiramad Ahrabi. Nanditha Alagusundar, cum laude.
Bilal Asim Akar, magna cum laude. Ameena Nadir Aleisawi. Ali Al Ghezi. Sultan Kamal Aldomour. Noor Al-Rubaye, cum laude. Taushiyat Alim.
Scott Cooper Albrecht. Kelvin Lamont Alexander. Hiram
Alexander. Jonathan Christian Allen, cum laude. Jack Ryan Alexandre. Jayce Andrew
Alltop. Alexis Danielle Allen. Pale Zuhair Almissouri, cum laude. Isabella Marie Allen. Abdullah Samieh Alnajar. Logan Joseph Allen, cum laude. Ivan Alvarado. Hewra Ali Almusawi, cum laude. Nouralhuda Alzoubi. Steve Alvarez, cum laude. Chris An. Yamilet Rubi
Amador Gerardo, cum laude. Brianna Nicole Anderson, magna cum laude. Ayanna A’Bre
Anderson. Noah Brian Anderson, cum laude. Erin Kaylee Anderson. Levy Prote Andrade.
Waseem Rayhan Anderson. Michelle Jacquelyn Andreyka, cum laude. Hunter Luke Andrews.
Vedant Kuntal Apte. Elijah Amir Savoy. Yazmin Amari Armstrong. Luis Enrique
Arevalo Baez. Lindsey Anna Aronson. Amanda Carol
Bennett. Alexandra Nicole Asel, cum laude. Samantha Nicole Brown, cum laude. Jacob Allen Atinsky. Hayley Elizabeth Arnold.
Megan Melinda Baars, cum laude. Jose Manuel Arroyo. Charleson Taniajura Bacani, cum laude. Sheline Moraa Asuma. Nabeel Khisal Baig. Shelby Katherine Atkinson, cum laude. Braxton Tyler Barneck. Santiago Avendano Rodriguez. Abbey Nicole Barnett,
magna cum laude. Roxana Jahan Azimi. Claudia Marie
Barrera. Nathaniel David Azores. Celeste Isabel Barslow, cum laude. Josh Rhodney
Babu. Audrie Nicole Bean. Logan Cook Badgett, cum laude. Christian Daniel Beasley.
James Spencer Barnes. Jaxon David Beeson, cum laude. Katherine
Quinn Bearden, cum laude. Nicole Ann Bellin, magna cum laude.
Michael Benton Beckemeier. Daylonn Elizabeth Benitez. Taliah Nadi’annah Belcher, magna cum laude. L’Oreal Denean Barbara Bennett.
Alexandra Rae Belmares. Mia Giene Bertrand, magna cum laude.
Ethan Cristian Benavides, magna cum laude. Lorgan James Beutel, cum laude.
de name Paul Shivani Anuj Bhatia. William John Bernstein. Geffrey Lawrence
Bishop II. Cameron Edward Betler. Evan Gabriel Bogolavsky, summa cum laude. Suraj
Ramesh Bhat, summa cum laude. Aaron DeLaporte Bokas. Imad Ahmad Bheda, cum laude.
Mattison Michelle Bonilla. Abrianna Bohn, cum laude.
Kehaulani Keiana Booi. Madison Rose Bolding, magna cum laude. Evelyn Mercedes Bordeux, magna cum laude. Clara
Jeannette Booth. Neeka Boroumandi, magna cum laude. Kathryn Riley Boris. Kyle
Thomas Bourque. Alaina Faith Boucher, cum laude. Aaron Josiah Boyd. Sarah Jane Bowles. Tamia Michelle Breaux.
Jacy Morgan Brady. Tomayah LaShea Briggs. Nathan Alexander Britt, cum laude.
William Caelan Brooks. Heidi Meredith Brooks, magna cum laude. Elson Bruce
Brown. Bronson Gabriel Brown. Cooper Scott Browning, magna cum laude.
Ethan David Brown. Sarah Anna Bruner. Kevin Michael Diaz.
Jesse James Bryant. Nicholas Ryan Brumfield, cum laude. Grace Marie Buchanan.
Blake Thomas Bryant, cum laude. Beni Kombo Bultongez. Matthew James
Bryant. Lauren Elise Burch, cum laude. Shehroz Ali Bukhari. Andrew Lee Burgess.
Elton Kombo Bultongez. Jackson Ross Burns. Jordan Leigh Burdette. Jacala Raynae Callicutt.
Samantha Lauren Burns, magna cum laude. Joshua David Cameron, cum laude. Zachary Stewart Bush. Mary Elizabeth Campbell. Matthew Aaron Cameron, magna cum
laude. Elizabeth Siobhan Canada. Britney Joy Cano. Zharia Imani Cantley. Alex Yufei Cao, magna cum laude. Angel Caracheo. Gabriel
Alejandro Carballo. Angelina Carreda. Isabella Christine Carrera.
Michael David Carty, cum laude. Jacob Michael Carroll, magna cum laude.
Rebeca Gabriela Castillo Gallegos. Lillian Grace Casillas,
cum laude. Gabrielle Louise Castro, summa cum laude.
Elia Castillo Rebollar. Yara Farid Chabayta, cum laude. Timothy Allen
Catour. Alex Chan. Jaromyr Taite Celestial, cum laude. Thomas Chan, cum laude. Romel Joseph Ulises Centeno. Ethan Matthew Chandra. Ashley Marie Chacko,
magna cum laude. Chi-Lung Chang, summa cum laude. Hanson
Chan. Charlene Michelle Chau. Jonathan Michael Chance.
Shreya R Chaudhari, cum laude. Rutendo Natsai Chando, magna cum laude.
David Chavez. KarenLorena Chaparro, cum laude. Kevin Li Chen, summa cum laude.
Maserati Chau, cum laude. Marshall McClean Cheney.
Dhruv Chawla, summa cum laude. Harrison Chi. Eric Liyang Chen, summa cum
laude. Jason Alexander Chicas. Sabrina Chen, magna cum laude. Rachel Nicole Chotiner, cum laude. Eshan Jay Chhabra, magna cum laude. Shuhara Chowdhury. Yegzer Sitotaw Chibesa. Keri Emily Christian, summa cum laude. Quinton
Kenneth Chiles. Jacqueline Diane Cimino, magna cum laude.
Marissa Brianna Chotiner, cum laude. Aubrey Nicole Clark, cum laude. Iram Rahman Choudhury, cum laude. Cole Ryan
Clary. Taylor Trinity-Leigh Clark. Dale Thomas Clemens. Carley Elizabeth Clement, cum laude. Jour’dan Ariel Clifton.
Caroline Lajoie Cloud. Sebastian Scott Clyde.
Tayden Leif Cody. Caroline Marie Cohen. Abigail
Grace Cole, magna cum laude. Desmond Darnell Coleman. Zaria Diovionne Collins,
cum laude. Colin Windol Collmer. Madison Taylor
Conaway. Carly Grace Conrado, cum laude. Christina Nicole Contoveros, cum laude. Catherine Micayla Cook, cum laude. Megan Elizabeth Cooley, cum
laude. Kathryn Elizabeth Cooley. Jeremiah Bashir Cornett. Brendan Kyle
Cooper. Hannah Elizabeth Coursey, summa cum laude.
Martin Lowell Countryman. Zychari Xavier Crayton.
Joseph Aaron Cox. Caroline Leigh Crisp, cum laude. Shiloh Tennessee Pearl Crider, magna cum laude. Trystan Nathanial Cross. Trinity
Nicole Cross, magna cum laude. Alyssa Mae Cuff, summa cum laude. Christen Alexandria
Crowley. Emily Michelle Cunningham. Kryon James
Cumby. Riley Suzan Davis. Amma Akhtar Dar. Adira Rae Ivey Dean,
cum laude. Caelin Deann Davis, cum laude. Haley Marie Deffenbaugh. Alyssa Lorae
Dawkins, cum laude. Matthew Anthony Deleon. Michael Seth de Wit. Peyton Lee
Dellinger. Demetria Lenai Dean. Caren Valerie
Devaney, cum laude. Brady Lyle Deese. Ethan Louis Devoe, magna
cum laude. Maria Elizabeth DeLaFuente. Aditi Diggikar. Axal Ivan Delatorre Batrez. Christy Nathania Djuandi, magna cum laude.
Alejandro Delgado-Castaneda. Jordan Duy-Vo Doan, magna cum laude.
Saavni Nirav Desai, summa cum laude. Sean Julian Doherty. John Brandon
Devaney, magna cum laude. Chestiney Dorsey. Ashley Diaz. Joseph Adel
Doss. Sabrina Nicole Diestra, cum laude. Taylor Rachele
Dreyer. Brooke Addison Dixon, magna cum laude.
Angelica Faith Dubis, cum laude. Hayden Allan Doering. Peyton Renee Duncan,
cum laude. Kanniyu D’Vonne Dorsey. Oliver Sidney Dunstone, summa cum laude. Heather
Lee Downs, cum laude. Christopher Germond Easter. Amy Elizabeth Driscoll, magna cum
laude. Thomas Dibaki Ekong. Kathryn Elizabeth Duncan, cum laude. Ramsey Charles El-Shahawy. Chastity
Lanell Dunson. Adyn Jay Ellis. Lydia Marie Duran Baca, cum laude. Summer Nicole
Enfinger. Taakapiwanashe Christian Dzwairo. Lindsey Mireya Entralgo. Nolan
Alexander Eckroat. Sema Erginer. Aoi Alicia Eguchi. Nicholas Junior Esponda, cum laude. Ibrahim Ali El-Kassem. Charlie San Pedro Evangelista, cum laude. Dylan James
Elliott, cum laude. Rodney Lamonte Evans. Thomas Archie Ellis III. Cat Victoria Eversull. Katherine Elizabeth English. Catherine
Shea Farace. Sydney Ann Erbland. Ryan Frank
Durfee. Nathaniel Andrew Espinoza. Grace Ann Erskine, cum laude. Sai Guonuguntla, cum laude. Aidan McKenzey Farley, cum laude. Jovany Garcia. Yursra Farooqi, cum laude. Anthony Joseph Euziere.
Jade Shi Anne Feeler. Morgan Brion Evans. Batool Fatima. Ian Xavier James Ewell. Lillian
Amelia Ferkany, magna cum laude. Adolfo Faria. Victoria Hope Fiddler.
Hassan Ahmed Farooqi. Lillian Jane Finfrock. Aidan Baldwin Fenton. Pierce Mark
Fisher, cum laude. Josh William Fiffick. Quentin Paul Frederick. Samuel David
Dlott, magna cum laude. Hayden Bailey Frazier, cum laude. Laura Nicole Fisher.
Aidan Alastair Fyfe, cum laude. Cassandra Renee Flores. Roie Gal, summa cum
laude. Jack Buxbaum Follett. Matthew Dennis Frandsen.
Alyona Rayzeria Ford. Claire Ryan Fulton, cum laude. Emily Garcia. Gregory
Ray Garcia. Jesus Garcia. Kamyab Faghaie Davani. Abigail Theresa Frederick, cum
laude. Paige Diamonique Gardner. Jackson Cawthon
Freeman, cum laude. Janae Marie Gaston. Kate Rebecca
Friedley. Rohan Gaur, magna cum laude.
Trevor Reese Fuchs, cum laude. Connor James Gell. Carlos Moises
Funes Orellana. Abigail Mackenzie Holt, cum laude. Berkeley Ann Gable, cum laude.
Jonathan George, magna cum laude. Ella Gracen Gamboa. Michael Wayne George, cum laude. Kameran Grace Garcia. Nader Ghassemi. Nitzan Gariani, cum laude.
Briana Renee Giancola, cum laude. Erin Elizabeth Gaskey. Ryan Patrick Gibson.
Abbul Sabur Gazi. Connor Briggs Gillen, magna cum laude. Amanda George, cum laude.
Brooke Michelle Glenn. Jonathan S George, magna cum laude. Allan Ricardo Godinez.
Kiyana Richay Gessick. Paige Elizabeth Gokey. Verdah han Ghory, cum laude. Kelly Gonzales.
Thomas Keath Gibson, cum laude. Jeffrey Daniel Gonzalez. Grace Victoria
Glasscock, cum laude. Nayeli Edith Gonzalez. Amanda Karin Gloege,
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Allah Mayling Juno Zhang. Sin Yi Zhou, cum laude. Finishing up the class of 2019,
Dalton Lewis Zinsmeyer. Congratulations graduates! Let’s give
everyone another really big round of applause. Congratulations guys. [applause] Now everyone please welcome 2019 salutatorian Eric Chen for closing remarks. Congratulations Plano Senior Class of
2019! Now as we look towards our future years, it is important for us to call
upon the wisdom from the past. Benjamin Franklin reminds us to cherish our time
at high school and college because, “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest” Wait sorry, that line was supposed to be
delivered to the banks giving out student loans. Jokes aside, the quote has
merit because we’re at an intersection of our lives that merits reflection. By
graduating high school we are now expected on average to make ten thousand
dollars more than the high school dropout. For me, my experiences are worth
every cent of those ten thousand dollars because of what it has taught me. In
kindergarten, my parents always wanted me to aim high
so I aimed from the top of my couch. Like my GPA this year, I leapt and came
crashing down. That night, when I came home from the ER, I had a cast around my
arm and a cautious mindset. I regret having this cautious mindset, because
without taking risks how can one soar high? Think about all the successful
people out there: Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Steve Jobs. Every single one of them took
a big risk in dropping out. It paid off for them because they knew what the big
things were in life. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates once said, “I failed in sub
subjects in exam, but my friend passed it all. Now he
is an engineer at Microsoft, and I’m the owner of Microsoft” To quote his rival,
Steve Jobs, “I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you
should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it
for too long. Just figure out what’s next.” Pursue all opportunities on your path to
success. When I started my high school career I, like many promising Asians,
wanted to be a doctor. It’s like one of the four pillars for Asian careers. A. doctor, B. lawyer, C. businessmen, D. engineer. This multiple guess, I mean multiple
choice question, has made me bubble answer E, coding monkey.
I may have missed all the marks on this question, but it’s
what I want to take. The same should be for you. I don’t care if your parents
want you to become a doctor, lawyer, engineer, businessmen, happy meal and
waste your life away. Do what you love, follow your passions, stay true to
yourself, and never follow someone else’s path. Unless you’re in the woods, you’re
lost and you see a path. Then by all means follow that. The last thing I want
to talk about is our future. We may not have the same opportunities as our
parents, but we have more to look forward to. When I began kindergarten, I remember
having old projectors and clear slides to work from. Now, I cannot find a
classroom without a computer. In the last 100 years we have gone from riding
horses to landing a man on the moon. That means in the next 10 years
we should expect to see even more progress. There’s a lot on our platter.
How do we explain to our mothers you can’t pause an online game? How can we
tackle climate change? These are all important questions we have to answer.
Regardless of what we do with our lives, it is important that we also should always
strive for progress, not regression. I encourage you class of 2019 to take
every opportunity available to you as long as it does not involve breaking
your own arm. The more opportunities you take now, the more you’ll have in the future
and the more satisfied you’ll be. By concluding this speech, I can finally
tell my teachers, I learned to write a thesis. And all that’s left to say is
congratulations we did it. Thank you Eric.
Following the school song the senior class of 2019 will begin its recessional.
We would ask that the audience remain seated during the duration of the
recessional. Then, family members may meet your students out front in the Tostitos
championship Plaza. Finally, please welcome Student Congress officers Sarah
Jones, Opal McElroy, and Isabella Torres as they lead us in the school song one
last time. Can everyone please stand and link pinkies for the last time for our
Alma Mater.

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