Plano East Graduation Ceremony 2019

From the Ford Center at The Star in
Frisco, this is graduation 2019 for Plano East High School home of the Panthers. Good afternoon Eastside! I’m George King, principal of Plano East
Senior High. Before we begin our 2019 commencement exercises I have a few
announcements. First I want to remind you that our Plano East graduation is being
webcast live and available on The ceremony video will be available in
one week on and the Plano ISD YouTube page. Graduates may pick up their
diplomas beginning Monday June 10 between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. at Plano East.
After Monday afternoon they can receive their diploma at anytime throughout the
summer months in the registrar’s office. Finally I’d like to ask the assistance
of all of our guests in conducting this ceremony and atmosphere of dignity and
respect. Many family members have traveled a long distance to celebrate
with our graduates and we want to make certain you can hear their names as they
are called. Therefore we ask that you please refrain from disruptive behavior,
the use of air horns is prohibited, and those in violation will be escorted from
the arena. We thank you for your complete cooperation.
The audience will remain seated as we now begin the processional. Please stand and join in the pledge of
allegiance to the United States flag. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the
United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation
under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all. Now, Ishika Shah, senior class officer, will
present her opening remarks. We live in a world where it seems like
every news story we hear is negative. Countries are at war, the Earth is dying,
there is still no permanent cure to facial acne. Growing up in the digital
age we have had access to virtually any story. Social media has become a part of
our daily routine. Not only as a form of entertainment, but as a source of
information as well. It has become a new form of communication that is changing
the world with the world. With the world being revolutionized through social media,
there is no better group to adapt to the changes it brings about than us. I mean
we were raised on technology. We were in the first grade when the first iPhone
came out, so by the time we actually had a purpose for phones, other than games,
smart phones had been integrated into most people’s lives. We should take
advantage of this technology run world, because opportunities that once seemed
inaccessible no longer are. We live in a world where entire businesses can start
from the ground up with minimal capital and marketing resources, where normal
people like you and me can become global influencers, and where communication can
be done anywhere with anyone at any time. This is the world we will enter in as
members of the workforce so take full advantage of this, because dreams that
once seemed unachievable are now not so out of reach. Some of you may be nervous
about entering this big scary world where there is no threat of losing exam
exemptions to force us out of bed and be productive. Let us set our goals high and
be ambitious, because I can confidently say that each and every one of you are
well-prepared to take on the challenges that this new chapter of life will bring. This year alone has made us more adaptable. We got a new building, a new
bell, and a ton of new policies. I mean look how quickly we adapted when they
started locking the doors by actually getting to class on time. Adaptability is
such an important trait, because it will help us overcome the challenge
that life throws at us. We all know that feeling a disappointment when we maybe
didn’t achieve the goal we set or things didn’t turn out exactly as planned, but
adaptability will get us through. Because here’s the beauty of goals: you
can always change them. We should set our goals high, but never forget to look back
at what we’ve accomplished. Some of you may not have gotten into your dream
school or see that scholarship you applied for, but look at what we’ve
accomplished. We have survived four years of high school in one of the most
challenging and competitive districts. So for that give ourselves a round of
applause. Social media allows us to interact with people from all over the
world with different perspectives and backgrounds. I want to encourage all of
us to go out into the world and embrace the diversity we encounter, because
there’s truly so much that can be learned just by listening to someone to
who is different from us. Plano East prepared us so well for this. I mean look
around you we have students from all sorts of countries, cultures, and
ethnicities that we can learn from just in this very room. I hope that wherever
you all go, you get out of your comfort zones and embrace the diversity that we
have all benefited so much from these past four years. In this world where it
feels like social media is taking over, there’s one thing it can never replace.
Genuine personal relationships. Because our time in high school will not be
remembered by our grades, our popularity, or the number of likes and retweets
we’ve received, but by the relationships we’ve built and the memories we have
created. Class of 2019, there’s not a doubt in my mind that we all have bright
and successful paths ahead of us, so congrats and
we did it! Good afternoon graduates and welcome
family members, special guests, and visitors to this most important occasion
the Plano he’s Senior High School commencement exercises for the senior
class of 2019. As we begin the graduation this afternoon, we’d like to introduce
our special guests seated on the stage who will be presenting the diplomas
later in the program. Sara Bonser, Superintendent of Schools.
Dr. Teresa Williams, Chief Operating Officer. Randy McDowell, Chief Financial
Officer. Susan Modisette, Assistant Superintendent for Campus Services. Dr.
Katrina Hasley Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services. Dr. Beth Brockman,
Assistant Superintendent for Employee Services. Karla Oliver, Assistant
Superintendent for Government, Community, and Planning Initiatives. Dr. Kary
Cooper, Assistant Superintendent for District Services. Dan Armstrong,
Assistant Superintendent for Technology Services. Also we’re very honored to have
the members of the 2018-19 PISD Board of Education participating in our
graduation. Missy Bender, President, Dr. Yoram Soloman, Vice President, Nancy Humphrey, Board Secretary, Jerry Chambers, Angela
Powell, Tammy Richards, David Stolle, and newly elected board member Cody
Weaver. I would also like to introduce some very special guests we have seated
on stage with us today. Sanja Pegram principal of the Gwynn
special programs center, Bryan Lyons, Principal of McMillan High School,
Gloria Martinez, Principal of Williams High School. On behalf of the senior
class and all the students and staff at Plano East, we want to thank all these
individuals for their tremendous support of all of our programs at Plano East
Senior High. Now we’ll continue with our program with
addresses by our salutatorian Shiva Teerdhala and our valedictorian Alex
Lynn. Please welcome our salutatorian Shiva Teerdhala to the lectern. Shiva
will be followed by our valedictorian Alex Lynn. 720 days, 4 years
and tens of thousands of steps around the Plano East pond later we’re finally
here in the ceremony that symbolizes the culmination of 13 years of school. I am
honored to welcome our amazing teachers, hard-working administrators, and loving
families to celebrate the terrific accomplishments of our one-of-a-kind
Senior Class. I’d also like to give a special thank you to the organizers of
this year’s graduation, because we thankfully have the afternoon slot and
avoided having to wake up early on our last official day as seniors. Although
I’m sure it wouldn’t wouldn’t have been a problem since all of us have mastered
the art of waking up progressively later each day yet still driving to school
fast enough to get to Africa three minutes before the bell. I could start by
rattling off a list of our accomplishments. From state-level
musicians to international science fair winners, but that would take far too long.
Our senior class is exceptional not because of our academic and
extracurricular accomplishments, but because of our immense perseverance and
dedication to hard work. Today is a celebration of those qualities which we
all possess. None of us would be here today without them. All of us are in the
continuous pursuit of the elusive thing that people call success.
Or parents, teachers, and friends constantly tell us to be successful. But
what does that mean? Does it mean having a family? Does it mean winning awards and
accolades? Or does it mean earning a six-figure salary?
These are all classic ideals that represent success, but that doesn’t mean
that they’re the only ways to achieve it. Success is different for every person.
It doesn’t have any definition. Success is whatever you want it to be.
It means accomplishing our goals and working hard toward our objectives. As we
follow our dreams and gain fulfillment in life, we become our own definition of
success. Future generations will look to us as they too strive to reach that
eternal goal. As we move on to the next phase of our lives, we will be faced with
novelty. New cities, new teachers, new friends, and new challenges. Entering the
unknown can be daunting and we will face immense roadblocks on the path that
leads to success. Indeed we will struggle like we never have before,
fail at things we thought we were good at, fall down in defeat and be afraid to
stand up again for fear of falling. Achieving success is not going to be
easy, but you should never stop fighting. Because if you enter the
game afraid that you’ll lose, you’ll never win. It can be especially tempting
to compare ourselves to others and find despair when we look at their victories.
We all question ourselves and wonder why am I the only one who fails. Thoughts
like this are self-destructive. We all have our own strengths and the next few
years will be a time of self-discovery when we look inside ourselves and find
what our strengths are. Always be positive and take joy in your own
victories and successes instead of constantly looking at others. So after
every failure, stand back up, dust yourself off, and get ready to keep
pushing. Even if you don’t believe in yourself, the rest of us have got your
back. Take a second and look around you. Left and right and the rows in front of
you and behind you. These are the people we’ve grown up with.
We met some in kindergarten, others in middle school. Some of us have
only become close friends over the last few years at Plano East. Regardless of
when we met though, we’re all bound by one common thing. We are part of the
Plano East Panther family. The sense of community that comes with being a Plano
East student is truly remarkable and it’s going to be one of the things
we missed most about high school. It’s hard to believe that this phase in our
journey is coming to an end. No more band and Orchestra trips
no more fake duck stickers and random places, and no more lunchtime visits to
Taco Bell. When you really stop and take a second to think about it, it’s almost
impossible to comprehend. People often say that high school can be seen as the
best four years of one’s life, but it’s only been the best four years of our
life up to this point. The future may be mysterious and unknown, but it’s going to
be an unknown filled with success for the Plano East class of 2019. All good
things in life have to come to an end, but they’re often followed by something
much better. High school is no exception. It’s just one of life’s many phases. The
friendships we’ve made, the bonds we’ve forged, will last a lifetime.
Even if high school has to come to an end, know that we can always depend on
each other, because distance is not enough to stop the Plano East family.
Thank you and let’s hear it for the class of 2019! Before I begin my speech I like to
dedicate a few words to the people reading the names of all the graduates,
because the success rate of correctly saying these names on the first try is set
at a solid zero percent. I hope I can help you out a bit.
The names are pronounced Upasana Pudupakkam, Snehith Rayavaram, Madhavan Uchani, Rushik Pudiyavettle, Venish and Vennela Challagondla, and
Anagha Narayanan. Good luck with all these names. Now that we got that out of
the way, teachers, family, friends and most importantly fellow graduates of the
class of 2019, we are here. Ironmen said it best, part of the journey is the end.
Today is the day when we say goodbye to the past four years and enter a new
chapter in our lives. And what an adventure these past four years have
been. From the literal adventure of sprinting from the back of Africa to the
back of building 4 two minutes before class starts, to the figurative adventure
powering through an all-nighter to complete a project you really should have
started three months ago. But through all the joy and heartbreak, through all the
laughter and tears, we have emerged as the greatest class to walk the halls of
Plano East. Our class is filled with scholars,
athletes, musicians, actors, leaders of the community, and future members in the
military. We had a FTC Robotics team compete at an international level for
the first time in PISD history. We became the first first North Texas school to
host a statewide French competition in many years. Our own Panther Prints was
honored as best newspaper by the Dallas Morning News journalism contest. We have
a culinary arts student named National Champion in restaurant service of the
National Leadership and Skills Conference and we have two Speech and
Debate students named Academic All-Americans. The lists of our
achievements goes on and on. However without the unending love and
support of our fellow peers, teachers, families, we cannot have reached where we
are. We owe our achievements to those around us. To our school, to our community.
So, to everyone who has cheered us on for the past four years, thank you.
But beyond looking at the past, I hope that you see this speech as an opportunity to
look towards the future, and if you pay any attention to the news it seems like
the future is pretty gloomy. Every time we turn on a TV or our phones we see
politicians locked in furious quarrels in Washington DC, we see innocent people
being killed amidst civil conflicts abroad. We see an impending apocalypse an,
ominous prophecy filled with bigotry and hatred. Even on a smaller scale, our lives
are torn apart by petty YouTube drama, Twitter feuds, instagram wars, twitch
rivalries, myspace nevermind not myspace. But why? Why did these things happen? Well
I think I can answer the question with a story about invisible bunnies. So there
were two people who walk down a path together and before them were dozens of
little bunnies hopping around. However for some weird reason these bunnies were
only visible to one person who walked in a zigzag path and skipped around to
avoid trampling all the bunnies. The other person who saw no obstacles ahead
naturally walked like how a normal person would. The two pedestrians quickly formed
unfavorable opinions that each other. The person who could see the
bunnies thought that his companion was cruel and should stop trampling fury
little creatures, while the person who saw an obstacle free path thought that
his companion was crazy and should learn how to walk properly. Beyond warning us
of the very real possibility of invisible bunnies, this story tells us
that we should fully consider other perspectives before making judgments. For
if we evaluate others solely based on our intuitions and our beliefs, we will
turn good people against each other. We will breed polarization and intolerance
and ultimately collaborations collapse and conflicts commence. So, how can we
tear down artificial divisions and build genuine unity? Well to me the solution is
simple and it is embedded in the class of 2019. Fellow graduates look around you.
Look around at the perfect embodiment of diversity. All of us come from different
backgrounds and will be embarking upon diverging journeys. But despite the
fundamental differences in our past and in our futures, we all share the common
identity as proud Panthers. Over the past four years we have transcended
confinements of our own identities. We have shared our own perspectives and
absorbed new ones as different walks of lives met at an intersection called
Plano East. Through this experience we have become more aware, more empathetic
individuals. But our sacred quest to understand differences does not stop
here. Class of 2019, no matter where we end up we must not forget the
extraordinary collaboration at the school we came from. We must not forget
how much we’ve learned from meeting, befriending, and knowing different kinds
of individuals. We must show people outside the stadium that the diverse Plano East Senior High community can be an exemplar for the world. Now every
graduation speech that I’ve watched seems to include some sort of lame quote
from a notable figure, so to uphold this cheesy convention, I’ll quote by a self-taught philosopher and angry auctioneer Eminem
taken from the song “Beautiful”. “Feel your pain you feel mine go inside each
other’s minds just to see what we find look at stuff through each other’s eyes.
Only then can we win with class. Only then can we change the world”. Thank you
and congratulations class of 2019. Thank You graduates for those excellent
addresses. Before conferring the degrees, I want to thank the all the members of
the Plano East faculty and staff who are here this afternoon to celebrate with
our graduates and to assist with graduation let’s give the Plano East
faculty a round of applause. A question often asked is: how do you define Plano
East? Of course the most compelling description is this: Plano East strength
comes from its diversity. Its rich tapestry of cultures and ethnicities. Our
school thrives in an environment where students embrace other students
different from themselves. Another way to define Plano East is this: we have a
student today who was battled cancer throughout the entire school year,
received a below-the-knee amputation due to this cancer, and has made it to the
graduation ceremony today. Brendan would you wave to the audience. And I’m going to ask please stand and
remain standing if you won the national culinary competition as the grand
champion in the hospitality division. She’s somewhere back there. Please stand and remain standing if you
set the Plano East record in 100-meter dash fastest time in 100 meter dash in all of North Texas and placed second at the UIL state track meet. Please stand and remain standing if you
received a commission or enlisted in the armed services of the United States. Please stand and remain standing if you
competed in the in the state science fair or qualified for any of the several
national or international science competitions. Please stand and remain standing if you
competed in the state speech and debate tournament. Please stand and remain standing if you
participate it as a member of any East athletic team that qualified for the UIL
playoffs in athletics. Please stand and remain standing if
you qualified for the state robotics tournament. Please stand and remain
standing if you qualified for the state history fair competition. Please stand and remain standing if you
participated as a member of the Academic Decathlon team that placed fifth in the
entire state of Texas. Please stand and remain standing if you
qualified and competed in the culinary or Auto Tech State skills for living
competition. Please stand and remain standing if you
qualified for the All Region or All State band, choir, or orchestra competition. Please stand and remain standing if you
qualified for the state visual arts competition. Please stand and remain
standing if you will remain one of our 36 National Merit semi-finalists or
finalists. Please stand and remain standing if you
qualified for the state or national health occupations competition. And please stand and remain standing if
your plan is to graduate today and go on to do great things. Now graduates please continue to remain
standing because there’s one other one more worthy candidate for applause and
that is to the family members seated here before you who have been
the wind beneath your wings and the reason why you are standing today. Let’s
give a round of applause to our families. Thank you. You may be seated. As principal of
Plano East I cannot let this moment pass without sharing a few thoughts about
what you should remember once you leave this arena today. Remember who you are.
Your parents have spent the last eighteen years trying to teach you this.
Remember to make good choices every day. Remember to ask yourself with each
decision you make, “is this something my mother would approve?” Remember to get to
your school or your job on time. Be there every day that your health allows.
Remember that the only place that success comes before sweat is in the
dictionary. Remember that family is the most important part of your life. Remember the diversity that you experienced at Plano East. Continue to
embrace people different than yourself. And always remember the pride of being
East Side. And so, Ms. Bonzer, Board of
Trustees, ladies and gentlemen as principal of Plano East Senior High I am
pleased to announce that the students seated before you have met all course
and local requirements for high school graduation as prescribed by the Plano
Independent School District Board of Education and the Texas Education Agency.
I now declare each graduate worthy of the high school diploma from Plano East
Senior High. Introducing our graduates this afternoon
will be Plano East faculty members Ms. Carah Marquez director of guidance. Mr.
Rhett Carter, social studies teacher. Students will be assisted onto the stage
by our associate principals Mr. Rob Eppler and Ms. Sheela Daniels. Leading
their section of the graduates to the stage and assisting them from the
stage will be our four sub school principals. Mr. Tim Johnston, interim Beta
Sub-school principal Ms. Keshia Watson, sitting in today for the irreplaceable
Faith Newhouse, Mr. Brandon Johnson, Mr. Roland Rios. Ms. Marquez and Mr. Carter
will you please prepare to introduce our graduates. Mr. Eppler and Ms. Daniels
would you come forward to assist the graduates from the stage. At this time
I’d like to ask the first and second row of graduates to please rise and come
forward to receive your diplomas. Alexander Lin. Shiva
Subramanyam Teerdhala. Emily Elizabeth Butler. Ishika Ronak Shah. Justin Ojin Lee. Dewitt Conely Welch. Sarahy Montero. Kinsey Marie Carlson. Shayla
Anne Mortel. David Munoz-Sarabia. Felisa Grace Welkener.
Syed Isamuddin Baber. Elise Marie Leonard. Shanice Lynae Coke.
Hanna Abdelhadi. Hayden Elizabeth Flabiano. Hiba Abbas Abdulrazzak. Alexis
Jacqueline Hawkins. Manisha Jane Abraham. Rais Ahmed
Kazi. Samir Abdallah Abubaker. Austin Michael King. Ghyth Traiq Abusaad.
Kaitlyn Jo Montgomery. Rosayeela Acosta. Madeline Renee Pupo.
Timmy Isaac Adio. Katherine Isabel
Swanner. Genesis Adriano Gachuz. Tzitlally Vastida. Salmaan Ahmed Afzal.
Alexandra Elizabeth Weiss. Faraz Ahmed. Kareem Khaled Abdelghany.
Naziya Ahmed. Eden Abebe. Hunter Reed Akridge. Chelssea Dayana Abrego. Oluwatomisin Alausa. Mina Aburahmeh. Abi Alexander. Sallam Abushanab. Lamisa Zainab Ali. Sandra Acevedo. Nicole Renee Anderson. Nikitha Adari.
Umar Ali-Salaam. Day’Quaun Gabriel Jaseth Adkins.
Richard Lloyd Allen. Theron Gene Afseth. Taylor Ruth Allison. Muaadh Ahmed. Malak Ismail Al Rubaii. Ammar Syed Akbar. Aaron Anthony Alvarado. Evan Isaiah
Akins. Lisa Nichole Amen.
Nadeem Ali Al Barwani. Devinee Pavitra Amin.
Sabaa Al Zayadi. William Preston Amsden. Simeon Albanez. Nicole Rose Anspach.
Simon Alexander Aleman. Maiya Aziz Aranha. Rakaan Hakim Alhaddad. Clara
Nazareth Arevalo. Yumna Syeda Ali Shah. Grace Elizabeth Armstrong. Morgan
Sinclaire Allen. Karen Arreguin. Joshua Damon Alison.
Jahnavi Lavanya Arun. Laura Eleanor Allor. Cynique
Tyler Augustine. Teaa Khalil Al-Mufti. Kaylie Anne Ayres.
Omar Ismail Al-Rubaii. Lauren Michelle Baggett. Kevin Armando Alvarez.
Jenifer Anahy Banda Briones. Sidra Ambreen. Bryce Spencer
Banks. Tucker Ransom Ames. Keanna Shanice Barber. Beza Gashaw Ammanuel. Brennan David
Barker. Kemka Obichukwu Chisimgadi Anamekwe. Ashleigh Elisabeth
Barna. Jaelen Giovanni Anderson. Zachary Alec Barron. Laura Chidiogo Ifeeyinwa Aniakor. Audrey Rachel Beech. Tiara Sujatha Antommarchi. Meron Abera Bekele. Karla Esmeralda Araiza Navarro. Ana
Karen Belman Sanchez. Noelia Arellano. Alejandro Daniel Bermudez. Chigozie
Victoria Arisa. Jonathan Max Bernhardt. Manav Arora. Aneetta Betty. Carlos Arreguin Ramirez. Keaton Vail Black. Alexander Arzate. Brooke Olivia Blakey.
Charles Gary Atkins. Cameron Adam Brady. Cynthia Agustino. Alexandra Arlette Brette.
Matthew Taylor Aven. James Benjamin Brokenbek.
Paul Santiago Aza. Shawn Conrad Brown Jr. Shayan Bahmani. Jeremiah
Hosea Budiman. Hope Reid Bailey.
Dominick Joseph Calabrese. Collin Reed Ball. Chloe Rayne Cale. Martin Leonardo Barletta.
Miguel Anthony Campos. Taryn Elizabeth
Banfield. Alex Salvador Canas. Maysa Eleka Barandish. Cameron Lawrence Canterberry. Maria
Jackeline Barbosa. Skylar Dane Caraway. Joe Barrera Iturbide. Caleb Hunter
Cardenas. Blake Harrison Bathman. Brian Dean Carr. Joseph Edward Beam. Kobe Dale
Noel Carr. Belul Ghideon Bein. Paige Abigail Caroll. Yvette Belman Sanchez. Joseph Lee
Carter II. John Christopher Benton. Tyler Austin Carter.
Alicia Anne Bermudez. Kevin Alexis Castorena. Joshua Dunn Blagowsky.
Jose Guadalupe Castro. Abigail Leah Blasingame. Venish Challagondla. Baylie Rebecca Bookhammer. Annabella Faith Chamoun-Ko. Zachary Joseph
Bratcher. Elizabeth Jean Chancellor. Andrew Ryan Britt. Ethan Wei Chang. Jalen
Davion Brown. Jeannette Anne Chen. James Curtis Bryant IV. Aimee
Chihuahua. Ashley Khuc Bui. Adiyat Ahmed Choudhury
Carolyn Margaret Burns. Johnny Pedro Cisnero. Brenden Joseph Butler.
Gabrielle Susan Collins. Gabriella Grace
Cabrera. Gregory Radu Colonescu. Matthew Rollin Caldwell. Christopher
Andrew Coronilla. Colin James Camp. Jillian Steele Costigan. Brenda Yasmin Campos
Loredo. Brooke Alexa Craghead. Marilyn Iulisa Canizalez. Cameron
Dwayne Crossley. Madison My-Nogoc Cao. Christian Dane
Cummins. Diana Karen Carbajal. Christopher James Cyrus-Boyd. Andrea Elizabeth
Cardona. Yash Dabral. Killian Grayson Carper. Thomas Huy Dang. Charles Remle
Carr II. Solomon Daramay. Cielo Anel Carreno. Huy Dinh Dau. Mackenzie Grace
Carroll. Deanna Lynn Davis. Jacquelynn Jeanne Carter.
Kathryn Grace Davis. Kayanna Louise Carter. Ana
Patricia De Jesus Garcia. Jesenia Castro. Jenna Kathryn Deggs. Jonathan Amilcar Cervano Fernandez. Giovanni Ray
Delgadillo. Vennela Challagondla. Sunny Kanti Desai. Suzie S. Chang. Dayani
Diaz. Jennifer Ayssa Chavira. Evelyn Johanna Diaz.
Tarun Cherukuri. Tin Trung Diep. Benjamin Lendyl Chisholm. Beau
Nathaniel Dillard. Areeb Tahir Choudhry. Khang Duy Dinh. Shuhrat Sharar Choudhury. Danielle Lyn Dion. Fritzy Patricia Cipriano. Andy Nam Doan. Ayden Elizabeth
Clark. Madison Ann Donahew. Sadrac Nathaniel Colin. Cooper James Donaldson. Lamaj’e Rashad Dawyne Colson.
Carmen Desiree Douglas. Judson Phillip Coomer. Darian Alan Drain. Kassy
Nicole Cooper. Jazmin Dueñas-Bautista. Manuel Cortez Rodriguez. Peyton Lindsey
Dunn. Chase Paul Cotton. Kennedy Jade Easter. Nickki Rae Cox. Ashari
Leashay Edwards. Amber Lynn Craven. Mark Henry Eggers. Joseph Paul
Tecson Cruz. Jasmine Aisha Elbir. Matthew Edward
Cubillos. Katherine Elliott. Carson David King Curtis. Yasmine
Georgina Elsaadany. Leena Daas. Kevin Brian Escobedo Pacheco.
Jackson Altoan-Suk Dajuginow. JoseLuis
Estrada Melendez. Brandon Joshua Daley. Sarah
Madeline Eubanks. Claire Meredith Daniel. Hannah Mae Fallgren. Ashley Sophia Dart. Jessica Marie Farley.
Veed Vinay Dave. Hafsa Farooqui. Catherine Merry Davis. Van Henzel Viterbo
Faustino. Jackson Andrew Davis. Bruno Ghislandi Fazzani. Leah Nicole Davis. Alden
Jeren Felix. Tseion Dawit. Rehema Ilundu. Leana
Khalil Deeb. Rashiem Davis. Felipe Del Angel. Amireyana Kayla-Iyane Davis. William George Alexander Deprez. Kaitlyn
Emily Fernandes. Neel Jitendra Desai. Bruce Kelvin Ferran.
Kaitlyn Nicole Deweese. Willdaniels Ferrer. Elena
Jackelyn Diaz. Noah Blake Filo. Gilbert The Diep. Ferdinand Angelo Florendo. Tavy D’Anna Diggs. Emmanuel Flores. Ai-Vy Dinh. Ricardo Patino Flores.
Tu Dinh. Adeola Monica Folorunso. Renee Do. Michelle Marie
Foushee. Sarah Dolder Restrepo. Jase Dallas Frazier II. Sophia
Kathryn Donaghy. Shivani Karshan Gadhia. Mychael Anthony Donahue.
Alijah Deshawn Gamble. Bennett Daren Donnelson. Jessica Gamez Tovar. Teagan
Brenna Downey. Madison Victoria Ganey. Jason Ryan D’Souza. Natalya
Lydia Ganz. Caroline Susanne Dunlap. Wendy Garcia.
Jabari Shakir Dyer. Lorena Mercedes Garcia-Pinedo.
Mattias Dylan Edenkranz. Noah Christian Garvin. Carter Jacob Edwards. Melany
Gaudino. Justin Iyore Ehigiator. Julian Rashaun Gay. Tarek Hani Elkady.
Dannie Daniel Gibson. Selma Tamer Elmenayer. Zachary Michael Gibson.
William Price Erwin. Esha Kaur Gill. Oscar Mauricio Escobar Rauda. Carrigan Victoria Glatz. Erik Antonio Esquibel. Valerie
Elaine Gomez. Tristan Arce Estipona. Cynthia Yohanna Gonzaga. Gabriela
Nicole Evans. Alexa Gonzales. Ameel Syed Faraz. Jose Ignacio Gonzalez. Nisa Farooqi.
Juan Francisco Gonzalez Cortez. Jonathan Faisl. Kaitlyn Nicole Graham.
Gershom Fayombo. Rashad Kirpatrick Greene. Emma
Kelly Feather. Caylah Simone Flora Griffin. Gabriel Montenegro Ferrer. Madison Jewel
Groves. Jason Gabriel Fierro. Josue Gustavo Guevara Reyes. Paden Kyle Fink.
Daena Guzman. Joseph Jacob Flores. Anum B. Hadi.
Skylar Dawn Fly. Ian Lewis Hagler. Salomon Fonseca Mejia. Kate Elizabeth Hallisey.
Fenisha Ruth Franklin. Sofia Paige Hare. D’Asia Amor Shantreese Freeman. Adalia
Nicole Hart. Alyse Nicolle French. Benjamin Colter
Hartley. Riley Elizabeth Frost. Zoya Hasan. Jacqueline Fuentes. Luke Randall Helm.
Jaden Jamari Gandy. Stephanie Maya Thomas Henderson. Sanya Puja
Ganta. Lauren Catherine Hendy. Adolfo Garcia Alanis. Anthony Scott Henry Jr. Sara
Ruth Garfield Sebert. Ariel Citlalli Hernandez. Savishwa Gaur. Austin Robert Hernandez. Grace Ann Geevarghese. Maricela
Hernandez. Lauren Marie Gibson. Kimberly Sofia Hernandez Quiroz. Aidan
Anthony Giesecke. Baysia Dawn Herron. Katrina Marie Girgis. Mikala Victoria Hicks. Christopher Didier Godoy Ayala. Allan
Giovanni Hilley. Aidan Grant Gomez. Hunter Kiana Hinton. Daniel Gonzales. Kiana Hoaeae.
Luis Manuel Gonzalez. Nicholas Huy Hoang. Jade Clarece Gordon. Gains
Andrew Hollifield. Angel Alexander Granados. Jessica Leoramarie Horton.
Brendan Ryan Griffith. Solomon Waa’Iz Hudson. Andrew Caleb Guerra. Travis John
Humphrey. Tamia Lashell Guillory. Brenna Lynn Hurley. Guadalupe Guzman.
Tam Ngoc Huynh. Noor Ghaffar. Vincent Minh Huynh. Saba Hafeez.
Vy Vivian Phoung Huynh. Sofia Vitalina Hailey. Zobia Ibrahim.
Maryam Hassan Haltam. Rasha Bassam Ihmaiden. Haniyyah Hamid.
Timothy Alexander Interrante. Matthew Chevalier Hardy. Nafia Irvinuraini.
Canon Keith Harrison. Rishad Islam. Jacob Gregory Hart. Samantha Tomiko Ito. Rakin
Hasan. Asean Floyd Jackson. Nathaniel Hassenteufel. Michaela Ariel
Jackson. Hunter Aaron Clayton Helms. Christopher Jacobo. Braylon Jay Shaun
Henderson. Dhvani Jain. Jace Demont Hendrix.
Rhea Saloni Jakhwal. Christopher Tyrone Henley Howard. Russell
Thomas James. Martha Hermenegildo Ramirez. Thomas Ken Jarvis.
Ashley Fabiola Hernandez. Zachary Thomas Jeffress. Brandon Mateo Hernandez.
Mason Gregory Jernigan. Kaleigh Ashton Hess. Cody
Michael Johansen. Nikole Christine High. Kenneth Myles Johnson. Caleb Cornell
Hines. Colby Carter Johnston. Suja Hiremath. Cobi Robert
Jones. Tiffany Hoang. Amal Binu Joseph.
Keshon Ty’Rell Jamul Hollis. Catherine Antoineta Juarez. Jena Renee Ann Hoover.
Nicholas Christopher Julich. Justin Myles Horton. Soneet Rajiv
Kapadia. Annie Jasmine Hsu. Anusheh Hussain Kashif.
Abigail Grace Hughes. Andrew Jonathan Keller. Anakah Helen Sasha Hunek.
Ja’nae Sheyla-Nichelle Kelly. Thu Thai Anh Huynh. Kyle Logan Kester. Vivienne Huynh. Leon Sergey Khalyavin. Rukhsana Ibrahim. Areeb Ahmed Khan. Krystal Amarachi Heidi Igbo. Danish Khan. Bilal
Ikram. Saad Rashid Khan. Thamid Imran. Wajih Khan. Amiee Irene Stieber Isfalt.
Terrence Youngblood Kincade. Rami Mohamed Ismael. Kennedy Jane King. Aayah H. Jaber.
Sophia M. Kobzar. Miah Danielle Jackson. Philmore Fan Hsi Koung. Dalon Khai Jacobsen.
Ahmed Morro Krubally. Shaurya Jain. Fatima Moid Kunwer. Camryn Taylor
James. Aly Muhammad Ahmed Ladak. Aline Marie Jarrett. Jeffrey U. Lam. Joshlyn Ysabelle Javier. Nikolos Harry
Lumbouses. Joshua Kamron Jenkins. James Peter Lee.
Liliana Jimenez. Daoud Zion Lappots El. Anthony Marsailles Johnson.
Jonathan Brant Lathrom. Sja’Rehija Mon’Ya Johnson. Jessica Lazenby. Robert
William Jones. Diana Ngo Le. Jose Luis Joya. Kayla Le. Julie Juarez.
Matthew Cao Minh Le. Krithika Kannan. Richard Khiem Le. Lillian Paige Kaplan.
Christopher Todd Leach. Sydnee Janae Kelley. Leann June Lee. Brianna Louise Kemlo. Spencer Jack Lee. Tyler William Key. Jorden James
Lehmin. Ameera Khan. Luis Damian Lemus Lopez. Asna Ahmed Khan. Austin Li. Mahnoor Abbas Khan. Savannah Nicole Lingle. Shiza Khan. Bernardo Lopez. Phillip Gene
Kimberlin. Sophia Esparanza Lopez. Samantha Grace Kling
Michael Lopez Rojas. Kyrah Lynn Koaster. Clint Matthew Lozano. Dylan Michael
Kozuch. Kimberly Guadalupe Lugo. Alexandra Ann Krska. Karley Luo. Rohan
Kumar. Anna Kim Luu. Vince Melvin Kuruvilla.
William Luu. Amy Maud Lafontaine. Yun-Chin Ma. Kenny Thuong Phat Lam.
Ethan Colin MacLeod. Aysia Rachelle Lane. Sayf Eyad Mahrouq. Kayren Diane Larimore. Raul Rajendra Mandalia. Alyssa Marie Laux. Andrew Diego Mares. Rebecca Ray Lazenby. Cameron
Alexander Martin. Brandon Viet Le. Angel Reymundo Martinez.
Dustin Minh Le. Emily Elizabeth Martinez. Margaret Tran-Chau Le. Isa Nicole
Martinez. Michael Quang Le. Raul Eduardo Erazo Ordonez. William Robert Leblanc.
Carlos Javier Escamilla. Karen Y H Lee. Dagemawit Asfaw. Victoria Gayle Leising. Joana
Amaya. Carolina Lemus. Brayar Aguilar. Makenna Leigh Marie Levy. Fiza Anas. Tiffany Volerk Lim. Brittany Danielle
Goldstein. Sergio Miguel Longoria. Pragya Chauhan. Cynthia Rose Lopez. Jennifer
Martinez. Joanh Lopez Torres. Myra Martinez.
Grace Danielle Lovins. Willy Martinez Garcia. Anna Marie Luciani. Brady Ashton
Mason. Jose Manuel Luna Jr. Skyler Grace Anne Mast. Devin Joseph Lutcher.
Michael Kemau Matere. Vincent Khang Luu. Emily
Mathew. Alexander Jeffrey Lyons. Lindsey Renee Mathieu. Kyle Michael Mabins. Skye
Christian Maulsby. Meghan Elizabeth Magill. Orlando Mazariegos Jr.
Brandon Isaiah Mallory. Chelsea Takunda Mburuma. Dylan Charvon Mao. Michael Anthony McCormick. Jesseca Kwaakumah Marfo. Maya
Nicole McCutcheon. Andrea Martinez. Makiyah Shanell McEntyre McDaniel. Carla Lorena
Martinez. Jaylani Vontae McGee. Gabriela Jacqueline Martinez. Matthew Gage McGuire.
Jason Josue Martinez. Jonathan Hal O’Neill McNair. Tonatihua Amador Zamora.
Kirtan Medicharla. Mushante Bowens. Rohan Dipesh Mehta. Trenton Alexander
Kindle. Fernando Mejia. Luis Miguel Martinez. Priscila Danae
Melendez Renteria. Alondra Martinez-Leal. Audrey Kiera
Melton. Mahan Massoudi. Zaid Aamir Memon. Brandon Miles
Masten. Iban Mendoza. Abel Biju Mathew. Hayden Ryan
Michel. Arial Shy’Neise Leanne Matlock. Chance
Alexander Miller. Thomas Christopher Mattox. Halle
Christina Miller. Ethan Mark Maxey. Sara Marjorie Miller. Horacio Mondragon Angel. Nafal Ahmed Mirza. Ryan Allen Mayer. Robert Vincent Mitchell. Ruth Wambui Mbugua. Shreen Abdorrahman Mohammad. Tea Simone McCormack.
Evanna Zohura Momtaj. Jonathan Michael McCubbins. Halie Diane Monk. Kala Jahla
McDonald. Kristina Araneta Montinola. O’Riyan Kevin McFerre-Gause. Amanda Grace
Moon. Shanen Isaiah McGee. Samantha Elizabeth Moore. Kennedy C.
McKenzie. Muhammad Zohaib Moosa. Jaclyn Elizabeth McPeters. Emily Morales. Dirdra Megan Medina. Sydney Kathryn
Morgan. Matthew Scott Meenan. Caroline Grace Mott. Quethzaly Jessica Mejia.
Ella Moxcey. Keney Sage Mellon. Wasey Abdul Mulla. Alexander David Mendoza. Sylvia Jane
Mullins. Eugenio Mendoza Jr. Elvia Vanessa Munoz. Elizabeth Michel.
Sergio Munoz Salinas. Brian Ellis Miller. Israa Mustafa. Elissa Marie
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Milligan. Roshan Tamkin Nasir. Peyton Cole Mitchell. Cassandra Navarro. Kelsey Ann Moebius. Esther Nellameli. Monica
Margarita Molina. Michelle Wei Hsuan Ng. Hadiyah Imara Merriweather. Andrew Hau Nguyen. Oluwaseyi Momoh. Brian Vinn Nguyen.
Valeria Montano. Donovan Hoang Nguyen. Elvira Herlinda Monterroso Escobar. Isabelle Truc Nguyen. Sofia Lucero Celia Monzon-Banorri. Jennifer Tran Nguyen. Avery Elizabeth
Moore. Julia Ha-Duyen Nguyen. Ethan Daniel Moore. Kimberly Anh Nguyen. Shane Ashton Moore.
Minh Bao Nguyen. Jessica Mora. Patrick Hong Nguyen. Leonardo Morales. Tam Tri Nguyen. Violetta Santamaria Morales. Theresa Thuy Nguyen. Heather Lee Morgan. Thy Huynh Nguyen. Cameron Edward Morris.
Tyler Nguyen. Olivia Lee Mott. Sonia Niyogi. Hamza Villayat Muhammad. Justin Christopher
No. Victor Christian Muller. Armando Nunez Nunez Soto. Delaney
Renae Munder. Zachary Ezechukwu Nwachukwu. Marcos Enrique Munoz. Mackenzie Bailey
O’Brien. Annsam Mohammad Mustafa. Sarah Osamase Odigie. Josephine
Kate Meyers. Courage Ehinosen Ogiemheke. Sreya Nadella. Joshua Adinoyi Chidolue Omakun. Irika Nalla. Lucy Trinidad Ortiz. Anagha Sai Narayanan. Toliwani Eniola Osibamowo. Anthony Alexander
Navarrete. Ashley Patricia Osorto. Patience Agape Newsom.
Serena Inez Ovalles. Joy Kristanti Ngun. Garrick Michael Owen. Angela Anhtruc Nguyen. Joyce Lexus Ozuna.
Dinah Thy Nguyen. Jose Alexander Padilla Bonilla. Duy Minh Nguyen.
Gwendolyn Maya Palacios. Jason Bao Nguyen.
Julian Alexander Palmer. Joshua Truong Nguyen.
Janae Jibin Park. Long Bao Lai Nguyen. Abigail Grace Parker. Nicole Kieu Nguyen.
Andrea Pastor Villarreal. Phoebe Foong Nguyen. Dristi Manish Patel.
Thao Trang Ngoc Nguyen. Mahi Asheshkumar Patel. Thu Anh Huu Nguyen.
Nadeem Jabir Patel. Tony Nguyen. Angelina
Victoria Paxton. Ryan Nibu. Joshua Christian Payne. Gabrielle Marie Nix.
Kelly Carolina Pedroza. Briteny Chiamaka Nnamdi.
Laura Montserrat Pena Lugo. Leslie Alejandra Noguez. Raquel Alicia Perez Dalcour. Nathaniel Nuno. Michael
Le-Viet Pham. Ikechi Chimee Obiagwu. Rachel Hong Pham. Jacob
Dean O’Connor. Trieu Mathew Pham. Luke Brendan Odom. Anna Hong Phan. Edwin
Adrian Ojeda. Minh-Tian Peter Phung. Paulina Ivonne Olguin. Cristobal Piedra.
Jose Manuel Olvera Jr. April Michelle Piedrant. Astrid Ornelas Medina.
Easton Andrew Pilipchuk. Gavin William Osborne. Franki Deneige Pizzutello. Kaveen Hawar Osman. Karlee Derrick Plasek. Hillary
Ou. Casside Polk. Christian Eduardo Oviedo. Masood Nasser Porsa. Tyler Owens. Kareena
Ashly Prasad. Maria Fernanda Palacios. Carolyn Colleen Presz. Srinidhi Palanivel. Leslie Ann Proch. Anna Gaby Parikh. Melissa Lynn Prosser. Lauren
Alexandra Park. Rushik Anil Pudhiyavettle. Davel Ritesh Patel. Tanner
Maverick Pullen. Mohsin Asrar Patel. Sumairuddin Mohammed Quadri.
Jacob Hunter Payne. Brandon Alexander Querisma. Skylar Reese
Pelo. Natasha Raman. Ashley Marie Perales. Ali Saqer Muhanna. Dylan Dallas Perez.
Andres Ramirez. Jonathan Manuel Perez. Daisy Ramirez. Pablo Perez Martinez. Gerardo
Ramirez. Abbie Elizabeth Perkins. Miriam Ramirez.
John Minh Pham. Emily Ramos. Rachael Quynh-Nhi Pham. Ronni
Jane Ramos. Thinh Vu Pham Jr. Dhruva Rao. Truong Minh Pham. Jessica Virginia Rattay.
Justin Phan. Anchita Pryam Raybarman. Simon Nathanael Phillips. Ishaaq Munsoor Razack. Kevin Ming-Wei Pi. Jasmine Mae Reiter. Luciano Giovanni Pieroni.
Stephan Raymond Rene. Milan Raj Pillai. Taylor Renaye Rhone. Hope Elaine Pointer.
Anna Kathleen Richardson. Devyn
Noelle Porchia. James Brayden Ridley. Taylor Avery Potraza. Nina
Rose Ritchie. Mikaela Grace Pratt. Nicole Julianna Rivera. Kylie Raya Proctor. Brianna Ginelle
Roberto. Gianne Barroquillo Prudencio. Shar’Nesha
Sabrina Monet Robertson. Rishab Anil Pudhiyavettle. Carmen Aurora Rocha. Upasana Ramaswamy Pudupakkam. Tyler Reece Rogers. Sebastian Pulido.
Oscar Omar Rodriguez. Fatima Qaderi. Clarissa Rodriguez Zamudio. Carina
Yansin Quan. Hector David Rojas Sanchez. Myra Rafi. Ernesto Romero. Saif Rahim.
Lana Thuy-Trinh Rovi. Mahima Ramanathan. Alexa Rubio. Ariadne Krystal Ramirez.
Evelin Diaz Ruiz. Ingrid Haydee Ramirez. Julio Alexis Ruiz Flores. Jason Axel Ramirez. Alaira Me’Shel
Ruttenburg. Mariano Israel Ramirez Uneeb Sajjad. Palak Suresh
Ramolia. Kiana Fey Salas. Michel Jan Ramos. Guadalupe Hernandez Salazar. Alex
Alejandro Rangel. Saloni Saldhi. Prarartha Rathore. Sabreen Samarah. Snehith Rayavaram. Crystal Sanchez. Kennedy Dawn Redmon. Ronaldo
Santibanez-Alvarez. Mason Joe Reiter. Perina Irene Santo. Kimberly
Daniela Rendon. Anika A. Saraf. Jose Refugio Reyes Torres. Tressa Mackenzie
Savage. Emily Elisabeth Rhein. Jakob Erich Schlegel. Jasmine Ariel Ribak. Hayden
Putnam Schrauff. Micah Alexender Richardson. Sasha Nicole
Scott. Lucy Rebecca Ritchie. Cibel Mary Semaan. Lydia
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Priya Sethi. Lauren Paige Robinson. Ashay Abhay Shah. Audrey MacKenzie-Kay Rogers.
Imaad Shah. Amy Jacqueline Rodriguez. Megan Lynn Shahan.
Lizbeth Rodriguez. Laryssa Kierra Sharlow. Thorsten Charles Rohr. Eileen
Sharmin. Omar Emanuel Romero. Kiana Kimberly Shaw. Katherine Demarest
Rosendale. Quincy Anika Sheppard. Nicholas James Rovito.
Carissa Danielle Short. Oscar Leonardo Rubio. Jeremiah Jacob Bernal Silva. Jean Carlo Ruiz Jr. Jacob Michael Simmons.
Pedro Ruiz Sifuentes. Faythe Kathleen Simons.
Lindsey Elise Russell. Thandeka Tarisai Erin Sithole. Christopher
Steven Sager. Taylor Catherine Sloan. Sharin Salam. Aidan Michael Smith.
Raymundo Salas-Moreno. Haley Lynn Smith. Sierra Salazar. Ko’Reyen Denise Smith. Metin Salieski. Max Allen Smith.
Sophia Alexandra Salvans. April Isabel Solorzano. Johann Angelo Cruz Samson.
Lauren Grace Sommer. Maria Yesenia Guadalupe Sanchez. Patricia
Mirella Sosa Torres. Uriel Lugardo Sanchez. Kayla Michelle Spencer. Nirvair Singh Sangha. Jhanavi Sridhar. Jose Manuel Rodriguez Vargas. Zachary Connor
Stanford. Karina Santibanez-Torres. Craig Alan Staples. Karina Santos. Alyssa
Morgan Stewart. Grace Minh-Thuy Sargent. Nathan Andrew Stolk.
George Robin Sayre. Jennifer Suarez. Katelyn Nicole Schoenekase. Alyssa Jade Suddeth. Madeline Claire Scott. Gabriel Michael
Sutherland. Valery Rachel Segura. Hamza Mozahir Syed.
Hwanhui Seo. Alvin N. Ta. Natalie Rose Shafer. Diyar Muslih
Taha. Ashna Abhay Shah. Dylan Thomas Talley. Rishi Samir Shah. Esteban Saul Tapia.
Sadiq Zakir Shaikh. Laila Tasnim Adnan Tarhoni. Esha Sharma. Emily Nicole Te. Derrick
Lynn Lee Shaw. Jackson Ryan Thomas. Ty’Tiana Aaliyah Shaw. Daniella Nicole
Thompson. Tierra Chantinae Shellie. Christian Steven Tierrablanca. Haniyah Jamil Siddiqui. Alexandria Lee Tillery.
Elizabeth Silva. Hilier Rhyan Tisdell. Peter Paul Silva Jr. Aaron
Amilcar Torres. Ashley Marie Simmons. Christian Torres. Thomas Alexander Simms.
Diana Isabel Torres Badillo. Jahdyn Armon Sims.
Deryk Minh-Thai Tran. Naomi Aurora Sink. Amber Linh Tran. Jack Freeman Sloan.
Helen Ngoc Tran. Christopher Daniel Smeraldo. Priscilla Ai-Nhi Tran. Blake
Christopher Smith. Maryann H. Tran. Hayden Scott Smith. Margaret Rose Trask. Lauren Alszabeth Smith. Ivan Trevizo.
Sidney Smith. Jeremiah Vinh-Hien Trinh. Brandis Sok. Kaden Bao-Thanh Truong. Daisy Solis. Emma Marie Trussell. Hector Hugo Soltero Alvarado. Madhavan Deivachilai Uchani. Richard Son. Samuel Ikechikwu Uwabuike. Dylan Walker Spriggs. Valery Valdez. Jordan Deon Stafford. Zachary
Michael Van Laere. Alexander David Stanowick. Maria Christina Vargas Rea.
Aaron Dean Starkweather. Roozbeh Vaziri. Parker Trey Stokes. Aquetzaly Vasquez
Garcia. Alexander Michael Straschewski. Abirami Adaikalankathal Veerappan. Tory Maenndon Suddarth. Mayuri Vig. Jatin Suri. Ashley Elizabeth Villeda. Riya Suvagia. Naveen Vimalathas. Nadia
Siddiqa Syed. Tanvi Vishwanath. Ken Valentine Tachibana. Catherine Uyen Hoang Vo. Zachary Preston Tait.
Joanna Ngoc-Truc Vo. Trevor Charles Tangney. Andrew Duy Vu.
Angelisa Mia Taquino. Vijay Kiran Vuyyuru. Winston Elikplim Tawiah.
Sofia Grace Wagle. Abigail Jia-Shin Teng. Tobey James Walker. Vardad Vikas Thorat. Zian Wang. Jonathan Evan Tijerina. Brooke Megan Ward.
Alexandra Lea Timm. Raeyonna Mahogany Trenae Warren. Nicole
Quynhnhi To. Rontraveis Levon Washington.
Alyssa Valerie Torres. Andrew Milton Watkins. Bao-Trung Brandon Tran. Deakon
Bradley Watson. Frank Minh Tran Jr. Cecilia Grace Weber. Hollie Minhthu Tran.
Mason Scott Welch. May Diem Tran. Hannah Elizabeth Wetzel. Thien Tu Tran Huynh.
Tedrick Vonte White. Ryan Tien Trinh. McKenzie Sage Wilcox. Lauren Ngoc-Han Truong. Emmanuel Maurice Williams. Victoria Shir-Ting Tseng. Kennedy Tyler
Williams. Kayley Joan Upp. Kariyon Janai Williams.
Rohan Jiten Vakharia. Maggie Lynn Williams. Ruby Lynn Vallejo. Trenton Auston Williams.
Isaac Cesar Vargas. Trenton Adolphus Williams Darby. Tara
Vasanth. Callie Laniegh Willis. Alexander Vasquez. Bailey
Meredith Wilson. Landry Latressa Veal Jr. Sha’Laryn Da’Kora Wilson. Chelsea Ellan
Villarreal. Courtney Kim Winger. Rishi Sohil Virani. Anthony
Jiseng Wong. Nishan Arunesh Vivekananthan. Amaya Symone’ Wright. Harrison Van Vo. Spencer Cullen Anzaldua Wright. Kevin
Thanh Nhan Vo. Ronni Yuhan Wu. Lana
Athena Vong. Anika Jean Wulliman. Emi Muy Vuong. Ethan Ryan Young. Trenton Adair
Wadford. Jamie Yu. Benjamin William Walker. Aiden Elijah
Zachery. William Wallace Wambwa. Axel Zamora.
Anye Nkwenti Wangia. Bryan Axel Zavala. Karleigh Renee Warne.
Bridget Ruxin Zhang. Lauren Renee Washington. Maxwell Peng Zhao. Taha Wasiq.
Canton Chen Zhou. Katelynn Jane Waters. Maxon Jared Zueger. Ronald
Wayne Watkins II. Joshua Lanahan Watson. Devyn Renee Weber. Taylor Ray
Welch. Megan May White. Ansley Michelle Whitley. Bradly Shawn Wilkinson. Jimmy
Dewayne Williams. Katherine Paige Williams. Luke Scott
Williams. Skylar Alexandria Williams. Zantaeya Maryah Williams. Andrew Heaton
Williamson. Hannah Marie Willits. McKenna Grace Wilson. T’Zarya Jazann Rochelle
Wilson. Caitlin Kim Winger. Tanai Monique Winston. Cydnee Jo Woodard. Cameron Roy Woods. Daniel Joshua Wright III. Annie Wu. Madison Erin Yanelli. David Youssef. Kaitlyn Yuan. Zeeshan Jamil Zaidi. Dania Evelin Zavala. Timothy Zhang. Vivian Zhao. Sophia Corinne Zimmerman. And Gabriel
Zuniga. Congratulations graduates 2019. We will
now designate our graduate status by the symbolic moving of our tassels. Next, Student Senate officer Felisa
Welkener will present our closing remarks. Following her remarks, the senior
class officers, senators, salutatorian, and I will lead all of us in our Alma Mater.
Graduates may then toss their caps in celebration. Graduates you will then
remain standing for the recessional. Again, congratulations graduates.
Please welcome Felisa Welkener to the lectern. Good afternoon everyone. It is an honor
to be here. We’re standing here at the shoreline of an ocean of change with
waves of uncertainty and excitement lapping at our toes and I have just a
few minutes to ask us to pause and contemplate what is happening. So as we
stand on the seashore together, I have just three challenges that I hope will
anchor us throughout the journey ahead. First, I challenge you to believe in
something bigger than yourself. Second, to build your character not your resume. And
third, to cherish the journey. To believe in something bigger than yourself is to
recognize reality. I believe in a personal Creator God who is bigger than
myself and everything I know, but this big God tells me I have infinite and
intrinsic value and so do you. The number of geniuses I have rubbed shoulders with
in the hallways of Plato East is astonishing. I have no doubt that your
brains and your work ethics will have no trouble keeping up with the fast pace
rate of change in the 21st century. I have no doubt that we will change the
world, but recognizing that there is something larger and outside of myself
is recognizing that I have purpose beyond my limited abilities to change
the world. Do you know who you are when you reach your limits? Do you believe in
something bigger than yourself? Which brings me to my second challenge: build
your character not your resume. In a book called Little Britches that my dad read
to my siblings and I as children, a father says to his son the following
words, “a man’s character is like his house. If he tears boards off of it and
burns them to keep himself warm and comfortable his house soon
becomes a ruin” In the same way when we tear each other down, when we build a
pedestal for ourselves, or when we put up walls to keep people out of our lives we
are often tearing boards off of our character houses to do so. It is worth it
to build your character house in a world where everyone else is just building
their social media platform. So third and finally, I challenge us to cherish the
journey. Freshman year in honors English we read a book called The Alchemist by
Paulo Coelho and in it a young man sitting under a tree is convinced by a
recurring vision that it is his destiny to find treasure at the base of the
Egyptian pyramids, so he embarks on a treasure hunt and on his journey he
learns the meaning and purpose of his life. But at the base of the pyramids he
finds out that the treasure is actually hidden back at the base of the tree he
started his journey from, and he goes back to the tree and there’s a chest of burried gold
and that’s kind of the end of the book. And as freshmen we said that the book
was boring and anticlimactic, because the treasure hunt was pointless. Because the
story was telling us what life has taught many of us since then, that the
treasure is often in the treasure hunt. And we have to cherish the journey. J. R. R.
Tolkien in the first book of the Lord of the Rings trilogy wrote a poem
prophesying the return of Aragorn, king of Gondor and in it he says, “all that is
gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost” It is easy to look at a
glittery resume and call it gold. It is easy to mistake success for character. It
is easy to prioritize a destination above a process. It is difficult to say
what Paul, a renowned hero of the Christian faith, said in a letter shortly
before his death, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept
the faith” Ralph Moody, Paulo Coelho, J. R. R. Tolkien,
Paul, they’re asking us to know something. That life is a journey, it’s a fight and
a war that’s bigger than us, it’s a marathon, it’s a gift, so cherish it. Not
all that is gold glitters, so on the days ahead when we don’t feel glittery at all
those are the days we choose to recognize gold for what it’s worth
instead of what it looks like. Fight the good fight my friends. Run the marathon
of life. Keep the faith. Mine for gold even when it’s not
glittering. Congratulations Plano East class of 2019. If Student Senate and the senior class
officers would join me on the stage. Where above the gleaming splendor
Waves of the Black and Gold Thou our guide in quest for knowledge
Where all men are free, O, dear Plano East Senior High, Alma Mater
Hail to thee!

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